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Projet Ici c'est mieux de Pepsi - Canada Bibliographie | Création et financement : les modèles participatifs sur Internet Vous trouverez ici une liste de références bibliographiques sur le financement participatif ; des liens vous permettent de télécharger librement la plupart des documents. AGRAWAL, A., CATALINI C., GOLDFARB A. (2011) The Geography of Crowdfunding, NBER Working Paper n°16820, 57 p. (télécharger The Geography of crowdfunding) ALLARD L., BEAU F., LINDEPERG S. et FRODON J. ANDREONI, J. (1990), "Impure altruism and donations to public goods: a theory of warm-glow giving", The Economic Journal, 100:464-477 (télécharger Impure altruism and donations to public goods) BELLEFLAMME P., LAMBERT T., SCHWIENBACHER A. (2012) Individual Crowdfunding Practices, Document de travail, 35 p. BELLEFLAMME P., LAMBERT T., SCHWIENBACHER A. (2012) Crowdfunding: Tapping the Right Crowd, CORE Discussion Paper No. 2011/32, 34 p. BERNHEIM, B.D. (1986) "On the Voluntary and Involuntary Provision of Public Goods", The American Economic Review, vol.76, 789-793 (se procurer le document)

Video Revolution: 100+ Ways to Watch and Create TV, Film and Web Video This post is #10 in DailyTekk’s famous Top 100 series which explores the best startups, gadgets, apps, websites and services in a given category. Total items listed: 151. Time to compile: 8+ hours. Follow @DailyTekk on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss a week! Right now our culture is in the middle of a huge video revolution. The lines between content creators and consumers are quickly blurring. Also read: The 50+ Best Ways to Curate and Share Your Favorite Social Media and News Content This week’s post is a bit interesting because it’s going to appeal to a wide variety of people: professional and amateur video producers, people who are looking for great places to watch quality online video, brands and marketers wanting to better engage their audiences and people who want to ditch their cable service or simply get more out of it. Pssst: If you’re an iPhone user you’re about to discover a treasure trove of cool video tools including apps and hardware. Did I miss something cool?

jump on opportunities Over 580 candles sold in 40 days! 225 supporters joined in the value of handicraft made ??in Italy! FAMO crowdfunding € 5,233 for the magazine dedicated to the undeground italian talents € 10,675 for the first work of Street Art made possible thanks to crowdfunding! The marble spaghettiweighter reached 118% of the budget! € 48,400 and 500 supporters to make over our favorite club! MAMMAIUTO from web to paper The collective of cartoonists which reached 153% of the budget! € 30,089 for the first co-wo leisure space in Italy! #12Regole: un ebook in tourby Spora ciao

Clubwear, Lingerie, Swimwear - Dare To Wear Peerfunding This wiki section is dedicated to the topic of "How do we make Peer Production sustainable? Why It Is Crucial that Peer Production Companies Refuse Venture Capital Investments Also read: Podcast: Bauwens, Kleiner, Restakis on Cooperative, Commons-Based Venture Funding Donations-based business model Crowdfunding business model Freemium as a business model To be developed: Ethical finance Social investment and philantropic venture capital Microfinance Social lending Prizes Top 40 Platforms for Crowdfunding Social Change The Open Venturing Accelerator‎‎ of the Hub Launchpad‎, an expression of the Open Venture Movement‎‎ that funds open and transparent companies (see also the proposals for an Open Limited Company‎ form and a (Open Company Sector‎ Goteo, commons and community oriented crowdfunding platform Gittip is a way to give small weekly cash gifts to people you love and are inspired by. Indy Johar on the Open Venture Movement "Our hypothesis 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Key Articles Key Policies More

Le financement participatif est un outil à part entière, pas une tendance ! Des institutions et des acteurs de la culture ont désormais recours au financement participatif, le "crowdfunding". Son développement coïncidant avec la baisse des financements publics de la culture et du mécénat d’entreprise, on pourrait aisément considérer qu’il s’agit d’une tentative désespérée pour préserver ce qui peut l’être. Bien au contraire, le financement participatif est tout sauf une nouvelle forme de charité. En fait, le modèle économique de la culture est menacé depuis longtemps (ou en mutation, diront d’autres) et il ne faut pas faire mine de découvrir les très grandes disparités entre ceux qui parviennent à tirer leur épingle du jeu (que penser en effet du budget de fonctionnement de l’association de préfiguration de la Philharmonique de Paris qui passe de 170 millions à 386,5 millions d’euros selon un récent rapport du Sénat ?) Le financement participatif fait partie de ces « nouveaux leviers ».

Art of the Guillotine - Film Editing News, Video Editing, Websites, Articles, Videos, Blogs & More! Peerbackers | crowdfunding big ideas The Complete Idiot’s Guides The Top Five Crowdsourcing Mega-trends I had my eyes opened to the massive growth of the crowdsourcing industry at a SXSW panel earlier this year. Ever since then, I have been looking for an opportunity to bring more information on this trend to {grow}. I’m fortunate today to have an expert on the subject, David Bratvold, provide a guest post: If you’re not yet familiar with crowdsourcing, it’s a new work process that involves getting a crowd of people to help with a task typically performed by one employee or contractor. While this is a common example, today crowdsourcing extends far beyond simple graphic design and can be broken down into four main subcategories: Microtasks – Taking a project and breaking it into tiny bits as seen on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (“the online marketplace for work.”). (For a more thorough explanation, read “What is Crowdsourcing.”) As the early stages of crowdsourcing continue to gain momentum, there are a few megatrends worth keeping your eye on. 1) Curated Crowds 2) Quality Improvements All posts

Indiegogo è una delle principali piattaforme di crowdfunding. A differenza di Kickstarter, può anche essere utilizzata per finzanziare progetti di beneficienza o per realizzare progetti personali (pagarsi un viaggio, sostenere spese mediche ecc.) by martinagiacomelli01 Mar 18

Indiegogo: An International Crowdfunding Platform to Raise Money
mainly creative by nickyflook May 17

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