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PIETER HUGO - Photographer Abandoned Berlin: Olympic effort for an abandoned village Almost too knackered by the time I got there to do any exploration at all. Cycled over 40km from Friedrichshain to Elstal, wind against me all the way, efforts compounded by several unforeseen diversions due to the slightly optimistic tactic of simply pointing the bike west. "Who needs maps anyway?" I won't be doing that again. And then I still faced the prospect of cycling back! There used to be a time when the Olympics was interesting, and Berlin's in 1936 was the most interesting of all. Anyway, such thoughts were far from my head as I contemplated the empty buildings lurking ominously between the trees behind the fence. No dogs came near me, and so I proceeded to the Plattenbau buildings, huge empty shells of soulless flats erected by the Russians long after the last athletes had left, after the war, when they were used to house Soviet military personnel from the nearby barracks.Now the flats are left to the wallpaper which still plasters their walls. Thump, thump, thump!

Browsing Textures on deviantART 00 33 \ le photoblog de l'agence Tribeca Fun With Words > The Wordplay Web Site Erik Johansson Photo & Retouch Olympic Village The creation of a separate housing area for the great number of athletes attending the Olympic Games was first attempted in Los Angeles in 1932. Four years later, at the XIth Olympiad in Berlin, the concept was further developed with the construction of this tiny ‘village’ in the Brandenburg countryside, just 14 kilometers from the Olympic Stadium. Newspapers in the U.S. ran kitschy photographs in their Olympic reports featuring American athletes gathered in front of their cabins and singing folk songs after long days spent breaking world records. During WWII the cabins and cottages were converted to an infantry training facility for the German troops, and after the war’s end the Soviet and East German military occupied the site until 1992. For many years the village was a favorite destination for day-tripping history buffs and enthusiasts of abandoned structures, and in 2004 the Olympic Village was listed as an historically protected site and officially opened to the public.

Comic Book Style Graphic Design | GoMediaZine We have often been asked the process by which we create our illustrated flyers and posters. I will try to give you a clear tutorial on how we create our illustrations and turn them into flyers or posters. Our end product will be this flyer which was created for our recent Go Media Inc. art show: Before I go into an insane amount of details I want to give you a quick snap-shot of the process: Draw with Pencil on Paper.Ink your penciled artwork.Scan your artwork at 300 dpi.Create a second copy of the artwork at 150 dpi.Create a color layer just under the artwork (set your artwork layer to multiply)Color your artwork.Delete the artwork layer, and return the color layer to 300dpiOpen the original 300dpi artwork and paste it above the color layer.Flatten the image and save it.Import the image into your design softwareAdd text and graphicsExport the final design. Step 1. Tools you’ll need: Paper: I use a plate finish Bristol. Eraser: I use the Staedtler Mars Plastic eraser. Step 2. Step 3.

The Big Picture For 19 years, the US government had given Patricia Carbajal permission to stay in this country, to work, to put down roots. For 19 years, administration after administration extended Temporary Protected Status for Honduras after the destruction wrought by Hurricane Mitch in 1998 was compounded by crippling poverty, destabilizing corruption, and violence so pervasive that the murder rate in Honduras is now among the highest in the world. After 19 years, Patricia’s status had long ago stopped feeling temporary. But, now, in a moment, everything could change. On Truth & Reality: Philosophy Physics Metaphysics of Space, Wave Structure of Matter. Famous Science Art Quotes.

Amy Stein | Photography | Blog Gwenn et la vie à Berlin / Dans un village olympique… fantôme Un peu à l’écart de Berlin se situe l’ancien village olympique des jeux de Berlin en 1936. Ses jeux furent célèbre car il furent organisés par les nazis qui se servirent de cet événement pour faire de la propagande de leur idéologie xénophobe et antisémite. Pieds de nez, cette lors de ses jeux que l’athlète noir américain Jesse Owens remporta 4 médailles d’or devant les athlètes allemands soit disant supérieur… C’est donc dans un endroit fort en histoire (comme il est existe de nombreux à Berlin) que nous avons erré dans cet endroit fantomatique. De tous ses bâtiments seul le gymnase d’entrainement est préservé et sert de lieux d’exposition d’affiches des JO. Week end, beau temps, soleil c’est naturellement que je continue ma petite exploration de l’Allemagne. Quelques mois après mon premier passage dans ce merveilleux endroit qu’est l’ancien hôpital militaire de Beelitz, me revoilà en compagnie d’amis de retour à Beelitz.

3D Character Model Resource 3DSMax Maya XSI Lightwave Character Model Sets ES3DStudio's unrivalled library of high-detail/low-impact characters are ready to fit into your projects. If it's for interactive simulations, games, training aids, military visualizations, or high-detail pre-rendered animations we have what you need pre-rigged and animated in Character Studio. We are your project's head start. Wide Range of Military Personnel Rigged in Character Studio, un-rigged, pre-posed, animated. Prices unrigged from $95 3 Part US Infantry Collection Rigged and animated in Character Studio, pre-posed in other formats, this 3 part collection covers 101st Air Assault Div, 11th Armoured Cavalry Regiment and the US Marine Corps. Standard Performance License $235 Extensive Weapons Packs We have a wide collection of Western and Russian firearms ready to drop into your game, Mod or animation. AK47, AK74, RPG-7, RPK, Dragunov SVD, M16A2, M4, M203, MP5A3 Navy, we have t all. Individual weapons from $28 Arab Civilian Model Collection Superb Model Detailing

Cities / People / Place Monday, April 14th, 2014 Street Food in Busan I can still remember the ssiat hotteok in Busan: moist, thick pancakes stuffed with brown sugar, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds, as if a French crêpe had voyaged to America, eaten too many Krispy Kremes and stumbled head-first into a Korean dry goods shop. It was the perfect salve for the early winter chill. In Seomyeon, a busy shopping and nightlife hub that is the closest thing Busan has to a centre, there were two hotteok stalls on the street behind a large department store. In a way, that’s kind of how I felt about Busan. Busan is nevertheless a very likable city. More A Police Dormitory Reborn as a Design Hub Hong Kong’s design scene is thriving, but like many of this city’s creative endeavours, it exists beyond the spotlight, in old factory buildings and back alley studios. “It’s a project that nobody has done before,” says William To, the PMQ’s creative director, who is also project director at the Hong Kong Design Centre. More More More

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