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MacroHistory : World History Thinking like a genius: overview Thinking and recall series Problem solving: creative solutions "Even if you're not a genius, you can use the same strategies as Aristotle and Einstein to harness the power of your creative mind and better manage your future." The following strategies encourage you to think productively, rather than reproductively, in order to arrive at solutions to problems. Nine approaches to creative problem solving: Rethink! Exercise #2 illustrates how famous thinkers used these approaches. Exercise #1: illustrates applications of the nine approaches. Text of exercise:Nine approaches to creative problem solving: Rethink! Thinking and recall series Concentrating | Radical thinking | Thinking aloud/private speech | Thinking critically | Thinking critically | Thinking creatively | Mapping explanation | Make your own map I | Make your own map II | Thinking like a genius: Creative solutions | Famous thinkers | Selected thoughts

10 Search Engines to Explore the Invisible Web Not everything on the web will show up in a list of search results on Google or Bing; there are lots of places that their web crawlers cannot access. To explore the invisible web, you need to use specialist search engines. Here are our top 12 services to perform a deep internet search. What Is the Invisible Web? Before we begin, let's establish what does the term "invisible web" refer to? Simply, it's a catch-all term for online content that will not appear in search results or web directories. There are no official data available, but most experts agree that the invisible web is several times larger than the visible web. The content on the invisible web can be roughly divided into the deep web and the dark web. The Deep Web The deep web made up of content that typically needs some form of accreditation to access. If you have the correct details, you can access the content through a regular web browser. The Dark Web The dark web is a sub-section of the deep web. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Inside the Ghost Ships of the Mothball Fleet | Beyond the Photos For decades, dozens of forgotten Navy and merchant ships have been corroding in Suisun Bay, 30 miles northeast of San Francisco. These historic vessels—the Mothball Fleet—served their country in four wars: WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and Desert Storm. After a decade of impasse, the ghost fleet is slowly dwindling as the ships are towed out one-by-one for scrapping. Over a two-year period, several close friends and I gained unprecedented access to the decaying ships, spending several days at a time photographing, documenting, and even sleeping aboard them—often in the luxury of the captain’s quarters. History and Current State These ghost ships, part of the National Defense Reserve Fleet (NDRF) overseen by the U.S. The mothballed ships once numbered close to 400, and in 1959, 324 vessels still lined the waters of Suisun Bay. Many ships in the fleet served in World War II, including the historic USS Iowa, the last remaining U.S. lead battleship. Ticking Environmental Time Bombs

7 billion people and you: What's your number? Sources: All population data are based on estimates by the UN Population Division and all calculations provided by the UN Population Fund. The remaining data are from other sections of the UN, the Global Footprint Network and the International Telecommunications Union. Want to find out more? Notes on the data: Only birth dates after 1910 can be accommodated and only countries with populations of more than 100,000 people are included. Three country groupings - developed, developing and least developed - featured in the conclusions are those referenced by the UN for assessing the Millennium Development Goals. Read the answers to frequently asked questions here.

Welcome Massive Biometric Project Gives Millions of Indians an ID | Magazine In India, hundreds of millions of impoverished people have no ID—which means no bank account, credit, insurance, or government aid.Photo: Jonathan Torgovnik; Fingerprints: Getty The courtyard, just off a busy street in a Delhi slum called Mongolpuri, is buzzing with people—men in plastic sandals arguing with one another, women in saris holding babies on their hips, skinny young guys chattering on cheap cell phones. New arrivals take up positions at the end of a long queue leading to the gated entry of a low cement building. Every so often, a worker opens the gate briefly and people elbow their way inside onto a dimly lit stairway, four or five on each step. After a long wait, a lean woman in a sequined red sari, three children in tow, has finally made it to the head of the line. A neatly dressed middle-aged man leads the children to a nearby table, and a brisk young woman in a green skirt sits Kiran down at another. Now, for the first time, her government is taking note of her.

Free Audio Books A couple months ago when I wrote about investing time wisely and the concept of multiple positives many readers commented, saying that an excellent way to educate yourself and spice up an otherwise boring workout is listening to audio books and podcasts while you hit the gym. It also works great for beating the boredom while you’re stuck in traffic during your daily commute. To help you find the best audio content the web has to offer, I’ve compiled a list of resources for free audio books and podcasts on a wide range of interesting topics. Enjoy, and you if know of any good sites I’ve overlooked, please leave a link in the comments. Free Audio Books LibriVox, if you don’t know it already, is the king of free audio books. AudioBooksForFree also has a big catalog to sort through, with an emphasis on classic works, but a decent amount of mystery, sci-fi, and thriller as well. If you’re looking specifically for classics, FreeClassicAudioBooks is a nice little resource. Free Podcasts

Wiki Summarizer WikiSummarizer is a Web-based application specializing in automatic summarization of Wikipedia articles. Automatic summarization is the creation of a shortened version of a text by a computer program. The result is a summary that presents the most important points of the original text. A summary is a shorter version of the original information. WikiSummarizer automatically summarizes the Wikipedia articles. The blending of visualization with summarization, knowledge browsing, mind mapping provides you with a wide range of means to explore relevant content. All the summaries are stored in the WikiSummarizer knowledge base. In fact when we are summarizing, we are zipping through the whole content, homing in on the important chunks. With the ability to summarize web pages everybody can become an instant speed reader. You instantly see what the web page is about. You get more done in less time. The summarization helps with answering such questions as: The key benefits are: Yes.

100 Amazing How-To Sites to Teach Yourself Anything | Rated Colleges Posted by Site Administrator in Online Learning May 7th, 2009 Learning new skills and expanding your knowledge doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are loads of free resources on the Web that can help you find instructional videos, tutorials and classes to learn a wide variety of skills from fixing basic car problems to speaking another language. With 100 sites to choose from, you’re bound to find something here that will help you learn just about anything you could want. General Tutorials These sites offer a wide range of tutorials and videos. Around the House Want to know how to fix that broken cabinet or hang up some great wallpaper? Business and Management If you feel like you’re seriously lacking on business and management skills at work, no need to worry. KnowThis? Language and Writing Those who want to learn a new language, improve their writing skills or just learn more about literature will be well-served by these instructional sites. Technology Math S.O.S. Science Creativity

Antique Maps, Old maps, Vintage Maps, Antique Atlases, Old Atlases MONTCLAIR Bookstore | Montclair State University Bookstore | Save hours of time by using our textbooks by course feature. Rather than price hunt book by book, you select the courses you\'re enrolled in - we'll then find every book you need to purchase, as well as the cheapest online price for every book. Our textbooks by course feature searches every major online merchant to ensure that you not only get cheap books, but the cheapest books possible: used books, new books, ebooks, and textbook rentals are all provided in the search. Additionally, you can view seller reviews, shipping notes, and book condition notes to make sure that you find the best college textbooks possible. SwoopThat is a leading provider of textbooks by course and course search technology.

40 Places for College Students to Find Free Unabridged Books Online Jul 11, 2011 The cost of books can add up quickly for college students. Fortunately, there are a lot of great sites that offer free unabridged books online. Bartleby - Bartleby has one of the best collections of literature, verse and reference books that can be accessed online for no charge. Where to Find Free Audio Books Online The following websites offer free audio books online. Audio Literature Odyssey - Complete and unabridged novels, poems, short stories and literary podcasts read by voice actor Nikolle Doolin.

Tutorials | papernstitch Skip to navigation DIY Project & Tutorials I love making things! Below is a catalog of all the tutorials that can be found on the blog. Click the links below to view full tutorials. And if you’d like to sign up to receive weekly diy projects straight to your inbox, fill out the box below to get on the list. Get your weekly dose of diy now! easiest Valentine’s Day dessert // $2 mini (secret message) bouquet // ink blot gift bags DIY glitter ombre ornament DIY // stitched clutch giftable DIY // copper decal Christmas wall art merry and bright holiday wall art DIY // mid-century ornament decor piñata // wooden tree display shelf project fall/winter feather hair accessory // fringe piñata wreath DIY for Christmas // cinnamon stick Christmas trees DIY hand stamped holiday ribbon DIY // clay pumpkins for Halloween + Thanksgiving // mirrored glass party favors cat eye no-carve pumpkin DIY // batty Halloween party straws // festive fringe party bags for Halloween

The U.S. History section provides materials covering important themes and issues from the
colonial era to the present. The European History section, entitled "Modern Europe in a Global
Context," explores links between European and world history in the late nineteenth and
twentieth centuries. by nda_librarian Apr 30