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Preschool and Kindergarten Readiness - School Sparks

Preschool and Kindergarten Readiness - School Sparks
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Reading A-Z: The online leveled reading program with downloadable books to print and assemble The Activity Mom: Colors and Numbers with Stickers The Activity Mom Sharing Activities and Ideas that Make Learning Fun Get Our Activities by Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Colors and Numbers with Stickers July 19, 2010 by Nicole 4 Comments We have quite the collection of stickers so I gave B these activities to try. The first activity was to sort the stickers by color. Then, he put the corresponding number of stickers in each square. These activities are quick and simple ways to use up that growing collection of stickers! You may also like - Easter Egg Counting Activities with Pipe Cleaners Learning with Easter Eggs Filed Under: Colors, Counting Tagged With: colors, counting, stickers, toddler activities Next PostSort and Glue – Letters Previous PostBaby Activity – Playing with Water Speak Your Mind Comments danita says: July 19, 2010 at 3:36 pm we have way too many, too! Trackbacks Search by Category Promo Codes Learn and Play with Your Toddler eBook Join Me Button Search by Topic

Free Phonics Resources: Games, Workshops & Lessons - Reading Horizons Click below to view any of these valuable, FREE phonics resources and get a feel for how effective this program can be for you! Sample a Reading Skill Online Phonics Workshop Sample Phonics Lessons Phonics Games and Activities Online Assessments Printable Worksheets Pronunciation Tool Practice Vocabulary Word Lists For Educators | Florida Center for Reading Research From 2004 to 2007, a team of teachers at FCRR collected ideas and created Student Center Activities for use in kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms. Accompanying these Student Center Activities is a Teacher Resource Guide and Professional Development DVD that offers important insights on differentiated instruction and how to use the Student Center materials. Frequently Asked Questions About Student Center Activities Grades K-1 Student Center Activities (2005) Grades K-1 Student Center Activities (Revised, 2008) Grades 2-3 Student Center Activities (2006) Grades 4-5 Student Center Activities (2007) Student Center Activities aligned to the Common Core State Standards Student Center Activities and Instructional Routines Search Tool The K-5 Student Center Activities (SCA) and K-3 Instructional Routines search tool provides teacher's access to the 522 individual SCA and the instructional routines from Empowering Teachers.

Make It and Love It Free Printable Math Worksheets at Growing Kinders: Phonemic Fun! Here is a fun and easy phonemic game that you can play with your kinders at any time of the year! You will need a bag of some sort - it can be a gift bag, or a bag like this: You could decorate it all cute with some puffy paint and ribbons. Since I'm on vacation, I don't have access to the supplies! I'll try to make one up when I get home! You also need some small manipulatives or picture cards. And finally, you need this little diddy: (Click on the image if you would like to download this to put in the bag or attach to the bag!) What do you think?

Copycat Crafts | DIY Designer Knock-Off Things to Make 8 Great Ideas for Teaching Segmenting and Blending Phonemic awareness- the ability to hear and manipulate the sounds in spoken words and the understanding that spoken words are made up of sequences of speech sounds (Yopp, 1992) The best predictor of reading difficulty in kindergarten or first grade is the inability to segment words and syllabes into constituent sound units (Lyon, 1995) The research is very clear on the important role phonemic awareness plays in the reading process. Phoneme segmentation is one of the later developing skills on the hierarchy of development. 1. Download the Doggie, Where’s My Bone activity for FREE 2. Click HERE to download this activity. Once the students are successful with the one-to-one correspondence activity and are pretty much independent with this, we can then increase the difficulty of the task by not providing the one-to-one correspondence component. 3. 4. 5. 6. Click HERE to download this activity. 7. Click HERE to download step-by-step directions and 42 colorful pictures. 8.

DIY flower pots Things we used Plaster of ParisStyrofoam ballsChenille stems/pipe cleanersPaint and brushes This activity is good for pre schoolers and above. Start off with painting the Styrofoam balls to make the flowers. Big A made a game out of it by challenging herself to paint the whole ball without getting paint on her fingers. She has to hold the ball in her left hand and paint with her right while rotating the ball to get paint evenly all around.Well, I guess she lost steam because she was burnt out from this extra-ordinary fine motor activity for at least 7 balls. Baby A’s goal on the other hand was to get as much paint as humanly possible on her body while getting as little as possible on the ball itself. Step :1 Paint the balls We set all the balls to dry and wrapped up the project for the day. Next step we made the flowers and a sun using pipe cleaners. Note: The sparkly ones may seem cute but they are only mediocre performers as stems. Step :2 Make the petals using pipe cleaners Extensions

Reading the Alphabet: a FREE PreK Reading Curriculum What is Reading the Alphabet? Reading the Alphabet is a FREE PreK reading curriculum designed for those Pre-Kinders who already know their letters and letter sounds, yet are not ready for a faster paced, full-blown Kindergarten curriculum. {This curriculum may also work for those younger Kindergartners who are struggling to master foundational phonics, phonological, and phonemic awareness skills.} *This post contains affiliate links. The Curriculum Includes Work on These Seven Areas: Review and Application of Letters & Their Sounds (not in ABC order)Introduction and Practice with Beginning Sight Words (such as: the, a, see, I, etc.)Phonological & Phonemic Awareness (playing with sounds in words)Book & Print Awareness (introducing vocabulary such as: title, word, period, etc.)Fine Motor Skills (cutting, gluing, tracing, beginning handwriting-formation of letters)Numbers 1-20 & PatternsReading/Matching Basic CVC Words (via word families); this starts after the first vowel (a) is introduced

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Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten: Sight Words & Segmenting Freebies! I'm currently working on a plant unit and some subtraction freebies, but I wanted to share something with you in the meantime! My kids this year have had a really hard time with sight words and segmenting, so I've come up with lots of different games and activities to use with my small groups. Here are some of the activities we've been having fun with lately! Swat It! Just program the bees with your sight words (they're editable). Sight Word Parking Lot This game was inspired by Juggling with Kids. Sight Word Ball Toss Sorry I don't have a picture of this one. Sight Word Chants I found these fun chants at Growing Kinders! Similar to Bingo. Sound Hop We use these rubber dots for hopping the sounds in words. Tap Light Segmenting These cute tap lights can be found at Walmart for $1.00! Slinky Stretch So simple and fun...we stretch out a slinky as we s-t-r-e-t-c-h the sounds in words! Head Shoulders Knees and Toes We tap our head for the beginning sound, shoulders for the middle sound, and so forth.

This site has well designed worksheets that are free. There are worksheets with only images for application in Phonemic Awareness. by jezzri Sep 16