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Apple braid

Apple braid
Hi all, I’m Rachael from La Fuji Mama and am tickled to have been asked by Jenna to share one of my crazy concoctions here on Eat, Live, Run! Jenna is very brave! I’ve had apples on the brain lately, partially due to these three handsome little fellas sitting on my counter top waiting for me to decide what they would become. I love a good apple pie, but wasn’t really in a pie mood. Then, when I woke up one morning craving homemade bread, inspiration struck. Apples + Homemade Bread = An Apple Braid! tossed them with cinnamon, sugar, and lemon juice and threw them in the oven to start cooking while I made the dough for the braid. When the dough was ready, I rolled it out into a big rectangle, then cut each side into strips. The finished braid went onto a baking sheet into the oven until it was a nice light golden brown. The whole process is much more enjoyable if you have a sous chef to help out. Apple Braid Makes 1 bread (approximately 12 servings) Print this recipe! For the Apple Filling

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Cheesecake Strawberry Print Friendly Version Bookmark It! Print Friendly Version Log in to bookmark! Photo by: Nutmeg Nanny Sweet Thai Chili SauceWith some KICK I’m not some nutjob you know. I do, on occasion, buy preprepared foods. Frozen stuff. And stuff in bottles. That kind of thing. We don’t eat a lot of it, mainly because I don’t like how it tastes. Hot Apple Dumplings are like Hot Apple Pies - Free - Back Roads Living Hot Apple Dumplings are soooo good! These are delicious with Ice cream, Whipped Topping, etc! Melt in your mouth cooking! The Best Broccoli of Your Life November 10, 2008 | By Adam Roberts | 370 Comments [Hi, I'm Adam Roberts, The Amateur Gourmet. You're about to read the most popular post I've ever written in the ten year history of my blog. If you enjoy it, and want more posts like it, give me a follow on Twitter or Facebook. You won't regret it. OK, now for the best broccoli of your life.]

Soul Sweet ‘Taters Well, shiver me timbers. Long ago, I had shared the final photo and printable recipe for my all-time favorite sweet potato dish. It’s called Soul Sweet ‘Taters, and my mother and aunt used to make it every Thanksgiving during my childhood on the golf course. It’s technically a side dish…but if the world was a logical place, it would fall under the category of desserts. It’s sweet, crunchy, beautiful…but has that lovely sweet potato flavor that’s deliciously unmistakable. Better Than a Silver Packet: DIY Cream Cheese » Wonderland Kitchen The deeper I dig into DIYing basic household foods such as rice milk or nut butters, the weirder I sometimes feel about sharing those processes here. Sure, a recipe for homemade cereal bars might come in handy, but a lot of these typical grocery store items–from tahini to garlic powder–end up being pretty simple to produce from scratch in the average kitchen when all is said and done. So perhaps you might think of these posts as more of a Pinterest board of reminders or inspirations when it starts to feel like everything you buy has soy lecithin and whey derivatives added. Sure, you can toss readymade items into your shopping basket as needed, but if you have a few minutes and don’t like the ingredient list on a given product, you can probably whip up your own with a few pantry staples.

Foolproof Peanut Butter Fudge {2 ingredients!} Foolproof Peanut Butter Fudge {2 ingredients!} This Foolproof Peanut Butter Fudge is super quick and easy to make. And it uses just two ingredients. How awesome is that?! I’ll admit that I’m a skeptic when it comes to recipes that brag about using just a few ingredients, while promising that the finished product actually tastes good.

Umeboshi Ume On The Tree Every year in early June, after the last of the spring rains have fallen and the fruit of Prunus mume have begun to blush, we head over to the North side of town where a long time customer has a tree. Ume, the fruit of the Prunus mume tree, is commonly referred to as a plum. Fried Cheesecake Roll-Ups - Brown Sugar Man, I just keep your mouths watering huh? Okay, have you ever had Fried Cheesecake? I did a long time ago at Longhorn Steakhouse and I can’t remember what I was amazed with more; that I was eating fried Cheesecake or the flavor? Maybe it was a bit of both. Guest Post: Pickled Beets with Honey from Camille Storch Oh friends, do I have a treat in store for you today! It’s a guest post from writer, woodworker, avid canner, and mom of two, Camille Storch. She writes about ecology, agriculture, community, and the reality of her family’s joyful, off-the-grid life in rural Western Oregon on her blog, Wayward Spark.

How To Make Perfect Cheesecake — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn Cheesecake should never be a source for anything except pure bliss. Not distress. Not frustration.