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Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 13 Great Tools for Creating Your Own Maps to Use in Class

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 13 Great Tools for Creating Your Own Maps to Use in Class
February 11, 2016 Today we have spent sometime going through our Map Tools archive and curated for you the collection below. These are some of the best tools out there that you can use with you students in class to create, annotate and share maps. We invite you to check them out and share with your colleagues. 1- Google My Maps My Maps offers a high level of detail and customization. You can add directions, points of interest and color-coated location markers in different shapes (a drop pin, star, square or circle). 2- Mapme Mapme is a platform that enables anyone to build smart and beautiful maps without any coding. 3- ZeeMaps 4- Google Maps API Probably the best known and the most often used, the Google Maps API is the standard for online maps that are easily integrated across platforms. 5- Mapbox Mapbox is a great map-based solution for spatial analysis on the fly, making it easy to integrate location into any mobile or online application. 6- Umapper 11-MapFab 12- MapTiler 13- Click2Map

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Rare Globes From the 1600s Are Being Digitized So You Can Spin Them Online David Neikirk is 3D imaging a vintage globe. Image: Osher Map Library If you had a globe as a kid, you’ll probably remember the joy of spinning the world around with your grimy fingers. Now you can rotate a vintage globe from 400 years ago from the comfort of your computer screen. Researchers at the Osher Map Library (OML) and Smith Center for Cartographic Education at the University of Southern Maine are making a series of historic globes, some over 400-years-old, accessible online in all their 3D rotatable and interactive glory. Here Is An Excellent Tool for Creating Interactive Rich-media Timelines In Class November 10, 2015 Capzles is an excellent web tool for creating visually interactive rich-media timelines using a number of materials including: videos, photos, text, audio, music and many more. You can use this tool with students in class to create timelines on various educational topics (e,g history and science projects). Capzles can be a great way for students to create digital portfolios and display their work.

The NYPL's Map Expert Explains This "Wondrous" Map Of 1920s Manhattan: Gothamist Manhattan: 10th Avenue - 25th Street (Courtesy of the NYPL) This colorful map dates back to 1926, and is sort of like one you'd find in a brochure for Disney World. Major landmarks of the time were marked amongst the rows of tenements and other not noteworthy buildings making up Manhattan. It's beautifully illustrated, and features everything from the Williamsburg Bridge to Central Park. There are also plenty of ghosts of New York City's past: the Wanamaker Department Store on 4th and 9th, the Gas House District, and the old Madison Square Garden (the one John Steinbeck worked on!). Here Is A great Interactive Tool to Teach Students How to Read A Map March 17, 2016 Here is a great educational tool we came across today as we were working on the list of social studies websites for elementary students. Reading a Map is an interactive web tool provided by the National Park Service that helps students develop their reading map skills. Students get to learn how to read different data on the map, identify major types of maps and navigate their ways through the typography of a map.

This Interactive Map Lets You Explore Locations From Your Favorite Books 17 4ShareNew Ever wonder what books were set in your hometown? Or where iconic scenes from your favorite novels actually took place? Some Excellent Interactive Map Games to Use with Students in Class March 20, 2016 Map games can be a great way to help students develop their geo-literacy. Students get to engage with learning activities specifically designed to challenge their geography knowledge and extend their understanding of the world. In the list below we are sharing with you some very good resources where you can access educational map games to use with students in class. Most of the games you will find there are interactive and some of them require Java or Flash Player installed on your Browser. Enjoy 1- Interactive Map Games

GrafoMaps Turns Any Location in the World Into a Graphic Map Print to Hang on Your Wall The new company GrafoMap gives any location in the world—yes, any—the artsy treatment. There are many ways to map a big city: by subway lines, by smells, by noises, by bike routes, by neighborhood, by music produced. But what if you just want to carve out a map of a place—and the specific spot within that place—that represents local pride for you?

Use Zeemaps with Your Students to Create Interactive Maps September , 2015 Zeemaps is another good website to use with students to create, publish and share interactive maps. Zeemaps allows you to visualize geographic data and customize your maps the way you want. You can for instance create maps of places you plan to visit with students or share maps of specific locations you have visited.

Here Is A Good Tool for Creating Interactive Maps November 6, 2015 Mapme is an interesting web tool that allows you to create interactive maps to share with others. You can add as much content to your map as you want. For instance, you can create a map displaying locations you will visit in your next field trip with your students or design a map featuring historical locations and events in your school community.