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Living Without Money

Living Without Money

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Living Without Money DVDs by livingwithoutmoney PRE-PURCHASE YOUR DVD TODAY! (leggi il testo in italiano al fondo della pagina) We’ve done it! After two years of hard work the documentary “Living Without Money” is now ready! ( The film about Heidemarie Schwermer who has lived 14 years without money, has just started it's festival round. We've already received requests from all over the world from people who'd like to see the film, and we would like to release it on DVD. justenglish Source Image source Like this: Like Loading... Related Create music with words 35+ Social Lending Platforms Around the World I’ll be giving a presentation on ‘the future of money’ in a few months, and am trying to wrap my head around all the emerging disruptive tools and services that are shaking up the financial industry. I plan to do a few posts covering these areas, and hope we can have some interesting discussion about what it means and where we’re going. In the meantime, here’s a general resource of social lending platforms/marketplaces across the globe. If you’re aware of any I’ve missed, please let me know! Thanks.

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No money but happy For 15 years now, a pensioner has lived comfortably using a swap and barter system in wealthy Germany. GERMAN Heidemarie Schwermer, 69, never thought she could go so long without money, but what begun as a 12-month experiment became a unique lifestyle 15 years ago. With only a touch of makeup, a light pink cotton sweater and a string of fake pearls, the elegant pensioner with a warm smile says she can hardly remember the last time she spent a cent. Instead, since 1996, she has lived by a unique scheme of swaps and barters she says has held her in good stead. Trading favours: Heidemarie Schwermer sitting on her bed holding her suitcase, containing all her belongings, in a house she is homesitting in Wilhelmshaven, northern Germany. Schwerner started her idea of a post-capitalistic life in 1996, sharing and exchanging things and services as well as homesitting houses in order to have a place to stay.

Self-Healing And The Bio-Energetic Information System By Gilbert Ross| The idea that the mind affects the body to varying degrees has been a widely established fact for a long time. From simple pain relief to anesthetic-free surgery performed under the effect of hypnosis, there is countless evidence that shows the extent at which the mind can affect the body’s system and functioning. Here Comes the P2P Economy - The Conversation - Harvard Business by Stan Stalnaker | 9:24 AM February 26, 2008 Peer-to-peer, or P2P, networks have thrown the media industry into turmoil, changing the flow of information from a one-to-many model (with newspaper publishers, Hollywood studios, and big music companies as the sources) to a many-to-many model (with blogs, YouTube, and file-sharing forums as the venues). The ability of individuals to both consume and create content–news, movies, and music–greatly threatens traditional players.

The Magnificence Of 7: This Amazing Infographic Shows Us How Everything Is Interconnected This awesome infographic, originally submitted to Spirit Science, helps show you how with the lucky number 7, everything is interconnected. From the image’s creator: “I wanted to share with you this infographic I designed based on my thoughts and learnings. A lot of my personal experience comes from the fantastic Spirit Science videos and articles.

Prosper raising $13.3 – $15.8M round for peer-to-peer lending ma Peer-to-peer lending marketProsper is in the midst of raising a $13.3 – $15.8 million fourth round of funding, the company announced today. The company’s lending market currently has nearly a million members, and so far, those members have funded 32,000 loans totaling more than $193 million. The company said it has signed a letter of intent with new and existing investors to raise the round, which is expected to close by April 15.

Heidemarie Schwermer’s Radical Experience 16 years with no money! Heidemarie Schwermer Experienced 16 years with no money Heidemarie Schwermer Experienced 16 years with no money. On May 1, 1996 a successful and wealthy 54-year old resident of Dortmund, Heidemarie Schwermer, teacher and therapist by profession, eliminated her bank account, handed out money and property to those in need and left the house in the "free floating" with one suitcase, into which she put a few personal items and pictures. She originally planned to hold out without purse and bank account for one year, but the experience was so successful that Heidemarie decided never to go back to the old "normal" life. Heidemarie Schwermer - Interview with Jean-Christop I invite you to watch the video I shot last week in Paris with Jean-Christophe Capelli. I met JC for the first time in NYC, the day before the very first Finovate event back in 2007. Time flies... I am glad we finally managed to shoot an interview about the innovative, the first P2P Lending marketplace in France.We covered a lot during this session. I asked JC to introduce FriendsClear, talk about the challenges he had to overcome to launch in France, the partnership he managed to put in place with Credit Agricole PG to make the service available to the French SMEs, the successful contest they launched to increase the visibility of the service (with 120 applications from startups and SMEs).Even though Jean-Christophe couldn't share much stats except they are closing on to 500,000 euros of loans, he shared some exclusive info on their international growth strategy... Merci encore JC!

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