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100+ Great Google Classroom Resources for Educators

100+ Great Google Classroom Resources for Educators
Google Classroom allows teachers to easily manage student work and teaching with Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Spreadsheets and anything Google. This handy tool has opened up the doors of blended learning and collaborative classrooms like never before. Teachers wanting to implement Google Classroom can use these resources to get started, level up their learning, or become a pro at all things Google. But there are so many sites! I’ve spent several weeks combing through resources and have picked some of my favorites. What are yours? I’ll keep updating this page as I add resources. Updated: March 17, 2017 Google Classroom Resources Tip: Use the #gafe hashtag for Google Certified innovators and educators (like me). Blog Posts TIP: The Google for Education Blog has the breaking announcements and information on Google Classroom. Interviews with Experts Tools to Help You Work with Google Classroom Websites A Google Classroom Symbaloo – Share this one with teachers who are getting started. Math Apps

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3 Major Classroom Updates Teachers Should Know about April 11, 2016 Over the last few weeks, Google Classroom has added a number of interesting features geared towards enhancing its overall functionality across different devices and platforms. For those of you who have missed any of these new releases below is a quick run-down of some of the main features that were recently added to Classroom. Click on the title of each feature to access more information on how to use it. 1- Create polls in Classroom This is an excellent feature we have covered in a previous post. Teachers are now able to ‘create polls for a wide variety of educational purposes including comprehension check in class and feedback gathering. 4 essential Google Drive add-ons Add-ons are a great way to give Google Drive’s productivity suite a little more horsepower. These four offer creative solutions for collaborating, automating document workflow, and mapping data and ideas. Give them a try, and push your productivity to new levels.

Google Classroom/GAFE About this webmix : Resources for integrating Google Apps for Education into your lessons and classroom management. Ideas for Math/Google Interesting Ways to Use Goog.. Google docs/Math ideas GAFE tutorials Using GAFE in Math Class Real World Math Using Flubaroo to Grade Math Equations in Goog Google Drive for Math GAFE-Digital Scoop Google Classroom The Paperless Classroom g(math) & Google Form Teaching Math with Google Presentations-Google Slides Interesting Ways to Use Goog.. Create a Form FROM Sheet Google Drive/Docs - Submit HW EdTechTeam: Math Apps + Goog.. Creating Classroom Discussio..

5 Reasons to use Google Classroom - The Styled Teacher - by Cate Hi guys! I’m Aris Rossi, the author behind the blog Sailing into Second! I am SO excited to be guest posting on Cate’s blog while she is away! Today I’ll be talking about my 5 reasons to use Google Classroom. Today I’ll be sharing the top 5 reasons why I love and use Google Classroom! We all know that our time is limited at school. New Polling Feature Added to Google Classroom Google Classroom has offered options for asking questions for quite a while. Today, Google released a new way to ask questions. You can now post multiple choice poll questions in your Google Classroom classrooms.

5 Gmail Hacks Every Teacher Should Know Share Tweet Email Tons of schools (and thereby teachers, administrators, and students are using some form of Gmail as their email service these days. Lesson Plan Ideas - IntegratorsGoogleResources Google Documents Challenge #1:1. Create a new document. 2. Insert a hyperlink and an image or drawing into your document. 3. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: A Step by Step Guide on How to Create Interactive Presentations Using The New Google Slides Features May 6, 2016 After posting about the new Slides’ Q&A feature, we received a couple of questions regarding its usage. So we created this visual guide to walk you through the process of integrating questions in your presentation. But let us firs start with a refresher about what Slides Q&A is all about.This is a new functionality that allows members of your audience to engage with your presentation by asking realtime questions while you are presenting.

Tips for Using Google Apps for Education to Create Digital Portfolios Google Apps for Education is a wonderful, collaborative program that allows students to create, collect, and curate artifacts of learning. While there is a wide variety of programs that can be used to create digital portfolios, here are four ways that the GAFE suite of programs can facilitate digital portfolio creation. What is A Digital Portfolio? A digital portfolio is a collection of artifacts of learning that demonstrate growth, acquisition of skills or knowledge, and student creativity over time. Too often, the focus lies more on gathering lots of content in a single location and publishing to the web. We want to think about it as more of a 4 step process designed to encourage deeper thinking and reflection.

60 Ways Math Teachers Can Use Google Classroom - Teacher Tech I have been asked by math teachers how they can use Google Classroom. Google Classroom is great for any subject area, especially math! Earlier I had posted on 5 ways Students Can Use Google Docs in Math. Create a Google Classroom Custom Header with Google Drawings Pinterest How to Create a Google Classroom Header Image Google Classroom is a great application for Google using educators and students to manage assignments, communicate and collaborate, and go paperless! Google has made great strides in updating this application based on the feedback submitted by educators like you. Google Classroom is only going to get better!