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Aide pour l'apprentissage de l'anglais

Aide pour l'apprentissage de l'anglais

Royal wedding A simple line-up is no longer enough How did it become a bride's rite of passage? How much work goes into a couture frock? Securing a designer name at a bargain price Why there are three people in today's lavish weddings Comedian's tips for Prince Harry's speech How royal weddings have changed Why is it such a dilemma? What's the point of a gift list? Have men always worn them? A simple line-up is no longer enough

Moving the Movement: Analyzing the Future of Occupy Wall Street Overview | What is the current status of the Occupy Wall Street movement? What effects has it had so far, and where is it going from here? In this lesson, students react to current news, read an Opinion piece about its role in history, and do an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the movement to make predictions about its future. Note to Teacher | This lesson involves students exploring and expressing their political views. Materials | Student journals, computer with Internet access and projector. Warm-Up | Ask students what they have heard about Occupy Wall Street, also sometimes known merely as “Occupy,” or “OWS,” and jot ideas on the board. Point out, if students have not done so, that police have cracked down on Occupy encampments in other places, including in Oakland, Calif. What questions does this latest news raise for them? Tell students that they will now express their views on the movement, regardless of how extensive their background knowledge may be. Economics 1.

elllo | English Listening Online Film Education | Home MLK Day Par Christine Reymond Martin Luther King Day est chaque année le 3ème lundi de Janvier, le plus proche du 15 janvier qui est sa date de naissance. Cette année ce sera lundi 16 janvier 2012. Attention ! A la une : « Anything is possible » rap Time For Kids propose ce rap où « Disney Channel star Roshon Fegan raps about famous firsts made by African Americans ». History of the Day L’histoire du jour avec une chronologie simple à comprendre (niveau A2) L’histoire plus complète avec des références (niveau B1) Remember that: - MLK Day is the only national holiday commemorating an African American. - MLK Day is not only a holiday, but a day of service. Day of service Le slogan de base est: "Make the holiday “A day ON, not a day OFF!”. Vous pouvez télécharger le logo : Biographies