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26 Dark Website Designs That Work Well I have compiled a showcase of the most fantastic dark website designs. All of these designs work very well with each other. The colours, backgrounds, text effects, images and overall web design positioning has selected very carefully in order to make them top of their game, and a masterpiece within itself. If you think I have missed any out from the list of 26, then please feel free to drop in a comment. Resident Evil 5 - PS3 XB360/Walkthrough From WikiCheats Sheva Alomar & Chris Redfield If you need any strategies or general tips, please go here, if you need to know about all the BSSA emblems, and collectibles, go here, and for weapons, please go here. It is important to know that, each time you start, restart, and finish a chapter, you will be able to Organize your inventory and Buy new weapons at the intermission screen. Make any final preparations before moving on to the next stage.

The Livescribe Smartpen: Digitising Our Note-Taking The traditional method of writing and drawing has always been pen and paper, but as the rate of technology in the workplace develops, we’ve moved to typing on a keyboard and clicking on a mouse. It’s not so much that people prefer the taps of a keyboard (even if it’s a very nice keyboard) or the clicks of a mouse (even if it’s a very nice mouse), but rather because the efficiency of using a computer to write has become superior. However, there’s one device that is building the bridge between the two different worlds. The Livescribe Smartpen is an interesting device. You make notes with it and then pen will record your process as well as any audio, should you choose it to. This can then be synced with your computer, or shared with a bunch of services and web apps like Evernote, Google Docs and Facebook.

5D Institute 5D Institute is a cutting edge USC non-profit Organized Research Unit dedicated to the dissemination, education, and appreciation of the future of narrative media through World Building. World Building designates a narrative practice in which the design of a world precedes the telling of a story; the richly detailed world becomes a container for narrative, producing stories that emerge logically and organically from its well-designed core. World Building is founded on three beliefs, namely that storytelling is the most powerful system for the advancement of human capability due to its ability to allow the human imagination to precede the realization of thought; that all stories emerge logically and intuitively from the worlds that create them; and that new technologies powerfully enable us to sculpt the imagination into existence.

Steam Users' Forums - View Single Post - GTA:SA won't start For all who having trouble run this game i now decide to upload this Subtitle Files. This is a poor situation i don't know why Valve/Support not Understand this and it make me angry to see this... I puchased a game and support tell me i have to reinstall a other game ?? And not Understanding there are Missing Files on STEAM Download Servers ??? GTA San Andreas is Not GTA IV i has marked San Andreas in Drop Down Menu.

50 Inspiring Portfolio Designs We are always looking for inspiration, specially when it comes to web design. We just can’t get tired of browsing around websites to check out layouts, colors, typography, styles and everything else that a cool site can offer. With this selection, I will show you 50 inspiring portfolio designs. Some of them you probably already know, others are new – some are minimalist, others are colorful and full of elements. The idea here is to show different ways to show your work online.

Ultimate Apocalypse (1.62.51) - Sleeping -------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.59 Flaws: - Everything changed and will take some getting used to. - Only a few minor corrections may still be taking place within this mod. - If you find anything unusual, contact me please and I will change up the problems later on. -------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.19 Flaw Fixes: - Predator Tanks no longer fire every second with invalid shots. - Games can be long or short now, or possibly in the middle of long and short. - Playable in the campaign. - HQ superweapon activation glitch. - Deceiver Grand Illusion crash. - ai corrections. - ai superweapon spawning more than once. - Fixed up Titan Wars win condition unfairness. - Necron Lord enemy vehicle cover bonus removed. - Dawn of War Harlequin glitch that resets resources.

Informative And Usable Footers In Web Design Advertisement Website designs have so many different elements that work together to convey information in a usable and organized manner. For a website to be effective, every element on the page, from the header to the footer, needs to add to its overall usability and readability. New Football Club Website Concept on Behance About For a while I had wanted to create a new concept for a football club website that could overhaul the frankly terrible existing experience of most… Read More For a while I had wanted to create a new concept for a football club website that could overhaul the frankly terrible existing experience of most club sites. The main aims being to help the fan actually feel like a part of the club and to make the site itself a far more interactive and exciting tool on every level. Key Ideas: A member's area with customisable content (and avatar of user in club kit, every fans dream to don the shirt and be a part of the team - fans are a key part of the club and site should make them feel that way). More subtle advertising and cross selling, greater focus on club news.

Adaptive Pitch: Measure your pitch perception abilities Adaptive pitch test: Accurately measure your pitch perception abilities This adaptive pitch test will play a series of two short tones and ask you if the second tone is higher or lower than the first tone. This test measures your pitch perception abilities by adapting to your responses: The better you are, the closer and closer the stimuli will become. 23 Inspiring Mac Related Websites A while back we showcased lists of Inspiring iPhone App Sites, iPad App Sites and other Mac Related sites. Since almost every Mac related app seems to really embrace the “Mac syle of design” and deliver beautiful websites, we decided to gather a new list to show here. From inspiring textures, backgrounds, patterns, typography, image galleries and minimalistic layouts, there are a lot of nice designs here to keep you inspired. Check it out! Cheddar Cheddar keeps your world organized.