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Ordinary People Series

Ordinary People Series

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Biblical Ministries Worldwide - Tentmaking/BAM In recognition of the biblical basis for tentmaking/business as mission, Biblical Ministries Worldwide affirms this method as a viable strategy for fulfilling the Great Commission. While great care must be exercised in the examination of a biblical basis for this strategy, entrepreneurial activity is clearly demonstrated and modeled in the lives of prominent men and women of God in the Scriptures. The Apostle Paul supported himself and his colleagues through his tentmaking skills. A native of Tarsus, known for its unique and high quality tents, Paul’s tentmaking skills provided immediate credibility and employment wherever he went. His educational credentials combined with a cross-cultural background also provided him with strategic opportunities to spread the gospel. The Apostle Paul stated three reasons for supplementing his support from churches through tentmaking:

Triple Bottom Line #1: A BAM business will be profitable and sustainable The Triple Bottom Line is a guiding force for the Business As Mission (BAM) movement. This is the first of a 3-part series briefly examining the meaning of each of the three bottom lines that drive BAM businesses, starting with Triple Bottom Line #1: For most of the 20th century businesses and MBA programs would answer the question, “What is the goal of your business?” with a simple response, “to maximize shareholder value” or “to make a profit”. However, the real goal of business is more importantly to serve others and bring glory to God.

God's Love through Low Prices Name: Myron D. Stoltzfus Sr. Title: Business Partner & VP at Denver Wholesale Foods Business as Mission - Lausanne Movement The Lausanne Business as Mission (BAM) issue network asks the question, ‘How can we shape business for God and for good—among all peoples?’ We have had two global think tank processes: Global BAM think tank #1 (2002-2004) and #2 (2011-2014). The first one consisted of more than 70 people from all continents. Most came from a business background but there were also church and mission leaders, educators, theologians, lawyers, and researchers.

Business as Mission Resource Team - YWAM Thailand Championing the role of business in God’s plan for the world We serve the business as mission community globally by creating and curating resources, nurturing networks and developing training: Training – conferences and courses that equip people for business as missionNetworking – connecting people to people and people to resources so that the work is more effectiveResourcing – we create new resources and help people discover other resources from across the BAM community

Business as Mission with Chinese Characteristics Business as mission is an increasingly popular ministry approach, particularly in areas and regions that are not open to more traditional types of missionary work. Joe Maxwell, writing for Christianity Today in 2007, gives an excellent overview: BAM practitioners use business ventures not only to make a financial profit, but to act as an avenue for the gospel. They administer their companies like any Christian running a business: ethically, honestly, and with concern for the business's neighbors.

Business as Mission Adapted and excerpted from the BAM Global Think Tank report on BAM at the Base of the Pyramid. The story of THRIVE Farmers Coffee begins with a family farm at the brink of failure. Alejandro Garcia’s Costa Rican coffee farm was at substantial risk of failure, so he became determined to do something about it. He left the five-generation family farm to go work in the United States where he saved $40,000 over two years working in a family-style buffet restaurant in the Amish country. Alejandro (Alé) came back home, invested his hard-earned money in coffee processing equipment, and by so doing, changed the trajectory of the coffee farming business. The key was a chance meeting with Ken Lander, an American who had retired to Costa Rica and bought a coffee farm.

Business as Mission Biblical Foundations for Business as Mission What does God say about business? What were His intentions when he made enterprise part of His design for human society? For those pursuing business as mission it is essential to build on solid Biblical foundations.