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Tips for Drawing Backgrounds

Tips for Drawing Backgrounds
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Photographs of Sunsets as Reflected through Shattered Mirrors by Bing Wright Broken Mirror/Evening Sky is a series of images by New York photographer Bing Wright who captured the reflections of sunsets on shattered mirrors. The final prints are displayed quite large, measuring nearly 4′ across by 6′ tall, creating what I can only imagine to be the appearance of stained glass windows. The series was on view early this year at Paula Cooper Gallery where you can learn more about the works, and you can see more on Wright’s website. (via Found Inspiration Moving Forward)

New Densely Embroidered Animals by Chloe Giordano Embroidery artist Chloe Giordano (previously) continues to evolve her extraordinary talents with needle and thread in these latest stitched illustrations of small animals. Embracing her background as a traditional illustrator, Giordano is able to layer countless different thread colors as one might do with pencils. The Oxford-based artist is very open about her techniques and often fields questions on her Tumblr. Her latest piece, Sleeping Hare, is currently available through Light Grey Art Lab. Cerámica erótica mochica: la sexualidad como ritual de paso | Militancia Erótica Hablar de la sexualidad en la cultura mochica significa una pirueta de doble dificultad: de un lado no existen textos, canciones o tradiciones orales con hablantes vivos que puedan dar cuenta de los mochicas. De otro, tampoco se ha construido una tradición de estudios que sistemáticamente se acerquen al entendimiento integral de su cultura y religión. Aún los estudios se encuentran en una etapa descriptiva que impide formular interpretaciones como las que actualmente se plantean ante las culturas antiguas de Asia o el Mediterráneo. Ceramio moche Gracias a esta serie de dificultades para el entendimiento de la cultura mochica y ante la reciente aparición de El Señor del Sipán, se despertó un interés mundial por esta cultura. Por tanto, además de servir como pieza simbólica cumplirá con funciones pragmáticas y funciones decorativas. La sexualidad que aparece en el contexto del entierro del señor principal tiene como objeto garantizar la continuidad de la vida en el viaje. Carlos Fino

Does Earth have a shadow biosphere? – Sarah Scoles In the late 1670s, the Dutch scientist Antonie van Leeuwenhoek looked through a microscope at a drop of water and found a whole world. It was tiny; it was squirmy; it was full of weird body types; and it lived, invisibly, all around us. Humans were supposed to be the centre and purpose of the world, and these microscale ‘animalcules’ seemed to have no effect – visible or otherwise – on our existence, so why were they here? Now, we know that those animalcules are microbes and they actually rule our world. We could be poised on another such philosophical precipice, about to discover a second important world hiding amid our own: alien life on our own planet. Popular now The appeal of ISIS isn’t so far from that of Tolkien How bad experiences in childhood lead to adult illness Belonging and exile made Hannah Arendt a cosmopolitan The modern-day descendants of these ‘aliens’ might still be here, squirming around with van Leeuwenhoek’s microbes. Daily Weekly Explore Aeon Biology Earth Science

Así era el año 2000 que ilustradores franceses imaginaron en 1900 Show captions Showing image 1 of 22 ¿El ser humano siempre ha especulado sobre su futuro? Posiblemente sí. En este sentido, podríamos ubicar momentos en que la tecnología da un salto en su desarrollo y, de manera paralela, la imaginación colectiva comienza a generar escenarios en donde dicha intervención tecnológica sobre el presente se despliega exponencialmente. Dicha hipótesis nos sirve para pensar las varias expresiones futuristas que surgieron como efecto de la Revolución Industrial y la irrupción de las máquinas en la vida cotidiana del hombre. Otras expresiones igualmente fantásticas son las postales que ahora compartimos, obras de artistas franceses realizadas entre 1899 y 1910 para adornar cajas de cigarros y puros, en parte por causa de la Exposición Universal que tuvo lugar en París en 1900. Las predicciones son sin duda extravagantes y, como tantas otras que se hicieron antes de arribar a dicha época, distan mucho de lo que sucedió en realidad.

The Devil and his Servants: Demonic illustrations from 18th century occult book The Devil and his Servants: Demonic illustrations from 18th century occult book I had a friend who liked to collect occult illustrations from the earliest woodcuts of witches sabbats to hand-painted plates of winged demons. My friend did not see these pictures as telling a history of the occult, but rather a luminous narrative of the imagination’s power to invent monsters. Similarly fabulous creatures can be found in the illustrations to the Compendium rarissimum totius Artis Magicae sistematisatae per celeberrimos Artis hujus Magistros, a rare book on the occult dating from 1775 which is held by the Wellcome Library. With the warning “NOLI ME TANGERE” (“Do Not Touch”) on its cover, the compendium can be seen as a last attempt by those of faith to instil fear among the superstitious. The claim that the book originated in 1075 has been dismissed, and the whole volume has been scanned on Hi-Res and can be viewed in detail at the Wellcome Library. Via Paris Review, Flashbak & Bildgeist.

Así luciría Ariel de La sirenita si hubiera evolucionado en océanos diferentes Esa sirena de aguas profundas me llegó a asustar… Ariel, la protagonista de La Sirenita, vivía en la ciudad submarina de Atlántica, que quedaba en alguna parte del Océano Atlántico… Probablemente ya conoces el resto de la historia. Algunas personas se han preguntado -con el correr de los años y simplemente por hacer funcionar la creatividad- qué pasaría si este personaje hubiese vivido en otros mares del planeta… Un experto en evolución acuática, el profesor Joseph Shaw de la Universidad de Indiana en EE.UU, sacó sus propias conclusiones y trabajó en conjunto con la artista visual Monique Steel para reflejarlas: Así lucía Ariel en la película original Disney Y esta sería la pequeña Ariel del arrecife de coral… Monique Steel “En los arrecifes de colar, uno esperaría quizás los más atractivos fenotipos que incluirían patrones de hermosos colores en las colas, muchos ejemplos de mimetismo con el ambiente y un increíble vista para aprovechar las aguas claras y los rayos del sol“. dICE Shaw.

This is 'Henry,' Oculus Story Studio's second VR film Oculus' big push into cinema began at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, where it introduced its VR filmmaking endeavor, Story Studio. Back then, the company debuted Lost and revealed a list of other shorts it had plans for -- though it didn't go into much detail about them. Today, however, we're getting to know Henry, the second film from the virtual reality studio. Directed by Ramiro Lopes Dau, who previously worked on animation for Pixar's Brave and Monster University, Henry tells the story of a cute hedgehog that has trouble making friends because of his appearance. Gallery | 7 Photos Oculus Story Studio's 'Henry' + See all 7 "One of the cool things about Henry is that we're incorporating more of that interactive discovery, where you can find his photo album and see elements of it brought to life," Oculus Story Studio Producer, Edward Saatchi, told me in an interview recently.

25 Amazing 2D Concept Art by Moky Lin | ARTBREW 25 Amazing 2D Concept Art by Moky Lin Online Game&web Game company,the art work are some 2D concept and 3D poster. Moky lin GameCompany Shenzhen City, China How a Hopi Elder Changed My Life It is With Good Reason That Some Call Hopi-land in Arizona, the Tibet of the West Secluded in the Painted Desert of the Southwest, the Hopi are a private, but kind, indigenous Nation that have preserved one of the most ancient cultures in North America. They are essentially an oral tradition people which means that they have other ways of keeping their history than written words that includes dances, songs, and storytelling. They even have a word, ‘Navoti’, which refers to the information that can only be exchanged through the spoken word, it has to do with the silent space between words, the feelings and gestures that can not be transmitted in the written form. “Hope” is a video representation of Hopi Prophecy Rock Tribal culture is often more focused on the community than individuals, and any wisdom that individuals posses is generally considered the collective wisdom of the tribe. Nature, the First People and the spirit of our ancestors are giving you loud warnings.

A Compendium of Cryptid and Creature Infographics Cryptozoology is the study of hidden animals. These creatures are commonly known as cryptids and their existence has not been proven. The folks at Relatively Interesting have a compiled an excellent list of cryptid infographics. Click to enlarge. North American Cryptids Designed by Dan Meth Ha. Biblioteca Pijama Surf: descarga la preciosa colección de textos de alquimia de Manly P. Hall El Museo Getty ha digitalizado parte de la colección de textos de alquimia, masonería y rosacrucianismo de Manly P. Hall, uno de los grandes eruditos del siglo XX en lo que se refiere a estos temas. A su muerte, buena parte de su colección de textos y antigüedades fue vendida por la Philosophical Research Society, fundada por Hall, para resolver una serie de problemas legales. La colección está disponible en diferentes formatos para descargar y leerse en dispositivos electrónicos. Para quienes buscan un catálogo aún más amplio para penetrar en la floresta hermética de la alquimia recomendamos el sitio RexResearch, una de las colecciones en línea más grandes y más finas de textos de alquimia en varios idiomas, disponibles también para descargarse en PDF. Visita la colección de Manly P.