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GeekAndSocial POP - The Intersection of Charging and Design by James Siminoff Thank you to all of our backers. For updated information about the project and future orders go to TechCrunch- "A delicious, high-capacity battery" ABC News- "Top 5 Gadgets of the Week" GigaOM- "A mobile charging solution that can top off multiple devices would be very useful" Mashable- "POP is a lot of bang for the buck" PandoDaily- "Say Goodbye to Ugly Portable Phone Chargers" Also seen in Business Insider, BiteMyApple, GameZone, MakerBot Blog, Ubergizmo, socalTECH, Shapeways Blog, POP – Power Where You Need It The batteries in our mobile devices have not been able to keep up with the increased usage. POP comes in two models: POP Station- Plugs into the wall and is great for areas where an outlet is close by. People like POP Station for its beautiful design, integrated cables and ability to charge multiple devices quickly. Battery Comparison Use POP - By the pool - On your coffee table - In the kitchen - At the beach Great for businesses Features POP TOP storage

untitled Comment utiliser selon vos besoins est un service d’agrégation de contenus postés sur Twitter. A la manière de Netvibes ou de Google Reader pour les flux RSS, vous permet de construire un journal en ligne (d’où le nom « paper ») qui reprend les tweets les plus importants de votre compte personnel, de vos followers, de vos listes ou de certains tags et les présente de façon très conviviale. analyse de façon complètement automatique les flux Twitter indiqués lors de la création de votre « Paper » en vous proposant une synthèse des meilleurs liens et messages. a récemment été nommée meilleure application virale au Web 10 de Paris., c’est pas un peu du spam sur Twitter ? Le succès rencontré par depuis quelques mois fait que les tweets de notification de nouvelles éditions de « journaux personnels » deviennent nombreux. pour la veille technologique Si vous êtes comme moi, vous voyez passer sur Twitter des centaines d’infos chaque jour et autant de liens. 1. 2. 3.

Munjal Shah Munjal Shah is Co-founder and CEO of Riya Inc (makers of Together with Burak Gokturk and Azhar Khan, he co-founded the company in August of 2004. Munjal is a serial entrepreneur who focuses on building companies from zero to millions in revenue. Prior to Riya he was co-founder and CEO of Andale Inc, a provider of software to eBay merchants. While he was CEO, Andale grew from 0 to double digit millions in revenue. Prior to Andale, Baan, IBM, and a startup called Blaxxun Interactive. BusinessWeek declared Munjal one of the Top 10 up and coming CEOs in 2001. Munjal is very active in the Entrepreneurial community. He received his Masters in Computer Science from Stanford University and his Bachelors in Computer Science from the Universitay of California, San Diego. Recent Milestones Munjal Shah invested in Bridge U.S.. (3/26/14) Munjal Shah invested in ThirdLove. (8/1/13) Munjal Shah added a position as Co-founder at Covet. Investments Videos Sources

10 ways Google’s philosophy can guide teachers Google sums up its philosophy in its “Ten things we know to be true.” There are great lessons for education in most (but not all!) of them. (Sketch by Matt Miller) Google sums up its philosophy in its “Ten things we know to be true.” Google has become a household name and has infiltrated almost every part of our lives. Need to find information? Want to see a music video, documentary or other videos? Need to create files that you can share with anyone? Have to pay but don’t have your credit card? Google has its own cell phones (powered by Android), its own interactive glasses (Google Glass) and its own computers (Chromebooks), among many other products. Obviously, Google is doing something right. At Google Teacher Academy a couple weeks ago, I heard about Google’s “Ten things we know to be true.” These things that Google knows to be true have some great guidance for us in the education realm. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Interested in having Matt present at your event or school? Related

Adly - approbations de célébrité dans les médias sociaux Ninja Blocks People will understand and interact with your logo, the same way they do with… People will understand and interact with your logo, the same way they do with words: from their own personal perspective. You may think that it is associated with the choice of colors but is actually much more than that. Why not rethink about your logo appeals. The Good news is that now you can excite your #Googlesites Audiences by Finding the Visual Angle for Your Brand, and we are happy to announce about this new feature for your #Googlesite The process is very easy: 1) Visit our logo style gallery2) Choose the right looks & feel for your logo.3) Let us know about your selection by submitting a Google-submit-form.4) 10 dollar pay for lifetime license.5) Your new designer company logo will be reach within 24 hours in your mailbox.6) Upload the fresh logo in your #Googlesite , that’s all Additionally you can change the color & feel of your logo by yourself with a simple tool. Additionally your logo would be crafted in the most modern image-tech process so that it takes least time to load.

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