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Open Source Game Clones

Open Source Game Clones
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Why I Dislike EC2 Every now and again I tweet about my dislike for EC2. People always ask why. In reality I think Amazon is doing a great job, especially compared to other cloud providers, which are only falling further behind. Price / Performance I've been hesitant to write about it because it feels like beating a dead horse, but so many people seem surprised by it, what harm can it do? To me, AWS is to performance, what Microsoft was to security (pre Bill Gate's Trustworthy Computing memo). Not only is EC2 slow and expensive, it's getting worse as faster processors and hard drives come to market. We use 3 different unmanaged dedicated providers in 4 different locations. Per-Hour Billing + Provisioning The real EC2 advantage is per-hour billing and instant provisioning. If you need to start and stop instances (say you have an unsteady number of jobs), a hybrid approach is going to be more efficient. Reserved Instances You can't talk about EC2 pricing without people mentioning reserved instances. The Myths

untitled The 50 best free PC games | Best PC Games, Features, Free Games There might be no such thing as a free lunch, but there is certainly such a thing as free lunchtime entertainment. Over the following pages you’ll find a list of the best free indie games on PC – from 20-minute diversions to weekend-consuming, endlessly-expanded strategy epics. All of the games on this list are free in their entirety. That means no microtransaction-supported free-toplay games and no shareware. We’ve also excluded ‘pay what you want’ games on the basis that developers who give you the ability to chip-in would probably like you to consider doing that. Once we’d assembled our longlist we all voted for the games we liked the most and tallied up the scores to produce the top 50. 50. Developer: Tom: Staying alive on the moon is a logistical nightmare, as Moonbase Alpha’s publishers, NASA, know only too well. 49. Developer: 48. Developer: Enormous 47. Developer: 46.

Practical, Visual, Three-Dimensional Pedagogy for Internet Protocol Packet Header Control Fields | Righteous IT Practical, Visual, Three-Dimensional Pedagogy for Internet Protocol Packet Header Control Fields June 27, 2010 Hal Pomeranz, Deer Run Associates Tell me what this is: TCP Header in Lego(TM) If you said, “Hey! Of course, you know I couldn’t stop with just doing the TCP header: IP Header in Lego(TM) Now why am I wasting all that space on the building plate in each case? TCP/IP in Lego(TM) The use of color here really highlights certain portions of the packet header. Actually I wish I had a couple of more colors available. Lego(TM) Byte, Nibble, and Bit So while I tried to use Beige exclusively for size fields, Red for reserved bits, Yellow for checksums, and so on, I ultimately ended up having to use these colors for other fields as well– for example, the yellow sequence number fields in the TCP header. Serious Fun Cute idea, but is there any practical value? TCP Header "Bits" in Lego(TM). Lego(TM) blocks waiting to become TCP header diagram Admit It. Project Tools Final Thoughts Like this:

Faire un jeu vidéo : par où commencer ? Cette section présente les possibilités lorsque l'on souhaite se lancer dans la programmation. Le premier choix à faire est le langage. En théorie, il est possible de prendre n'importe quel langage pour faire son jeu. Il n'y a pas de langage parfait. Vous avez commencé un langage et vous l'aimez bien, alors n'hésitez pas à continuer avec celui-ci. Certaines plateformes ne supportent pas tous les langages. Comme première indication, l'assembleur est fortement déconseillé. Souvent les débutants pensent à utiliser le C car c'est un des premiers langages appris à l'école. Le C++ est le langage par excellence pour les jeux vidéo. Le Java est un langage de choix, car couramment utilisé tout en étant simple. Le C# est semblable au Java. Le BASIC, popularisé car implémenté d'office sur les vieux ordinateurs, est un langage assez simple. Le Python est un langage de script simple et puissant. Ceci est un rapide tour des langages les plus importants, mais il reste plein d'autres solutions. V-B-1.

THE LONG DARK, a first-person post-disaster survival sim by Hinterland PayPal pledges are now possible at All money raised there will be applied to the Stretch Goals. We will update the running total at regular intervals. The Long Dark is a thoughtful, exploration focused survival simulation set in the Northern wilderness in the aftermath of a global disaster. If you're a fan of atmospheric, exploration-focused games like Fallout 3 or STALKER, you'll love The Long Dark. We talk about it in more detail in the "Risks and Challenges" section below, but our philosophy around Stretch Goals is not to use extra funding to introduce risky scope or feature creep that will delay the game, but rather, to find ways to add more quality to the experience and enrich the game with interesting new content that enhances your connection to the world we're creating for you. LATEST UPDATE: #28 (Oct 15): The Final Push, New Stretch Goals! For all other updates, click here. And that's only the beginning. As Mackenzie, you will: Early praise for The Long Dark...

layervault/psd.rb Gabe Newell: "Linux and open source are the future of gaming" “It feels a little bit funny coming here and telling you that Linux and open source are the future of gaming” are the words that Valve Co-Founder and Executive Director Gabe Newell opened with during a panel at this year’s LinuxCon held in New Orleans. Fortunately, Mr. Newell took the time to elaborate on what he meant by that statement, and how he thinks we’ll get there. The short answer: You. During his 20-or-so minute talk, Newell analyzed how the roles of users are shifting ever closer to that of a developer. “We’re going to see a significant sort of democratization in the content creation process,” Newell said. “The one entity we wouldn’t ever want to compete with is our own users. Newell accused companies like Microsoft and Apple’s proprietary systems of stifling innovation through sluggish certification processes, among other things.

10 Easy Steps to a Complete Understanding of SQL Too many programmers think SQL is a bit of a beast. It is one of the few declarative languages out there, and as such, behaves in an entirely different way from imperative, object-oriented, or even functional languages (although, some say that SQL is also somewhat functional). I'm writing SQL every day and embracing SQL with my Open Source Software jOOQ. I thus feel compelled to bring the beauty of SQL a bit closer to those of you still struggling with it. readers who have already worked with SQL but never completely understood itreaders who know SQL well but have never really thought about its syntaxreaders who want to teach SQL to others This tutorial will focus on SELECT statements only. 1. Get this into your head first. SELECT first_name, last_name FROM employees WHERE salary > 100000 Easy to understand. What do we learn from this? So if this is so simple, what's the problem? Forget about all that. 2. For simplicity, not all SQL clauses are listed. There are three things to note: 3. 4.

Live Free Play Hard: Sorry, I Don’t Date Games Without Guns In Them By Porpentine on September 15th, 2013 at 2:00 pm. The world in your backyard. 10 seconds to say goodbye. Ragdoll torture chamber. SUPERHOT by Piotr Iwanicki, Jakub Ziembinski, Lukasz Spierewka, Marek Baczynski, Konrad Kacperczyk, Dawid Adamkiewicz, vxd555 Ultra-stylish minimal shooter with one simple rule: time slows down when you aren’t moving, and speeds up when you are. Greyscale with red accents. The use of text is so good! Like, I’m into games about killing, just be real about it, you know? Don’t be coy. Notes on departure by withoutpillow A vignette about going to space for a long while and not having the time to say final goodbyes to your lover. Touches on the same themes as Aaron Reed’s Almost Goodbye. Reed’s experiment is about who you choose to spend your time with and the conversations you have (and does some interesting things with procedural narrative). And of course you can be like “askjasdkskaljkdl fuckfuck penispenis cocksplat beefucker” and nobody will stop you. Two endings.

Learn Go in Y Minutes Go was created out of the need to get work done. It’s not the latest trend in computer science, but it is the newest fastest way to solve real-world problems. It has familiar concepts of imperative languages with static typing. It’s fast to compile and fast to execute, it adds easy-to-understand concurrency to leverage today’s multi-core CPUs, and has features to help with large-scale programming. Go comes with a great standard library and an enthusiastic community. The root of all things Go is the official Go web site. The language definition itself is highly recommended. You can play around with the code on Go playground. On the reading list for students of Go is the source code to the standard library. Another great resource to learn Go is Go by example. Got a suggestion?