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You don’t need more motivation. You don’t need to be inspired to action. You don’t need to read any more lists and posts about how you’re not doing enough. We act as if we can read enough articles and enough little Pinterest quotes and suddenly the little switch in our brain will put us into action. But, honestly, here’s the thing that nobody really talks about when it comes to success and motivation and willpower and goals and productivity and all those little buzzwords that have come into popularity: you are as you are until you’re not. You change when you want to change. And what I think we all need more than anything is this: permission to be wherever the fuck we are when we’re there. You’re not a robot. You don’t get to control everything. “If it’s not the time, it’s just not the fucking time. Sometimes the novel is not ready to be written because you haven’t met the inspiration for your main character yet. We all know this: Our experience cannot always be manipulated.

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How to Raise a Creative Child. Step One: Back Off THEY learn to read at age 2, play Bach at 4, breeze through calculus at 6, and speak foreign languages fluently by 8. Their classmates shudder with envy; their parents rejoice at winning the lottery. But to paraphrase T. S. why-women-need-their-girlfriends_b_5539150 Years ago, I was at the beach with my family when I noticed a group of ladies nearby who appeared to be in their 50s. With a quick glance, I knew they were on a girls' weekend. All the signs were there -- coolers and cocktails, beach bags with romance novels, straw hats, umbrellas in the sand -- but most telling of all was their laughter. Lots and lots of laughter, the kind that draws attention and curiosity from anyone in earshot. I loved watching these women enjoy each other's company.

Abusive parents: What do grown children owe the mothers and fathers who made their childhood a living hell? Illustration by Charlie Powell What do we owe our tormentors? It’s a question that haunts those who had childhoods marked by years of neglect and deprivation, or of psychological, physical, and sexual abuse at the hands of one or both parents.

The Weird, Complicated, Sexist History of Pockets People have a lot of feelings when it comes to pockets. In short: They are great only when you have them and only when they are large enough to stuff anything you want inside of them. A snack? A phone? 16 Hilarious Signs That Prove Libraries Are the Greatest One of the things we love most about libraries is that they get creative in quirky ways. In honor of Library Lovers’ Month, here are 16 libraries that decided to think outside the box and appeal to their book lovers with unique and hilarious signs. 1.

The 6 Most Common Biological Sexes in Humans Many of you have expressed an interest in more of my personal essays; the documents I use myself to study various topics and take advantage of the so-called “orangutan theory”, which states that forcing yourself to write down your ideas, or speaking them out loud, even if your only audience is a large primate in a circus tent, shifts your brain into a logical mode that gives you a better understanding of what you believe, both inherently and explicitly. I decided to share another one of the in-progress essays, though I modified it to read better online as if it were addressed to the blog audience by changing a small amount of the verbiage. Again, just like my previous essay on religious beliefs manifesting through time, culture, and geographic distance, this is a work in progress that will change substantially by the time I stamp “concluded’ on it and feel as if I really have a handle on the subject matter. Today, we have genetics and DNA that allows us to examine karyotype.

Homeless people are not cockroaches or vermin – they are human and have rights How is it that homelessness – one of the most egregious violations of human rights globally – can be so invisible? The answer lies in the fact that we have done pretty much everything we can to erase homeless people from our sight and from our minds. How governments, the media, and the affluent treat homeless people has a significant impact on how the rest of us view them and, ultimately, how homeless people view themselves. They have become a social group that, if not ignored completely, is faced with relentless vilification, discrimination, criminalisation and even hate crimes.

Top Ten Beginning Reader Books of 2015 …according to me anyway! Ahhhhh the beginning reader! I consider it a joy and a privilege as a teacher librarian to see so many children start start their independent reading journey. When letters turn into words, and then into sentences, paragraphs and prose for young people, a whole new world is opened up to them. Elizabeth Smart: Abstinence-only sex education hurts victims of rape and human trafficking. (George Frey/Getty Images) In 2002, 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart was abducted from her Salt Lake City home, held captive in the mountains, and raped repeatedly for nine months.* Since her escape, she has emerged as an advocate for human trafficking victims—and recently, a critic of abstinence-only sex education. When Smart spoke at a Johns Hopkins University panel last week, she explained one of the factors deterring her from escaping her attacker: She felt so worthless after being raped that she felt unfit to return to her society, which had communicated some hard and fast rules about premarital sexual contact. Amanda Hess is a Slate staff writer.

The language of mental illness is broken Language is constantly changing. Text speak now slips easily into our vocabularies and slang increasingly prevalent. The way we talk evolves to encompass new trends and behaviours within culture and society. If nothing else, the subtle changes in language prove how adaptive we humans are in our communication. Yet when it comes to other areas of language, our discourse remains painfully outdated.