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Eric Northman Eric Northman is a fictional character in The Southern Vampire Mysteries, a series of thirteen books written by New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris. He is a vampire, slightly over one thousand years old, and is first introduced in the first novel, Dead Until Dark and appears in all subsequent novels. Since the book series is told from the first person perspective of Sookie Stackhouse, what readers perceive of his character is influenced by what Sookie comprehends. Human Life[edit] Physical Description and Personality[edit] Eric is portrayed in the books as being somewhat arrogant, but having a true joie de vivre.[3] He is confident almost to a fault, once reprimanding a thug in the third book, Club Dead, for threatening Sookie and referring to her as his "future lover" although no potentially romantic relationship between Eric and Sookie yet existed.[4] He can be manipulative to suit his needs. Work and Position Within the Vampire Hierarchy[edit] Television portrayal[edit]

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Defiance (TV Series 2013– It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (TV Series 2005– ) After rewatching all the seasons: It's. Just. Awesome. Merlin (TV Series 2008– ) My So-Called Life My So-Called Life is an American teen drama television series created by Winnie Holzman and produced by Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz.[3][4] It originally aired on ABC from August 25, 1994, to January 26, 1995, and was distributed by The Bedford Falls Company with ABC Productions. Set at the fictional Liberty High School in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, it follows the emotional travails of several teenagers in the social circle of main character Angela Chase, played by Claire Danes.[5] The critically acclaimed but short-lived show ended in a cliffhanger with the expectation that it would be picked up for an additional season, but it was officially canceled on May 15, 1995. The show was praised for its portrayal of adolescence and the commentary of its central character, Angela. It was the first teen drama that didn't feel like an after-school special. Themes[edit] Characters[edit] Ratings[edit] Cancellation[edit] Episodes[edit] DVD and online release[edit] Soundtrack[edit]

Backstrom (TV series) Backstrom is an American crime comedy-drama television series developed by Hart Hanson based on the Swedish book series by Leif G. W. Persson.[1] The series is set in Portland, Oregon and filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia. The series premiered on January 22, 2015.[2] The first season's finale will air on April 30, 2015.[3] Backstrom centers on Everett Backstrom (Rainn Wilson), an "overweight, offensive, irascible" Portland Police Bureau detective lieutenant who is engaged in a constant struggle with his "self-destructive" tendencies, and is part of a team of eccentric criminologists. In July 2012, CBS greenlit a pilot episode to be produced for Backstrom.[16] The pilot for the series was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.[17] Backstrom has been met with mixed reviews from critics.

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