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CSS3 Text Effects: 44 Cool CSS Text Styling Tutorials

CSS3 Text Effects: 44 Cool CSS Text Styling Tutorials

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untitled Table of Contents Usage Using Hamburgers for your site is easy (well, that was my intention anyway). Sass 8 Useful CSS Tools Writing better CSS is something all web designers and developers should strive for, and thankfully there are some useful tools out there to help do just that. For this post, we’ve rounded up a collection of new tools to help you with your CSS. From learning new CSS3 properties, to making your code more efficient, there’s bound to be a few tools here you will find useful. CSS3 Patterns Gallery CSS3 Patterns Gallery lets you browse various CSS3 patterns as thumbnails or fullscreen and grab the code so you can use them on your own site. 50 Useful and Instructive CSS3 Tutorials: 2012 Editioncs Now that most browsers support the majority of the features CSS3 offers, it’s important for developers to catch up and be aware of the power of CSS3. Photoshop and JavaScript are slowly losing their significance because it’s become possible to echo the same results with just a few lines of code easier and faster than ever. The techniques that were new a year ago have become standard now.

10 Examples of Beautiful CSS Typography and how they did it… » - Web Design Marketing Podcast & Blog Lately I have been very interested in how far we can take Typography only using CSS. Sure you can use images or sIFR to produce some very beautiful typography, but there is something unique and special about using only CSS. It is incredibly useful too, if you know the extent you can take CSS you end up with much more flexible websites— especially ones driven by a CMS. Think about how difficult sIFR or images get when you want to replicate that typography or typeface over 100 pages powered by a CMS. If you can get beautiful type via CSS it makes this situation very easy and with out compromise.

Light Effects File includes 1 PSD file with 10 different lights, each light build with multiple layers, all layers well organized and can be edited. Two different folders with 10 different transparent PNG lights each, one with light effects only and one light effects with sealing light attached. Files Included Responsive Autorun Slideshow Date : 12th January 2015 For all the latest browsers, Android and iOS Information A basic responsive autorun slideshow for all the latest browsers and operating systems including touch screens.

Using CSS3 Attribute Selectors Since CSS2 developers have been able to use HTML element attribute values to identify Web page items for styling properties. With CSS3, this is extended significantly with the addition of substring matching within attribute selection. This allows you to define styling rules in a more dynamic and efficient way than before, by identifying elements with one or more chained substrings defined in your CSS code. CSS - CSS3 Shadow Pack The regular CSS3 box-shadow property is quite restrictive in the type of shadows that you can produce. So whenever we need to include any fancy shadows in our projects, it is Photoshop to the rescue ! But now with this CSS3 Shadow Pack you can say goodbye to Photoshop. As the title says these shadows are done entirely using CSS, and no images at all have been used. The process of applying a shadow to a container is as easy as applying a few class names to that container. In this pack you get 11 popular and attractive shadow styles.

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