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Descriptive Video Version Startup Weekends are weekend-long, hands-on experiences where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can find out if startup ideas are viable. On average, half of Startup Weekend’s attendees have technical or design backgrounds, the other half have business backgrounds. Beginning with open mic pitches on Friday, attendees bring their best ideas and inspire others to join their team. Over Saturday and Sunday teams focus on customer development, validating their ideas, practicing LEAN Startup Methodologies and building a minimal viable product. Call us biased, but we think that there are dozens of reasons why you should come to a Startup Weekend! Education: Startup Weekends are all about learning through the act of creating. Build your network: This isn’t just a happy-hour. Co-Founder Dating: We all know it’s not just about the idea – it’s about the team. Learn a new skill: Step outside of your comfort zone. Related:  DESIGNEvénements innovants

Ce que voulez vraiment dire quand vous utilisez des emojis Un petite tête jaune et toute ronde avec des coeurs à la place des yeux. Une autre qui verse des torrents de larmes. Un simple coeur rouge. Ces symboles, vous les connaissez : ce sont les emoji et ils pullulent dans vos SMS, emails et autres tweets. S’ils ne datent pas d’hier, leur usage a récemment explosé, notamment lorsqu’ils ont été introduits sur les claviers iOS en 2011 et Android en 2013. Selon une étude publiée samedi 2 mai, les Français utilisent des emoji dans la moitié de leurs messages sur Instagram, soit le deuxième pays sur le podium après la Finlande. Aujourd’hui, les emoji sont partout, de la mode - emotiKarl, l’application d’emoji à l’effigie de Karl Lagerfeld et à celle de sa chatte Choupette - à la variété - le clip "Roar" de Katy Perry - en passant par l'associatif - la dernière campagne de WWF - jusqu’aux rangs de la politique. Enfin, le "Guardian" a choisi de traduire tout le discours de Barack Obama sur l’état de l’Union. et les smileys à base de ponctuation ;-)).

Rennes Lean Startup Machine What is Lean Startup Machine? The biggest risk in starting a business is not being able to acquire customers. LSM is a 3-day workshop that teaches you how to build something customers want and run the right experiments to steer your business in the right direction. Is Lean Startup Machine a hackathon? No. Who's behind Lean Startup Machine? LSM was started by Trevor Owens in 2010 when he realized there was a smarter way to build businesses. What is Lean Startup Machine's relationship with Startup Weekend? We have no official relationship. What is Lean Startup Machine’s relationship with Eric Ries? Eric Ries is an advisor to Lean Startup Machine and we license the Lean Startup trademark. Can I participate if I don’t already have a team? Yes. Can I participate if I don’t already have an idea? Yes. Can I participate without previous startup or technology experience? Yes. Do you recommend participants bring an existing idea or start with a new idea? What if I still want to work on an existing idea?

How to Organize a BarCamp – Tips and Pointers | PodCampWest Many thanks to Chris Messina for sharing the links and tips on how to organize the BarCamp style unconference. I thought I should share these links so the other folks organizing the PodCamps could benefit. Here are the links: BarCamp Google group: And here are some excellent step by step how to’s and do’s and don’ts. rcamp-in-your-city/ Christopher S. Here is the link: [Pinging search engines here] Pingomatic , a2b , feedster , yahoo rpc , yahoo , blogdigger , blogshares , blogsnow , blogstreet , coreblog , blogs , feedburner , syndic , weblogalot , popdex , blogrolling , technorati , weblogs , topic exchange , pubsub , my yahoo , moreover Like this: Like Loading...

About | Big Ideas Fest Leading the Education Revolution. Big Ideas Fest convenes all education stakeholders in redesigning the future of education. ISKME's annual event is an extraordinary immersion into collaboration and design that focuses on transformational change in K-20 education. Creative doers and thinkers from diverse levels of education gather to learn from and share with each other. Breaking down silos and empowering champions, Big Ideas Fest places learning at the front and center of all that we do. The participants are inspirational. Big Ideas Fest believes answers and innovation are all around us. Big Ideas Fest's unique format includes RapidFire talks from leading innovators; interactive networking with education's movers and shakers; and Action Collab design-thinking labs that engage groups to brainstorm, prototype, and ultimately create scalable solutions to cumbersome issues in education.

Dining club for designers, entrepreneurs and friends VP of Chatroulette, Founder of Dreamitize Machine learning software engineer @ MIT Generalist Programmer, physicist, recovered mathematician, tech house lover and amateur rock climber who dabbles with high-dimensional statistics and its applications to NLP, music and art I'm a musician & music tech product designer currently practicing my craft at the Startup Institute. I studied interaction design & computing in the arts at Cornell University, digital art & new media at UC Santa Cruz. Art director / motion designer / interface designer. Ruby on Rails developer. Blogger, Designer, Marketer, Foodie, Yogi, Loves multi-purposeful design, salty + sweet, long Ted Talks on the beach. Founder of Founder of a data visualization company. Associate Analyst at Greystone Inc. - Real Estate Financing Investment Firm. Technical marketer, and community manager with interest in content creation and a passion for education and music. Software and internet Entrepreneur.

Free Font Aller by Dalton Maag Ltd This license can also be found at this permalink: This Dalton Maag Ltd Free Licence Agreement becomes a binding contract between the Licensee and Dalton Maag Ltd when the Licensee commences a Font Software download, or if the Licensee is acquiring Font Software on a permanent medium, when the Licensee opens the package in which the software is contained. If the Licensee does not wish to be bound by the Agreements, the Licensee cannot access, use or download the Font Software. Please read all of the Agreement before agreeing to be bound by its terms and conditions. This Free Licence Agreement supplements, and should be read in conjunction with, the standard Dalton Maag End User Licence Agreement version 1.2. 1 You, the Licensee, are granted the right by Dalton Maag to Use the Aller Font Family, Standard Edition under the terms set out in the EULA. 4 Dalton Maag will provide no technical support under this Free Licence Agreement.

MakeSense pour les nuls #1 : LE HOLD UP | WEDOGOOD 1 octobre 2013 Un hold up pour WEDOGOOD ! Mais que s’est-il passé le 21 septembre ? Samedi 21 Septembre 2013, 20 personnes se sont mobilisées pour résoudre le défi de WEDOGOOD. La mission : Trouver en moins de 2 heures une solution concrèteLe problème posé : Comment inciter les membres de la plateforme WEDOGOOD à nous signaler les projets à impact positifs qu’ils connaissent ? Un hold up, c’est ça : une session de créativité animée par des membres de la communauté MakeSense, réunissant des intéressés pour aider les entrepreneurs sociaux ! 20 bénévoles donnent 2 heures de leur temps pour aider un entrepreneur. Ils sont intéressés par l’entrepreneuriat social et veulent participer à son développement;Ils ont entendu parlé de MakeSense et ont aimé l’ambiance et l’énergie qui s’en dégagent;Ils aiment stimuler leur cerveau;Ils sont venus pour le verre que tout le monde prendra après la séance et se sont fait embarquer dans l’aventure. Déroulement de la séance : Les questions peuvent être du type :

barcampboston : Message: Help organize BarCamp Boston 7 Hey friends, We have Microsoft NERD reserved on April 7th & 8th for BCB 7 -- time to get together and figure out the details for this year's awesome event! I'd love to welcome back previous organizers and invite new ones to join us. People with all skills are welcome. If you can dedicate a bit of your spare time over February and March, take a second to let us know when you might be able to make this year's first organizers dinner, at Cinderella's in Central Square, Cambridge. ~Jay

Phixr - Online Photo Editor 5 Key Ingredients for a Great Motion Design We recently featured a vastly informative article on the 12 Basic Principles of Animation in Motion Design, a great resource for those interested in the animation design process. For those looking to get their hands dirtier in motion and animation design, but lack some of the know-how, HOW Design University offers a beginner-level course that expounds upon those basic principles. The Motion Graphics and Animation course covers the elements that make great animation design and how to use Adobe After Effects to make a vision a reality. Here is a modified excerpt from the course, with examples hand-picked by HOW Staff: 1) Story: There are several uses of story in animation. Commissioned for the Holocaust Memorial Memory Makers Project, this video tells a compelling and heart-wrenching true story. Note: The video below explores mature themes. Bettine Le Beau – A Lucky Girl from GRIFF 2) Environment: You need an environment or a believable space. Elements of Design from matt greenwood

CollaBIOratif (2/3) : Qu’est-ce qu’une conférence collaBIOrative ? Numérique, technologies, innovation… Notre monde se complexifie chaque jour. De nombreux moyens d’accéder à l’information se développent pour nous permettre d’entretenir ou de développer notre compréhension de la complexité. Mais la connaissance augmente et évolue plus rapidement que notre capacité à l’appréhender. Dans une société de l’information, conserver un niveau de compréhension profond et partagé est un défi. Pour collaborer, experts et non-experts ont besoin d’une compréhension partagée minimum. La conférence est un des moments privilégiés d’acquisition de ces connaissances nouvelles. Dans une conférence classique, un expert parle, le public écoute. Comment créer un format qui permette de s’assurer que le public participe à la conférence ? Permettre à des experts, des curieux et des passionnés de réfléchir ensemble… telle est l’ambition de la conférence collaBIOrative. Imaginer une conférence inversée Dans une conférence inversée, l’expert est mêlé aux participants. 1.

Dummies Guide to organizing a BarCamp in your city… — amit ranjan Since DelhiBarCamp , I’ve received a wide variety of queries about the event. They are coming from all quarters– people who want to organize BarCamp in their city and wish to learn from our experience; people who have heard of BarCamp before and want to explore it further; also people who have never heard of it before and would much rather believe that BarCamp is a crash course for aspiring bartenders. So here’s a back-to-the-basics guide about organizing a BarCamp in your city. This post is essentially a brain dump, where I’ve tried to pass on our learning’s from organizing DelhiBarCamp. What’s BarCamp - it’s an ‘unconference’; its open and free; it’s organized bottoms-up instead of top-down; anybody can organize it and anybody can attend it; it mostly has first time speakers rather than celebrity speakers ; more on it in this link History of BarCamp - check out this link to learn the politics behind its inception Three things that will help ‘ lower the bars ‘ for potential speakers