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English to go - English lessons, Learn English, Teach English, Lesson plans, ESL resources, ESL reading

English to go - English lessons, Learn English, Teach English, Lesson plans, ESL resources, ESL reading

Free English Grammar Lessons and Tests Online Liste de sites utiles pour les enseignants d'anglais Un article de Wiki Agreg-Ink. La page est en cours de réorganisation. Les rubriques seront classées par ordre alphabétique et non par ordre d'importance. Compréhension orale (Listening) Compréhension écrite (Reading) ESL short stories Expression Orale ( Speaking) Logiciels pour la prononciation : Text To Speech Expression Ecrite (Writing) Language Learning Resource CenterETC clipart : Cliparts éducatifs et gratuits. Il existe aussi des listes de discussion académiques. Le Café Pédagogique, toute l'actualité y est et vous pouvez vous inscrire à la lettre mensuelle pour les profs de langue ou aux flux RSS!

Orell Digital Language Lab (ODLL) :: Communication Skills Lab Software Split Infinitives : Grammar Girl You may have heard a rule that you shouldn't split infinitives, but I'm here to tell you it's not a real rule, and the idea itself is based on a shaky foundation. What Are Infinitives? To understand split infinitives, we first have to clearly define the word “infinitive.” Wikipedia defines “infinitive” as the unmarked form of a verb (1), but you really need examples to understand what that means. In English, there are two kinds of infinitives: bare infinitives and full infinitives. go sprinkle run split Full infinitives are made up of two words, usually putting the word “to” in front of the bare verb: to go to sprinkle to run to split What Is a Split Infinitive? The safest choice is to avoid splitting infinitives. A split infinitive puts an adverb between the two parts of the full infinitive. If you want to remember what a split infinitive is, just remember what might be the most famous example: Star Trek's “to boldly go where no one has gone before.” Should You Split Infinitives?

English as a Second Language (ESL) Lesson plans & ideas for teachers: eslflow index & home page Primary Source Materials & Document Based Questions Primary Source Materials & Document Based QuestionsAn Internet Hotlist on Document Based Questions created by Paula GoldsteinNassau BOCES Introduction | Primary Source Materials | Document Based Questions | Assessments | General Resources | Constructed Response Questions Introduction Don't depend on someone else's interpretation of a document. Read it yourself and draw your own conclusions. Document based questions (DBQs) are a major focus in schools today.

Free Books - 50 Places to Find Free Books Online Mar 18, 2011 Free books can be found everywhere--if you know where to look. Below you'll find 50 places offering free books online, including fiction and nonfiction ebooks, audio books, poetry, reference books and even free textbooks. Free Fiction and Nonfiction Books Authorama - You can find more than 100 free books from a variety of different authors on Authorama. Free Education Books and Textbooks Free Tech Books - This site offers a wide range of free computer science and programming textbooks, lecture notes and ebooks. Free Reference Books Bartleby - Reference books on every topic imaginable, including literature, government, anatomy, mythology and religion. Free Audio Books Books Should Be Free - This site is a great place to find free fiction and nonfiction.

ESL Teacher Resources, Job Boards, and Worksheets Digital Rain Factory: Creating a Storytelling Culture for Organizations