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CLIL: An interview with Professor David Marsh David Marsh is a leading expert in CLIL. Following David’s presentation at the 2008 Directors’ Conference on ‘The impact of CLIL in Europe’, I contacted him to find out more. Ed: What is CLIL? Does it cover a single educational approach or many? DM: Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is an educational approach where some content learning (like a topic on global climate, or a subject) is taught in an additional language (such as English language in Korea). Sections européennes ou de langues orientales - Sections européennes ou de langues orientales (SELO) Les sections européennes ou de langues orientales Les sections européennes et de langues orientales existent dans les lycées généraux, technologiques et professionnels. Ces sections sont proposées dans plusieurs langues : allemand, anglais, arabe, chinois, espagnol, italien, japonais, portugais, russe, vietnamien. Texte de référence : Circulaire n° 92-234 du 19 août 1992 relative à la mise en place de sections européennes dans les établissements du second degré

LIMEN - a Latin teaching portal - Indwelling Language ...supporting the practices 1. The best "materials"... ...for the face-to-face element of any language class are the students themselves—their lives, interests, activities, and ideas. Interacting about these things can happen informally, but you might have an easier time with a preset activity such as Circling with Balls or a formal system such as Discipulus/a Illustris.

ADEB - Association pour le Développement de l'Enseignement Bi/plurilingue Rethinking Education What is it? Rethinking Education was set up in 2012 to reform education systems across the EU so as to meet growing demand for higher skills levels and reduce unemployment. The initiative focuses on three areas in need of reform:

Café CLIL Café CLIL is an online forum for small group discussion in SKYPE on specific areas of content and language integrated learning. Café CLIL is an informal way for CLIL professionals to meet and discuss issues of relevance to their work, record the discussion and archive it online for others to access, listen to and comment on. All the recordings for the discussions can be listened to at FACTWorld. Discussion 1: Getting started

Article: Planning CLIL lessons By John Clegg To overcome the language barrier, CLIL teachers need to plan their lessons to include language support as well as content teaching. John Clegg explores the strategies that can be applied. Teaching in L1 If you teach a subject in the first language (L1) of your learners – or in a language in which they are fluent – there are some things which you normally feel you can count on.

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