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Mind Mapping Apps - Top 1 - 6 of 6 Applications 1 to 6 based on popularity Mind mapping applications provide users with a space to layout and organize ideas into a coherent concept alone or by collaborating with others. AppAppeal ranks all mind mapping apps based on worldwide popularity. Popularity rank 5,560 AppAppeal rating 5/5 Pricing (p/month): $6.00 Free plan available Developpement - Web Site Developed in France, TVPaint Animation is the leading paperless drawing and animation tool, able to imitate traditional techniques such as Pen Brush, Gouache, Watercolour, Pencil, Felt-tip and Airbrush, and animate them over frames. Using only TVPaint Animation, you can create an animated movie from start to finish, including storyboarding and all the steps (rough, clean-up, keyframes and in-betweening) through to final compositing. Explore our website to learn more about TVPaint Animation and its renowned forefathers (TVPaint, Aura, Mirage...). You can also check out the amazing artwork in our Gallery, talk with us and other TVPaint Animation users on the Forum, and download the Trial Version.

Creating a glyph using spiro points Spiro is the work of Raph Levien, it provides an alternate method of designing a glyph using a set of on-curve points rather than the traditional mixture of on and off curve points used for bezier splines. There are 5 different types of spiro points G4 Curve Points (continuous up to the fourth derivative) G2 Curve Points (continuous up to the second derivative) Bascally this boils down to: If you have a sharp curve you are probably better off using a G2 point, while a more gentle curve would call for a G4.

Device Drivers The HyperNews Linux KHG Discussion Pages If you choose to write a device driver, you must take everything written here as a guide, and no more. I cannot guarantee that this chapter will be free of errors, and I cannot guarantee that you will not damage your computer, even if you follow these instructions exactly. It is highly unlikely that you will damage it, but I cannot guarantee against it. There is only one ``infallible'' direction I can give you: Back up! Back up before you test your new device driver, or you may regret it later. The Best Linux Distros On this page you will find the best Linux distros for various purposes. We've taken the effort to categorize them and picked only those we believe to be the best ones and which will most likely be useful to you. One of the most popular general-use distributions with one of the largest selections of software. Based on: Debian The most cutting-edge general-use distribution on a 6-month release cycle.

Guide to Twitter in the K-8 Classroom  Twitter, without a doubt, has become the social network for educators to take their professional development into their own hands. Twitter allows teachers to connect with other educators from around the world, join discussions related to their interests and have a steady stream of resources (to help them teach and learn) available to them whenever, whereever and however. Creating a network on Twitter has catapulted educators to be part of a connected world where learning happens anytime, help is only a tweet away, collaboration partners meet and communicate, conversations that directly or indirectly impact their physical lives take place 24/7. Twitter is helping educators gain many 21st century skills and literacies which could easily transfer to their classrooms. So the next question is…

11 Documentation The current project window (or current drawing space) is the one in which you will be able to express your artistic talents and create a wide variety of animated sequences. In the title bar at the top, the name of the Project, the name of the Clip, the zoom percentage, the the name of the current Layer and the number of the current frame will always be displayed. This window is called a "Timeline" by many users. Steps to creating a font... This tutorial is also available as a pdf version. If you wish to follow along with the tutorial, this bundle should provide you with the basic files you need. I shall not presume to teach aesthetics, I concentrate solely on the mechanics here. NOBLEMAN: Now this is what I call workmanship. There is nothing on earth more exquisite than a bonny book, with well-placed columns of rich black writing in beautiful borders, and illuminated pictures cunningly inset. But nowadays, instead of looking at books, people read them.

UserLevelDrivers - IA64wiki Most drivers are tightly bound into the kernel, either linked to it, or loaded as modules at runtime. Some drivers (notably XFree86's X server) run in user space, and map device registers, video memory, etc., into their own address spaces. By moving device drivers out of privileged kernel space into user space, their bugs can be contained. As of linux 2.6.0-test5, user processes can: mmap() /dev/mem to get at MMIO registers (not safe on all architectures) Use inb() etc., for ports below 65536 Read and write the PCI configuration space