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Cours Vidéo de mathématiques 4ème Encrypt Your USB Stick With Truecrypt 6.0 Last year I wrote an article on the benefits of encrypting your PC folders with Truecrypt and I also briefly touched on being able to encrypt your USB stick with Truecrypt. Well, the other day I received a nice new 2GB USB stick as a freebie and so I decided to install John Haller’s Portable Apps on it. But first I headed on over to the Truecrypt website to install the newly updated 6.0 encryption program. Encryption is absolutely essential, especially if you’re the kind of person that carries their USB stick around as if it’s your car keys or your lipstick. Also, look at it this way. The only problem with using Truecrypt for your encryption though is that you need to have administrator privileges on the computer in which you’re plugging your encrypted USB stick into. OK, let’s get insured. Step One – Download Truecrypt 6.0 The obvious first step. When the files are unpacked, move the whole lot over to your USB stick. Step Two – Turn Truecrypt Into “Traveller Mode” Step Six – In Summary

Cours Vidéo de Mathématiques 5ème Hidden Volume It may happen that you are forced by somebody to reveal the password to an encrypted volume. There are many situations where you cannot refuse to reveal the password (for example, due to extortion). Using a so-called hidden volume allows you to solve such situations without revealing the password to your volume. The layout of a standard TrueCrypt volume before and after a hidden volume was created within it. The principle is that a TrueCrypt volume is created within another TrueCrypt volume (within the free space on the volume). The password for the hidden volume must be substantially different from the password for the outer volume. A hidden volume can be mounted the same way as a standard TrueCrypt volume: Click Select File or Select Device to select the outer/host volume (important: make sure the volume is not mounted). TrueCrypt first attempts to decrypt the standard volume header using the entered password. Next Section >>

cours vidéos de mathématiques Uninstall Tool - Unique and Powerful Uninstaller, Uninstall Software, Remove Programs | CRYSTALIDEA Software Multilingual interface: English, Italian, German, Japanese, French, Swedish, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Brazilian, Danish, Norwegian, Greek, Polish, Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Czech, Croatian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Estonian, Latvian, Slovak, Lithuanian, Korean, Indonesian, Serbian, Belarusian, Georgian, Armenian, Azerbaijani Supported operating systems: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7/8 (including 64-bit systems) Other links: Support Forum | Reputed Customers | PAD file | Affiliate Program | Help Center | Frequently Asked Questions

Les premiers cours particuliers de maths retranscrits en vidéos ! Skwire Empire » ClipTrap ClipTrap Published by skwire on Thursday, September 30, 2010 Title: ClipTrapDescription: ClipTrap watches the clipboard and keeps track of copied text in its window. I initially wrote it for my workplace where we use terminal emulators (SecureCRT, PuTTY, etc.) constantly and often need to capture several successive bits of output from various routers, switches, and other devices on the network. I fleshed it out and prettied it up for the NANY 2010 promotion on DonationCoder.

LE CONCEPT MA DEUXIÈME ÉCOLE | Ma deuxième école Apprentissage 2.0 pour le collège Ma Deuxième É est un site d’accompagnement scolaire en ligne dédié aux élèves de collège. Nous nous adressons aux nouvelles générations avec les médias qu'elles aiment utiliser. Nos parcours pédagogiques multimédia inédits sont à la croisée de la web-série vidéo et du parcours e-learning habituellement réservé pour la formation professionnelle. Vidéos, exercices interactifs, fiches mémoire, travaux collaboratifs, coaching à distance : tout est mis en œuvre pour que l’élève trouve du plaisir et de l’efficacité dans un apprentissage 2.0. Nos parcours sont écrits par des professeurs en exercice. NOS OBJECTIFS : • Proposer une alternative sérieuse aux cours particuliers trop chers, pour rendre le soutien scolaire accessible à tous ;• Redonner aux élèves l’envie de travailler grâce à des supports multimédia et interactifs, et permettre à chacun de progresser à son rythme. Voir les maths autrement