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Manifesto. Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles

Manifesto. Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
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Free Online College Courses Front Page, Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles Since May 6, 1997You are visitor number 27862784 in base 11 The heart of mathematics consists of concrete examples and concrete problems. P.R.Halmos, How to Write MathematicsAMS, 1973 Also, some pages are organized into series while others, especially the older ones, are accessible individually. Throughout the discussions at this site I refer to various titles I love and find useful enough to have them in my own library. First off, you may want to look at the page that explains to the curious the origin and nature of my logo. There is also a page where I offer a beautiful geometric problem. One page currently presents 118 different proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem which was a great fun putting together. Another page looks into different ways a specific statement may be related to a more general one. Other pages have educational content. To me Internet is one of life's wonders. Recently I discovered the source of the 4 Travelers problem. |Contents||Store|

Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena Mathematics Archives Calculus Resources On-Line Welcome to the Calculus Resources On-line area of the Mathematics Archives. This area contains information and links to numerous Internet resources, which could be used for teaching and learning of calculus. If you would like to suggest adding information to this area, or have comments or questions, please contact Przemyslaw Bogacki, the calculus moderator. Initiatives, Projects and Programs These are alphabetized by institution's name (pilot sites are listed under the original developer institution). Appalachian State University, Business Calculus A new Business Calculus course has been developed with the focus on business problems which can be efficiently resolved by the appropriate use of mathematics and technology working hand-in-hand. Carleton University This web site, maintained by the Carleton University Math & Stat Department, features interactive tests for first-year calculus students. Cornell University Duke University Pilot Sites Five Colleges, Calculus in Context Pilot Site Wiley

Algebra: Themes, Tools, Concepts - Henri Picciotto Lucia de B. is innocent This internet site has been created by a group of individuals who form the “Committee for Lucia”. None of its members are related to Lucia, nor are they from her circle of friends. They are merely individuals driven by the certainty that Lucia is the victim of a gross miscarriage of justice. # News: BBC 23-7-2010 – Can chance make you a killer? Richard Gill 18-4-2010 – Bureau of Lost Causes This organisation has been set up inspired by the self-less efforts by so many people over the last six years, which only just now led to the extraordinary and total rehabilitation of Lucia de Berk. Guardian 14-4-2010 – Dutch nurse acquitted of being a mass murderer The ruling ended a bizarre legal odyssey during which the country's judicial system – right up to the Supreme Court – interpreted evidence wrongly, including statistics, autopsy results, and the nurse's diaries. The Independent 10-4-2010 – Nigel Hawkes: Did statistics damn Lucia de Berk? Google "Lucia" Trends # A gross miscarriage link or

Interactive GeoGebra Student Worksheet on Triangle Centers | {Eggsperimental Design} Geometry teachers! This is for you! Explore this wonderfully color-coded interactive diagram with your students. Enjoy my hard work!!! To create your own interactive triangle centers GeoGebra file, use the directions in the Google Docs document below. Preview is below. Emilie earned her Bachelors of Science in Mathematics at the University of Houston-Victoria. Math on the Web: Mathematics by Classifications Mathematical Awareness Month Math in the Media [Monthly magazine from the AMS] AMS Feature Column [Monthly essay from the AMS] MAA Online Columns Collection [Peterson, Devlin, Colm, Bressoud, Adams and Narayan, Sandifer, Morgan, Bogomolny, Peterson, Pegg] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Mathematics (The Sci.Math FAQ Team) Favorite Mathematical Constants , by Steven Finch; An online book and extensive collection of the author's "favorite" special numbers. Simon Plouffe's Tables of Mathematical Constants to millions of decimal places. The Erdos Component Page at Oakland U (Rochester, MI USA) - Information on the graph of collaboration in mathematics (J. John Baez's "This week's finds in mathematical physics" Math for Poets, Understanding Mathematics, and Gödel, Escher, Bach (J. International Congress of Mathematicians -- ICM 2002 Beijing Announcements International Congress of Mathematicians -- ICM 1998 Berlin Proceedings International Congress of Mathematicians -- ICM 1994 Zürich Abstracts

Math Delights - Coins in Twoland by Joshua Zucker, joshua.zucker at stanfordalumni dot org In Twoland, the only coins are the toonies: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, and so on. The law says you must always pay with exact change; only the banks are allowed to make change. In Twoville you must pay with zero, one, or two of each type of coin, never more than two. (If Twoville is too complicated for you, try Oneville where you can only pay with zero or one of each coin!) For instance, to pay 6 toonies, you could pay with: one 4 and one 2 (and zero 1s) one 4, zero 2s, and two 1s or two 2s and two 1s. You could describe the three legal ways to pay by writing them in English, as I just did. Another, shorter way to write the list of legal ways to pay might be like this: 110102 022 (or simply 22). Create a table with the list of ways to legally pay for items that cost 1 toonie, 2 tonnies, ..., 16 toonies in Twoville, remembering that you cannot use more than two of each coin. What about the amounts that are exactly one single coin?

Matematička takmičenja u Srbiji Can Math Make a Better Marathon? Less than two miles from the finish of last month’s Chicago Marathon, with the race finally narrowed to a neck-and-neck duel between two Kenyan runners, the NBC television commentators began placing their bets. It wasn’t a hard call. Abel Kirui, who hadn’t won a marathon since 2011, was visibly struggling, repeatedly falling behind and then clawing his way back. At one point, grimacing, he snatched a cup of water from a volunteer and dumped it over his head. Such moments are what make marathons fascinating to watch and their results impossible to predict. In theory, the pace that a runner can sustain in a marathon is a straightforward function of physiology—how well the heart can pump fresh blood through the arteries, how much energy the leg muscles burn, and so on. Noakes is now most famous for having abandoned the idea of physiological limits entirely. At the moment, the clearest example of the potential impact of real-time data comes from cycling.

Desmos Grapher Untitled Graph Create AccountorSign In powered by powered by functions $$π Create AccountorSign In to save your graphs! + New Blank Graph Examples Lines: Slope Intercept Form example Lines: Point Slope Form example Lines: Two Point Form example Parabolas: Standard Form example Parabolas: Vertex Form example Parabolas: Standard Form + Tangent example Trigonometry: Period and Amplitude example Trigonometry: Phase example Trigonometry: Wave Interference example Trigonometry: Unit Circle example Conic Sections: Circle example Conic Sections: Parabola and Focus example Conic Sections: Ellipse with Foci example Conic Sections: Hyperbola example Polar: Rose example Polar: Logarithmic Spiral example Polar: Limacon example Polar: Conic Sections example Parametric: Introduction example Parametric: Cycloid example Transformations: Translating a Function example Transformations: Scaling a Function example Transformations: Inverse of a Function example Statistics: Linear Regression example Statistics: Anscomb's Quartet example