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Researcher illegally shares millions of science papers free online to spread knowledge

Researcher illegally shares millions of science papers free online to spread knowledge
A researcher in Russia has made more than 48 million journal articles - almost every single peer-reviewed paper every published - freely available online. And she's now refusing to shut the site down, despite a court injunction and a lawsuit from Elsevier, one of the world's biggest publishers. For those of you who aren't already using it, the site in question is Sci-Hub, and it's sort of like a Pirate Bay of the science world. It was established in 2011 by neuroscientist Alexandra Elbakyan, who was frustrated that she couldn't afford to access the articles needed for her research, and it's since gone viral, with hundreds of thousands of papers being downloaded daily. But at the end of last year, the site was ordered to be taken down by a New York district court - a ruling that Elbakyan has decided to fight, triggering a debate over who really owns science. "Payment of $32 is just insane when you need to skim or read tens or hundreds of these papers to do research.

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I’m With The Banned — Welcome to the Scream Room The car pulls up outside a dinner being held by Fox News, and two giant, besuited security guards get in on either side of me. They are the single most massive individuals I have ever met. Then, at last, Milo arrives. Meet the Robin Hood of Science The tale of how one researcher has made nearly every scientific paper ever published available for free to anyone, anywhere in the world. On the evening of November 9th, 1989, the Cold War came to a dramatic end with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Four years ago another wall began to crumble, a wall that arguably has as much impact on the world as the wall that divided East and West Germany. The wall in question is the network of paywalls that cuts off tens of thousands of students and researchers around the world, at institutions that can’t afford expensive journal subscriptions, from accessing scientific research. On September 5th, 2011, Alexandra Elbakyan, a researcher from Kazakhstan, created Sci-Hub, a website that bypasses journal paywalls, illegally providing access to nearly every scientific paper ever published immediately to anyone who wants it. This was a game changer.

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Trying to make it in the non academic world… This post is by Ella o’sulllivan Last autumn I made a decision. I was getting out of academia. I wish I could say that I made this decision sitting in my book lined office overlooking the ivy clad university quad, but no, I made it sitting on my bed, with my laptop propped up on a pillow in front of me and a list of edits as long as my arm that needed to be made to an article if I wanted it to be published. I was used to making any number of changes to get an article published, but this time the referee so flagrantly disagreed with my opinion that she had even thrown in recommended changes that were factually incorrect.

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Ban academics talking to ministers? We should train them to do it Last month it was quietly announced that anyone receiving research grants from the state will be banned from lobbying “government and Parliament” on either policy issues or funding. The rule is said to be aimed principally at charities, but who knows the truth: in any case it covers all government grants “related to research and development”, and that means academics like me. You might wonder how this came about. I’ve Got a Serious Problem with “Serious Academics.” – The Tattooed Professor Earlier today, a robust debate emerged around an article in the “Academics Anonymous” section of The Guardian‘s “Higher Education Network” and its sweeping denunciation of social media in academe. With the charming title “I’m a Serious Academic, Not a Professional Instagrammer,” the author takes pains to tell us they are a PhD student and not “some cranky old professor harking back to the Good Old Days” before deploying every trope in the cranky old professor playbook. Lament the current “selfie culture?” Check. Decry people “too busy checking their phones to look up and appreciate their surroundings?” Check.

Holistic Science MSc, PG Cert Western science is dominated by ‘reductionism’ – the idea that natural phenomena can be explained in terms of their component parts. Reductionism is incomplete, and can be counter-productive since it suggests that by analysing the ‘mechanical’ workings of nature we can fully predict and manipulate it. Holistic science recognises the limitations of this methodology, focusing instead on nature’s qualities, complexity and intrinsic value, giving a science fit to solve global challenges. Schumacher College in partnership with Plymouth University (link is external) is the first in the world to offer a postgraduate programme in Holistic Science. What is Holistic Science?

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