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Tim's Free English Lesson Plans – Use them, share them, comment on them, and share my link in return.

Tim's Free English Lesson Plans – Use them, share them, comment on them, and share my link in return.

Related:  Lesson plansLesson PlansMustEnglish Blogs YouTube, as well as websites such as,, and, have an incredible assortment of guides on how to do almost anything, from cutting up onions to making paper airplanes. In this article, I’m going to explain how to adapt a video tutorial into a listening lesson for your ESL/EFL classes. How-to videos contain a number of features which makes them perfect for exploitation in the ESL/EFL classroom: authentic English with natural pronunciation content that relates to everyday life a wide range of topics that can be used images and (in some cases) titles and subtitles which make the meaning clearer the pleasure of learning a useful skill and new English vocabulary at the same time

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Mind maps – Free English Materials For You When one verb is followed by another, we use the -ing form or the infinitive (with or without to. The form of the second verb depends on the first verb ;-). Let’s learn them! I hope this post helps you :-). Macmillan Dictionary Blog On this page you will find a list of blogs, websites, podcasts, social media pages etc. we like. They are listed under the three main categories of learn English, live English and love English so you can find the most relevant and interesting ones more easily. learn English Lesson plans Functional language Mind-mapping social encounters – a generic lesson plan (shortlisted for Teaching English British Council Blog of the Month award). [worksheet] Listing advantages and disadvantages (A2). [worksheet] Lesson share: emailing (B1-B2). A lesson on writing work-related emails that won Onestopenglish Lesson Share competition for October 2016. [worksheet] Tell me about your favourite technology (B1).

Login to your Symbaloo The Benefits Of More Symbaloo PRO for education: Share webmixes with students and colleagues and utilize customizable options that are not available on free accounts. A simple landing page on your domain can link to different webmixes categorized by subject, grade, school, or anything else you can think of! Your custom domain Set your own domain as the homepage on all your school devices. FCE Knowledge Checks Archives - How to Pass the FCE Exam Prepositions are the topic of this knowledge check: Prepositions of time, place and movement, prepositions after verbs and nouns, prepositional phrases. We are looking at suffixes as well as relative clauses, participles, linking words and phrases, phrasal verbs with get. This knowledge check tests: Articles, determiners, countable and uncountable nouns, uncountable nouns ending in –s and collective nouns. The topic of this week’s knowledge check for the FCE exam is adverbs. As adverbs can be used to modify verbs, adjectives and sometimes even whole sentences, many students …

The 10 Best Websites to Improve Your Grammar and Writing Skills Whether you're a native English speaker or an English language learner, English grammar can be tricky to master. Take the example below: The young boy loved cooking his dog and going outside. Eek! With the simple omission of a properly placed comma, that sentence goes quickly from cute to macabre. A lesson, focused on character description, using an excellent app I recently did a lesson which had a focus on character description. For my starting point, I used the short film, ‘Junk’. You can find the video below (thank you to The Literacy Shed for finding this great resource): Next, I asked the students to describe the character Jasper to their talk partners.

Tips for Creating ESL/EFL Lesson Plans As an ESL teacher your lesson plan will be your most important tool; with one in hand you will be able to walk into your classroom with confidence, fully aware of what your lesson entails and how you’re going to teach it. Without one, unless you’re a very experienced teacher and you know the ropes, you’re likely to walk into your classroom and all chaos will ensue. Having a lesson plan will give you the confidence you need when you enter the classroom (which, as a new EFL teacher, is the key to smashing your first few lessons). Lesson plans can be pretty daunting at first, there’s so much to include; timings, aims, activities, interactions.

Useful FCE websites Here are all of the useful websites I can find to help students preparing for the Cambridge First Certificate exam. Please let me know if there are any broken links, or if you find something you think I should add. General Irregular Verbs Directions: Read the sentence below. Then choose the correct form of the verb to fill the blank. You might want to consult the rules before you make your choice! When Mom __________ out the kitchen rug, dog hair, bread crumbs, coffee grounds, and spaghetti noodles flew through the air and dusted the sidewalk. Home • Terms • Exercises • MOOC • Handouts • Presentations • Videos • Rules • About • Shop • Feedback

Pronunciation priorities Uh-oh! Here comes a ‘Teacher Pete thinking something through out loud’ moment. Tut. Lesson Plans Archives - Lesson Plans Digger The aim of this activity is for the students to practice their listening and speaking skills. It is suitable for any level, groups of 2 and more students. It is best used to create interest in the lesson topic or to close the class. Continue Reading …