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Moviesandbox » an open-source machinima toolset Funding for Crowdfunding: IndieGoGo Raises $1.5 Million Yesterday IndieGoGo announced it's first round of funding. We are proud to have IndieGoGo as a partner in the Startup America Partnership. Congratulations, IndieGoGo! Global Crowdfunding Platform IndieGoGo, Raises $1.5 million in FundingInvestors Led By Metamorphic Ventures, MHS Capital & Zynga Co-Founder San Francisco, CA- September 7, 2011 -- IndieGoGo, the world’s leading global crowdfunding platform, today announced that it raised $1.5 million in funding led by Metamorphic Ventures, MHS Capital and Steve Schoettler, Co-Founder of Zynga. The investment will fuel the company’s growth and enhance the online experience for customers worldwide with a particular focus on making the site and its analytics more accessible to consumers, strategic partners and the media. IndieGoGo provides an online platform for anyone with a passion or business idea to seek funding worldwide without risk of losing funding if their goals are not met. About IndieGoGo

Grow Venture Community > Seed Funding Startups in The Virtual Silicon Valley Брэнсон в Москве jump on opportunities Over 580 candles sold in 40 days! 225 supporters joined in the value of handicraft made ??in Italy! FAMO crowdfunding € 5,233 for the magazine dedicated to the undeground italian talents € 10,675 for the first work of Street Art made possible thanks to crowdfunding! The marble spaghettiweighter reached 118% of the budget! € 48,400 and 500 supporters to make over our favorite club! MAMMAIUTO from web to paper The collective of cartoonists which reached 153% of the budget! € 30,089 for the first co-wo leisure space in Italy! #12Regole: un ebook in tourby Spora ciao odt2braille - Home - Découvrez l'édition de jeux de société ! Decentralize the web with Diaspora We're fully funded! Check out some of the other great projects on Kickstarter Diaspora - the privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all distributed open source social network We are four talented young programmers from NYU’s Courant Institute trying to raise money so we can spend the summer building Diaspora; an open source personal web server that will put individuals in control of their data. What is it? Enter your Diaspora “seed,” a personal web server that stores all of your information and shares it with your friends. For a little more detailed explanation, checkout this blog post. What is the project about? We believe that privacy and connectedness do not have to be mutually exclusive. Why are we building it? This February, Eben Moglen, Columbia law professor and author of the latest GPL, gave a talk on Internet privacy. But why is centralization so much more convenient, even in an age where relatively powerful computers are ubiquitous? Why do we need money? Our Promise.

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Indiegogo è una delle principali piattaforme di crowdfunding. A differenza di Kickstarter, può anche essere utilizzata per finzanziare progetti di beneficienza o per realizzare progetti personali (pagarsi un viaggio, sostenere spese mediche ecc.) by martinagiacomelli01 Mar 18

Indiegogo: An International Crowdfunding Platform to Raise Money
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