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Eliterate Librarian

Eliterate Librarian

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Top 100 Education Blogs for Educators and Teachers - Education Blog Top 100 Education blogs The Best Education blogs from thousands of top Education blogs in our index using search and social metrics. Data will be refreshed once a week. If your blog is selected in this list, you have the honour of displaying this Badge (Award) on your blog. Bloggers Who Inspire the World to Help Others - Pennies Of Time: Compassionate Problem Solvers Join the Movement to Raise Kind Kids! Let us know that you would like to participate in our kindness programs.Join us in our project When Bad Things Happen: what to say and do with your kids.Share your talents and skills as a volunteer for Pennies of Time.This week, complete an act of kindness with your kids. Need a suggestion? Here are 5 Easy Ways!

Classroom Management - It's Not About Control Last week I blogged about “Entrance and Exits” and how to manage them for a smooth transition. This week my focus is on what happens in-between the coming and going. You have many roles as a librarian—information specialist, instructional partner, teacher, and program administrator, but the one you will be judged on is teacher. Managing the library environment, as I noted, is challenging and many have difficulty with it. The topic is rarely covered in library school and what works in the classroom doesn’t translate easily to the library. You don’t have a regular seating arrangement, you don’t give grades, and there are many places where students can be out of sight.

Top School Library Blogs One look at the titles of blogs narrated by school librarians reveals the evolution of a profession within an institution that is at a pivotal point. Charged with the vital duty of promoting digital literacy, today’s librarians are daring, unquiet, sassy and definitely e-literate. This list features the top school library blogs ordered by website popularity metrics and social media engagement including the number of websites that link to a blog and number of followers on Twitter. Heart of the School Share17 Have a look at some of these reports, all of which stress the importance of reading for pleasure and educational achievement. A well run and professional school library can address these difficulties. (Most recent reports first.) Book ownership, literacy engagement and mental wellbeing National Literacy Trust 2018

School Library Connection Blog In today’s age of social media and instantaneous communication, the world seems smaller than ever before. With so many people across so many diverse countries, cultures, and backgrounds in contact with one another—and often part of our school communities—it is important to acknowledge and promote a global perspective among young learners. This is particularly relevant for libraries, where diverse characters and stories can offer readers windows into the lives of characters very different from themselves. Below is a list of titles recommended by SLC reviewers that focus on characters from various backgrounds and walks of life, all experiencing problems, joys, fantasies, and ordeals that readers from anywhere in the world can recognize and relate to. Subscribers can always find reviews of other great titles like this at reVIEWS+

Library Newsletters It’s midway through the school year, so it’s a good time to share the exciting things that have been happening in your library with your stakeholders. In my school library, I do that through a newsletter that I send out each quarter to faculty and a weekly newsletter that I send to our library internship team. If you are looking for a way to communicate your successes and promote your collection and programming, a newsletter can be an effective marketing tool. If you already regularly send a newsletter, it could be time to consider some new features. Here are some tips for beginning or refreshing your library newsletter. ON LIBRARIES: Hilda K. Weisburg I decided to take my own advice and make time for fun (yes, that’s a professinal resolution. Read on to see that one) – and more time for me. My blog for this week is a repeat of the one I did for January 2, 2017. I am also going to take next week off. I deserve it. And you deserve your time off – take it.

Subscribe to the Future Ready Librarians Newsletter Today! We have kicked off the Fueling Future Ready Librarians newsletter! This is a place for all of us to stay connected to news, upcoming events, resources and of course, each other. You can check it out here. Please subscribe to Fueling Future Ready Librarians so it is easy for me to keep you up-to-date and connected to our newsletter and all of the news. The Joyful Teacher Librarian (Melissa Thom) In 2015 I obtained my Library Media Specialist certificate through the ACES ARCLMS program and am currently working as a middle school teacher librarian at Bristow Middle School in West Hartford, Connecticut. The decision to leave the classroom and enter this field was somewhat unplanned but has turned out to be the job I was always meant to do. Read Janet Lee Carey's blogpost about the Bristow Library to see some of the exciting things that happen in the Bristow Library Learning Commons and Makerspace! Reading, books, author events, social studies, geography, tech tools and connecting people and ideas are a few of my passions. As a classroom teacher, I always had a well stocked classroom library and was often the person other teachers came to when they were looking for resources and tech tools. As a result, the transition to the library was natural.

Baby Steps to creating a Makerspace in the Library Makerspaces in Your Library When I entered Fields Elementary Library, it was traditional in every way. Slowly, I have worked to make it a learning space, one where I can share technology and create a community of shared learning. Gone are the days that the library is just a place to check in and check out books. Since McAllen ISD is a 1:1 district, I am thrilled to see the potential every student has in this space. When I interviewed a month ago for this library position, my principal asked what my vision was for the library.

The Digital Shift — On Libraries and New Media, powered by Library Journal and School Library Journal 5 Tips for Makers on a Budget from a Teen Librarian By The Digital Shift on August 4, 2017 “Teen Librarian Toolbox” blogger and SLJTeen Live! panelist Karen Jensen shares some ideas and resources for low-budget maker spaces.