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Defense Intelligence Agency

Defense Intelligence Agency
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USJFCOM - Joint Forces Command Welcome to the CIA Web Site U.S. Army Center Of Military History Stone Ghost STONEGHOST or "Stone Ghost", is a codename for a network operated by the United States' Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) for information sharing and exchange between the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.[1] Other sources say that New Zealand is also participating, and that STONEGHOST therefore connects, and is maintained by the defense intelligence agencies of all Five Eyes countries.[2] STONEGHOST does not carry Intelink-Top Secret information and was previously known as Intelink-C and may also be referred to as "Q-Lat" or "Quad link".[1] It's a highly secured network with strict physical and digital security requirements. The network not only hosts information about military topics, but also about SIGINT, foreign intelligence and national security.[2] 2012 Canadian Spy Case[edit] Royal Canadian Navy intelligence officer Sub-Lt. References[edit]

Home NESDIS Nat. Environmental Satellite, Data, & Info. Service Air Force ISR Agency - Home Army Writing Instruction and Examples Counterterrorist Intelligence Center Description of CTIC[edit] According to Dana Priest's article, on which the CIA declined to comment at the time: The CTIC were modeled on the CIA's counternarcotics centers in Latin America and Asia. In the 1980s the CIA persuaded these states to let it select individuals for the assignment, pay them and keep them physically separate from their own institutions. Officers from the host stations serving in the CTICs are vetted by the CIA, and usually supervised by the CIA's Chief of Station and augmented by officers sent from the Counterterrorist Center at Langley. According to two intelligence officials interviewed by Dana Priest, "the first two CTICs were established in the late 1990s to watch and capture Islamic militants traveling from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt and Chechnya to join the fighting in Bosnia and other parts of the former Yugoslavia." Alliance Base[edit] Italy[edit] See also[edit] Alliance Base, a CTIC in Paris, France. References[edit]

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