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Teacher Blogs
February 21, 2017 - In the Classroom+ In the Classroom (7) Curriculum Matters Writers Liana Loewus and Jaclyn Zubrzycki explore teaching and learning across the subject areas. Prove It: Math and Education Policy High School math teacher John Troutman McCrann writes about his quest to integrate inquiry- and performance-based learning into his instruction, and how these concepts might inform education policy. Teaching for the Whole Story New York City language arts teacher Ariel Sacks shares stories, reflections, and practices for cultivating a student-centered, literature-based classroom in today's education climate. Work in Progress Journalism teacher Starr Sackstein discusses how to guide students into taking charge of their learning and their writing. - Teaching Profession+ Teaching Profession (8) The Art of Coaching Teachers Elena Aguilar offers resources, tips, and suggestions for school instructional coaches and teacher mentors. Learning Forward's PD Watch Teacher Beat Teacher in a Strange Land

Ten Ways To Use Your Edublog – Click play for some great ideas! | Edublogs - education blogs for teachers, students and institutions 1. Share materials, news, downloads, links and more Anything that you post to your blog will instantly be accessible by your students from school and from home. What’s more, you can easily manage who gets to access them through passwords and privacy measures. 2. Students can simply respond to blog posts and discuss topics through comments or on our simple to use forums. 3. Seamlessly produce a custom designed, finely tuned and engaging collaborative online publication by your class. 4. Always enjoyed photocopying and stapling pages and pages of newsletters on a Friday afternoon? 5. Your Edublog can be used to glue together your students’ blogs which you can quickly create, co-manage, and even edit if needed. 6. We all love planning, right? 7. In just a couple of clicks, you can embed online videos, multimedia presentations, slideshows and more right into your Edublog posts. 8. Edublogs make it easy to organize groups by keeping everyone informed. 9. 10.

Blogger One account. All of Google. Sign in to continue to Blogger Find my account Forgot password? Sign in with a different account Create account One Google Account for everything Google How Blogs Work" Blogs appear on the news pretty often these days. For example, a reporter is tipped to a story by a blog, or a blog reports another angle on a story. Blogs show up in magazines a lot, too. But there is a good chance you have never seen a blog (also known as a weblog) or experienced the blogosphere. What are blogs? One of the things that is so amazing about blogs is their simplicity. Think about a "normal Web site." ­ A typical Web site has a home page that links to sub-pages within the site. ­ A blog is much simpler: A blog is normally a single page of entries. ­­In this article, you will have a chance to enter the world of blogging.

The Innovative Educator: Top 10 Technology Blogs for Education Editor's note: This is a cross post from College Online where "The Innovative Educator" is named in the top ten ed tech blogs list. I'm thrilled to be mentioned with all these other wonderful bloggers. I know and follow most of them and look forward to getting to know better those I don't. Education, as with all aspects of culture, is greatly impacted by the forward progress of technology. Check out our picks here: 1. - The Blogging Community Bright ideas Blog | The Magic of Learning Remote Scavenger Hunt We are heading into our third week of social distancing, school closures and “shelter at home&... We are in the Midst of... Are you aware that we are in the middle of making history? It is March of 2020. The List Blog - Top 10 Lists Tips and Tricks: Formatting a Page One of the most common questions we get is also one of the hardest to answer: How do I make my wiki look good? Of course there’s no one simple trick for attractive wikis. The best advice we can give you is to get in there and play with it — and to be inspired by all the wonderful wikis that your colleagues have already made. So, instead of giving you a how-to, we wanted to highlight some of the simplest tools you’ve got, and how you can use them to make your wiki shine. 1. Headings Clear, clean pages are always appealing. 2. These are all fantastic options, and tweaking them can make a huge difference to your page. You can set the Background Color the same way you chose a font color. 3. 4. Of the simple editor tools, this is probably the one with the biggest impact. You can also change the alignment of an image. This is the heart of a wiki: simple tools that anyone can use.

The Ultimate “How To” Twitter Guide Did You Know... 43% of people follow a brand on Twitter for special offers/deals 75% of users are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow 67% of users are likely to recommend a brand they follow to others What is Twitter? Just a beginner to Twitter? How to use Twitter Effectively Now that you know what Twitter is and how it works, learn how to use it effectively: How to Increase Your Twitter Followers So, you know how to use Twitter, but no one is listening. Best Practices: Hashtags Hashtags can be an effective way to target specific users on Twitter. Best Practices: ReTweet Retweeting is a easy way to share content with your Twitter followers. Best Practices: Search Find users or search for users based on your custom search criteria. How to Create Lists Lists can be a useful way to attract users to your page so that they start following you. How to use Twitter for Business Now you’ve gotten your feet wet and learned how to use Twitter for your business. How to use Twitter for Marketing