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VoodooPad Tabs Open pages in multiple tabs, all in the same window. Support for big documents Stuff gigabytes of data inside a VoodooPad document, it won't mind. Embed images, PDFs, and other types of files. VoodooPad can embed files such as images, PDFs, mp3s, and most other types of files as well. Print to VoodooPad PDF Service Print from any application as a PDF, and stick it in VoodooPad for safe keeping. Script plugins Script Plugins are an easy way to extend the functionality of VoodooPad. Palettes Find your backlinks, pages list, tags, recently viewed pages, and document info quickly and easily. Text styles Create, manage, and apply custom text styles available from a floating palette or the menubar - all within VoodooPad. Merge and split Merge two VoodooPad documents together using the import menu option, or split pages from a document into a new file to slim things down a bit. Events Item meta Web server Full screen editing Web export Intelligently export your pages as HTML documents. Tags Sketch Encryption

iPad App Review Marathon Live Mariner Write Elegantly efficient and powerful, Mariner Write has everything you will need to turn out great looking documents. Whether you’re a professional writer, educator, student or an average sort, Write has all the functionality needed to be your go-to word processing app. From the get-go – designed for the Mac Mariner Write is no "after-thought" or retooled product. Did you want the kitchen sink? Or do you want 41 kinds of Word Art? Flexibility is key Mariner Write offers all the flexibility that even the most advanced users need. "Mariner Write has everything I need in a word processor — it’s small, fast, and beautiful." But, we can play well with others We understand that other areas in the space-time continuum use other word processing products. Now, here’s a deal! So what more do you need? And anything the competition can dish out too.

The iPad - For Absolute Beginners Hello Everyone,For many, the iPad is the first computer that they really feel comfortable using. Since I’ve been here, I’ve seen a lot of “for absolute beginners” questions. I hope to answer them as best I can here. (Note, music is a little different, read the "Further Reading" for more info) 9) What can’t I do?

StoryMill Writing a great novel doesn't just happen, it is designed. It is thought out. It takes a writer who has discipline, creativity and open-mindedness. Writing is a creative process and like all creative processes, sometimes it's hard to get started. But ask any writer, once you get into "the zone" you can write forever. Introducing StoryMill 4 Take your idea for mystery, romance, adventure, action or science fiction and turn it into that novel you know is within but just needs a little help getting out. Let's take a peek inside StoryMill is incredibly flexible – use it as your no-nonsense place to write and revise using its distraction-free full screen and powerful annotations, or as your complete database of every character, location and scene that makes up your novel. Have Timeline, will travel The Timeline View is all new. "Each time I delve deeper into StoryMill and take more full advantage of its abundant resources, the writing process just gets simpler and simpler."

Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad/iPad2 StoryWeaver Overview A Step by Step Approach StoryWeaver is a step by step approach to story development that takes you from concept to completion of your novel or screenplay. An Intuitive Path from the Co-creator of Dramatica Seven years in the making, the StoryWeaver™ System is a revolutionary new intuitive approach to story development from Melanie Anne Phillips, author of The Story Mind and co-creator of Dramatica® Over 200 Interactive Story Cards™ Follow the carefully crafted path of 200 interactive Story Cards™ and every step of the way you'll know exactly what to do, and what to do next. Each card focuses on a different important story point, and contains a wealth of information as well as tips & tricks for using that dramatic element in your story. You Build on Your Own Work Along the way, StoryWeaver automatically references the work you've done on previous Story Cards, so you are always drawing on and refining what you've already created. An Intuitive Approach to Structure Reviews Features

Research and Writing on the iPad - IT’s Academic Topic: Tools for Text Analysis in the Humanities Speaker: Ben Johnston Time: Thursday, April 3, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PMLocation: New Media Center, 130 Lewis Library, First Floor Lunch will be provided. To register for this session: (Registration is not required for attendance, however refreshments may be limited) A sequel to last semester’s ‘Tools for Text Analysis in the Humanities’, this session will give participants a brief yet hands-on introduction to NLTK, the Natural Language Toolkit. SpeakerBen Johnston is manager of OIT’s Humanities Resource Center in East Pyne. Presentation co-sponsored with Digital Humanities Initiative at Princeton (DHI).

Ommwriter How the iPad 2 Became My Favorite Computer My iPad 2 and ZaggFolio, in the press room at IFA in Berlin, September 2011. Can the iPad replace a PC? Ever since Apple announced its tablet nearly two years ago, the Internet has been awash in discussion of this question. Most of it has had a pretty theoretical feel and has gravitated towards conventional wisdom. Whether you can replace your laptop with an iPad is going to depend on what your needs are. I respectfully disagree with Shanklin. This hasn’t been one of those experiments-for-the-sake-of-experimentation in which someone temporarily forsakes a PC for another device in order to write about the experience (like, say, this). If this startles you, I understand. It all started in August. Without the ZaggFolio, I used the iPad mostly for reading and light productivity. (Side note: The ZaggFolio I bought was part of an early production run that was defective–its clasp didn’t shut securely. Blogsy, my go-to iPad blogging app. Okay: The Zagg keyboards are good.

WriteRoom "But if, when it comes right down to it, full screen is your holy grail, and the ultimate antidote to the bric-a-brac of Word, then you must enter the WriteRoom, the ultimate spartan writing utopia."— Virginia Heffernan, New York Times "Unlike practically everything else in our digital lives, WriteRoom's minimalist interface implies a truly flattering proposition: It's you, not the software, that matters."— Jeffrey MacIntyre, Slate "Green text on a blank, black screen, with a square, blinking cursor. "WriteRoom’s minimalist interface also frees you from the nagging urge to fiddle with margins, fonts, and other settings, leaving you with nothing to do but write "It’s a primitive application, to be sure — I suspect completely by design — but it may be just what the doctor ordered if you need to get your head out of your butt and put some words on the page. "A perfectly balanced, indispensable part of any Mac writer’s toolkit

Using the iPad as your main computer Over at Technologizer, Harry McCracken has posted his thoughts on how the iPad 2 has become his favorite computer, and number one device for professional content creation. Something he's been using it for for the last 3 months. With the iPad [...] you can devote nearly every second of your time to the task at hand, rather than babysitting a balky computer. I don’t feel like I’m “using an iPad to write.” I know I gravitate to my iPad for the more mundane stuff like reading emails, looking up information, responding to SMS with iMessages, and writing up this blog post. McCracken, however, uses his iPad 2 with a hardware keyboard and likes it better than his MacBook Air for computing on-the-go because of the built in 3G connectivity and much longer battery life. Source: Technologizer