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Francis Kere Architecture

Francis Kere Architecture
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Emergency Pediatric Clinic, Darfur This article was originally published in Domus 949/July 2011 In the experience of Emergency, creating a hospital is something more than constructing a functional building. It is the designing of a place suited to human reconstruction. We work in zones torn by war or afflicted by dire poverty. For this reason in all our hospitals the utmost importance is attached to children's playrooms, social spaces and gardens. Evidence of Decline Building in Darfur provides an opportunity to reflect on a possible alternative to a development pattern that seems to have made much of the West lose its sense of measure. Africa is an opportunity, because through all its countless contradictions and backwardness it maintains a strong link with the reality and memory of the past. The hospital, which is part of the regional paediatric and cardiac surgery programme, operates in symbiosis with the Salam Cardiac Surgery Centre in Khartoum (published in Domus 912, 03/2008). Interior of the hospital.

mintel Les Grands Voisins – Fabrique de biens communs Aging in Africa / HWKN HWKN has completed their schematic design phase for their recent project, Aging in Africa, which will move toward construction in the beginning of next year. The project, a retirement community for Catholic priests, (who are excluded from the traditional, family based, model of elder care in Cote D’Ivoire), will be the first age-valued community on the African continent. This simplistic approach to housing will create an environment which is well-suited for the users-where the elderly will be safe and comfortable, and continue to maintain a meaningful and healthy lifestyle. More about the project after the break. The project is specifically geared toward the users, and deploy a holistic set of social, economic and environmentally sustainable theories pertaining to elder living and care. ”It is about architecture that does not just house caring, it is architecture as the caring device. LOCATION: Lagoon Aby, Cote D’Ivoire AGING EXPERT: Emi Kiyota CLIENT: Foundation Saint Joseph d’Arimathie

Home La ville résiliente | vers une ville permaculturelle Watertower / Hugon Kowalski Hugon Kowalski, from Poland-based H3AR, shared with us his watertower skyscraper for Sudan. More images and architect’s description after the break. It’s been 50 years since UN Declaration about the independence of African nations which was the end of the colonization and exploitation of the third world countries. Year 1960 was called Year of Africa. The conflict over water and land in Sudan has created political unrest for decades. Addressing this water issue, polish firm H3AR architect and design recently proposed a building that allows access to underground waters through the application of water pumps. The building walls are constructed using compressed dry stacked clay bricks, made on site using a rough mixture of earth, cement and water. Two water circulation processes would be in place.

In The Window: Desert Blooms - aBlog Spiky, angular and strong, the humble cactus is far from delicate. But when this desert-dweller blooms, it’s petals compete with the most beautiful of flowers. As long-time cacti admirers, we felt it was about time it had its moment in the spotlight, so we’ve helped it take root as the star of our autumn store windows. From towering Peruvian torches to flowering prickly pears, our store’s visual artists have crafted families of cacti that celebrate their unique strength, resilience and beauty. Anthropologie Marylebone Anthropologie King's Road Anthropologie King's Road Anthropologie Edinburgh Anthropologie Edinburgh Anthropologie Bath Anthropologie Regent Street Anthropologie Regent Street Anthropologie Richmond Anthropologie Richmond Anthropologie Richmond Anthropologie Marylebone Anthropologie Marylebone Anthropologie King's Road Already spotted one of our desert windows?