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Create your own books online for free - Cliptomize

Create your own books online for free - Cliptomize

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25 Critical Thinking Apps For Extended Student Learning - 25 Critical Thinking Apps For Extended Student Learning by TeachThought Staff Critical thinking apps aren’t the sweet spot of mobile app design. 34 Smart Ideas For Using Smartphones In The Classroom 34 Smart Ideas For Using Smartphones In The Classroom 34 Ways Ideas For Smartphones In The Classroom By Category by John Hardison first appeared on In continuation of last week’s article, Part 1: 44 Better Ways to Use Smartphones in Class, here is a new list of thirty-six additional ideas to help leverage the power of these tech gadgets in the learning environment. In this blog post, I have attempted to avoid any redundancies. Please join me in helping educators everywhere creatively use smartphones by contributing any overlooked uses and supportive responses via this survey. 34 Smart Ideas For Using Smartphones In The Classroom

How is Class Messenger different than Remind 101 (now ‘Remind’)? First, we don’t like to talk about other products a whole lot especially another startup. They work just as hard as we do and have the best of intentions. They also, we’re sure, have smart people and think what they are doing is the best possible solution when it comes to communication. Eight easy science experiments that you can do with your kids Recently, children’s science parties have become very popular. Kids simply adore these magical, interesting, and fun experiments! But don’t fear, setting up these experiments isn’t challenging at all.

Simply 2nd Resources: Project of the Day (inspired by Pinterest) I saw this amazing craft and knew I just had to do it. Can I just say that Pinterest is great? I know we are all loving it right now. Amazing! Anyway, I decided these would be a great homework incentive. I thought about doing Homeworkopoly, but I wasn't completely sold on that idea. Scotland To Construct World's Largest Floating Wind Farm The International Energy Agency recently announced that the world is on track to produce 26% of its energy demands from clean, renewable energy sources by the end of the decade. Each of the Scandinavian countries has proudly advertised initiatives to boost their renewable energy-generating capacity, and now Scotland is about to follow suit: its government has declared that it has approved the construction of the U.K.’s first floating offshore wind farm. Not only that, but it’ll be the biggest in the world. The new development, called Hywind, is to be installed 25 kilometers (16 miles) off Scotland’s easternmost point by the Norwegian energy company Statoil.

Best EdTech Websites of 2014 It's been a busy year here at the Common Sense Graphite Websites desk! Throughout 2014, we rated and reviewed hundreds of websites for their learning potential, using our research-backed rubric and rigorous process of evaluation. Because it was just too hard to pick only 10, here are 14 fantastic edtech websites we reviewed this year. How about that -- 14 for 2014! Big History Project This forward-thinking curriculum blends history, the humanities, critical thinking, and science for a fascinating look at life’s bigger questions. Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Verbs [Infographic] When using Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy (a revised take on Bloom’s devised by educator Andrew Churches), it helps to have a list of verbs to know what actions define each stage of the taxonomy. This is useful for lesson planning, rubric making, and any other teacher-oriented task requiring planning and assessment strategies. The Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy verbs in this handy infographic apply specifically to each stage of the taxonomy. They progress from LOTS (lower-order thinking skills) to the HOTS (higher-order thinking skills). According to Churches on his wiki Edorigami, “Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy describes many traditional classroom practices, behaviours and actions, but does not account for the new processes and actions associated with Web 2.0 technologies …” This means the verbs listed below are applicable to facilitating technology use in the modern classrooms. A Quick Reference Tool for Bloom’s Taxonomy Verbs

Use the Impossible to Fail Quiz to Give Students Instant Remediation Does your gut (and your assessment) tell you some students didn’t get it the first time you taught it? Would you like to give students remediation exclusively for concepts they don’t understand? Isn’t it impossible to deliver precise remediation to each student in your classroom? 5 Quick and Easy ways to use YouTube in class with the sound turned off! - Teach English Spain YouTube is a wonderful resource for language teachers and learners. When I mention this to trainee teachers, many of them assume I am only talking about YouTube clips which have been specifically created for language learners. When this happens, I’ll show them a few simple ways to use authentic YouTube clips for speaking practice. These activities can be used if you have access to interactive whiteboards, desktop projectors, laptops or let your learners use their mobile devices in class.