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World's Computer Giant Gets Even Bigger with Callbox - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia

World's Computer Giant Gets Even Bigger with Callbox - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia
The Client The Client is a global systems integrator and provider of end-to-end enterprise IT and software solutions. Its service portfolio includes strategic outsourcing, IT consulting, application management, training, small business services, asset recovery, and software services. It serves a huge client base in 170 countries with several business partners around the world. The Challenge The Client wanted to expand its market and open new accounts in the Asia-Pacific Region with as little difficulty in finding qualified leads as possible. The Client had the following requirements for this campaign: 1. 2. 3. Having raised the bar, and seeing Callbox’s previous experience in b2b lead generation for multi-level marketing campaigns, the Client greenlighted the partnership. The Callbox Solution The Client hired Callbox in July 2009. The Results The five successive campaigns ran flawlessly for over a year, generating excellent results for the Client: “You are a great gun.

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How Did your Business Do this Year? - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia The year is about to end. For some people, it only means one thing: celebration. But for many business owners, it’s more than just a celebration. It’s a time to reflect on what has happened this year in order to plan for a better year. Having a year-end evaluation is therefore not just reserved for employees but for businesses as well. A year-end assessment can benefit a business regardless of its size and industry in several ways.

Quantifying Lead Generation Success for World-Class Data Solutions Provider The Client The Client is a global leader in data backup, data recovery, and archiving solutions. Based in Singapore, it provides expert advice and integrated solutions for reliable and cost-effective data storage management to customers worldwide. Why Outsource Your Telemarketing Campaign? Advertising about your company is one thing, but converting that interest into actually sales leads is something that you should consider as well. That is why you need to use some effective marketing tools to support your campaign. Now, lead generation is a task that should not be taken lightly when it comes to advertising and marketing. Successfully negotiating a deal with a business prospects requires a lot of telesales experience, not to mention communication skills.

Speaking for a Network Management and Security Company - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia The Client The Client is a privately held corporation and is a premier provider of IT management solutions for businesses. The firm’s diverse product line, offered in a wide variety of capacity and application-specific configurations, can be scaled to support virtually any corporate environment. The Client’s customers span a wide range of industries, and include Fortune 500 global enterprises. Their customer base is Medium to Large Enterprise businesses with complex, heterogeneous IT environments with stringent uptime and performance requirements. Today, over 40 customers with more than 5,000 total locations rely upon their products. Callbox Multi-Channel Marketing Program and Marketing Automation Platform: Partnering for 33% Sales Increase in Sydney IP Services - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia The Client Industry: Internet Protocol Services Location: Australia Headquarters: Australia Campaign Type:

World-class Branding Consultancy Gets Marketing Boost with Callbox The Client The Client is the world’s largest brand consultancy with a network of 33 offices in 27 countries. Over the past 40 years, it has created and managed branding campaigns for some of the world’s most recognized brands including BMW, P&G, and McDonalds. The Challenge Part of the Client’s marketing strategy is conducting a series of events each year. Management over Remote, Outsourced Employees: A Lead Generation Point A decade ago, only big businesses had the financial resources to outsource their marketing operations to a lead generation services company. Now, however, even small businesses have gathered enough guts and have felt that need to delegate some of their tasks to experts, sometimes even to overseas firms. Outsourcing has become a major part of company growth for those who want to focus on the more important functions of running a business.

Callbox Provides Maximum Marketing Support for Talent Management Solutions Leader - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia The Client The Client is a worldwide talent management leader with experience serving organizations of all sizes. The Client configures talent solutions for specific business needs to dramatically improve business performance. Professional Training Agency Grows Customer Base with Callbox - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia The Client The Client is an Australian Registered Training Organisation and member of the Group Training Australia Network. It allows local businesses to enjoy a hassle free and cost-effective way to employ apprentices through its Group Training system.