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Softpedia Torrent Search Engine - MAFIAAFire Frequently asked questions / wall of text! Why? Why? (MAFIAA = Music And Film Industry Association of America) The labels and their lackeys/umbrella organizations (like the BPI / RIAA / IFPI etc) are no more than a huge scam on the global creative and innovative sectors. In this time of economic downturns they still feel it is their right to leech off the hardworking people around the globe. Just like the bankers who played with other peoples jobs and lives to make sure the executives at the banks got their bonuses, the movie and music industries are willing to sacrifice everyone elses jobs / careers and lives rather than adapt to the times and offer consumers products at a fair price and in a timely manner. Too bad there are people like us who will always work hard to shutter the local MAFIAA's Entitlement 'R Us shops. The internet is inhabited by the most creative people who use it for commerce, job creation as well as free speech. [Top] What is it? Why do I mention this? [Top] How? ' [Top]


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