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Crocheted Produce Bag

Crocheted Produce Bag
Well, I thought since the produce bag was something I just made up real quick I should post the pattern. I am sure there are way better ones out there, but most of them end up decreasing at the end to get a smaller opening, but I wanted mine large so leafy stuff that I buy in multiple little bunches could poke out, like baby broccoli or bok choy. So here is the pattern, just in case you want to make a couple as well. Materials: 1 skein Lion Brand Organic Cotton Yarn (#680), or similar worsted weight yarn Size I-9 Crochet Hook Little scrap of fabric (optional) Rnd 1: Begin with an adjustable loop, and crochet 12 double crochet (dc) into the loop and pull tight. Rnd 2: *Chain 7, skip 1 dc and slip stitch in next dc.* Repeat around. Rnd 3: Chain 7, Slip stitch (slst) into 4th chain (ch) of round 2. Rnd 4: Ch 7, slst into the point where the last two rounds meet, then ch 7 and slst into the 4th ch of the last round as well. Rnd 16: Single crochet (sc) in every chain around, join with a slst.

Lace Produce Bag Crochet Pattern - FREE You’re going to love the Lace Produce Bag Crochet Pattern. It’s such a handy crochet reusable produce bag, featuring a lovely lace stitch & a sturdy round crocheted base. Love this pattern? Read about my inspiration & yarn I choose or scroll on down for the free pattern. To follow the produce bag crochet pattern you’ll need some cotton yarn. Cotton yarn is great for crochet vegetable bags like this one, as it’s quite durable & can be washed. Having a go-to crochet mesh produce bag pattern is so great. It’s also environmentally friendly to have these reusable crochet fruit bags, less plastic & less waste. But they can also be used for other things, such as storing and carrying any thing, not just storing fruit & vegetables. Since you like the Produce Bag Crochet Pattern, these might interest you too? 1- Crochet Potholder 2- Granny Square Market Bag 3 – Simple Crochet Pillow Cover How long it takes to crochet something varies depending on your skill & how fast you crochet. Yarn used: Tutorial:

Green...Easy Knit Produce Bag Green…can mean more than one thing. There is green the color. And green, as in environmentally friendly. Today I am combining those two meanings into one with the: I made my reusable produce bag out of an old knit T-shirt. And then I went crazy! It is really easy and requires very little sewing. So let’s get started shall we? 1.)You just take an old T-shirt and turn it inside out. I made some small, some large. Some using the existing T-shirt hem and some not. 2.)Sew with a straight stitch or a narrow zig zag all the way around. Or you can finish the edge with: A French seam. A zig-zag stitch or serged edge - my favorite way. Make the seam allowance much smaller - like 1/8 of an inch. Or fold the seam allowance over to one side and stitch all the way around. 3. )You can do this next part 2 ways: Option 1: Draw lines to help guide you when you cut slits. and snip, snip, snip…with the tips of your scissors. You want to stagger the cuts like so… Option 2: Using your rotary cutter… 4.) 5.) That’s it!

Produce Bag- FREE Crochet Pattern • Joy of Motion Crochet This produce bag is one of my favorite items to make. It is one of four Green Living patterns by Knottie Hooks that will be featured here on the Joy of Motion Crochet Blog over the next few weeks! They work up very fast and you can do so much with them. I take them with me everywhere and use them for all kinds of things. They hold my daughters princesses, you know the ones you get at the register? I use them for my produce (obviously) and love that all I have to do is put them in the fridge or in their special little basket on the counter and not worry about the moisture getting to my food and causing accelerated rot. I use a lightweight yarn such as Ganxxet or Premier Cotton Fair and the bag only weighs about 1.2 oz, if following the pattern, therefore you need not worry about extra cost in weight to your produce at the check out! So I grabbed my hook, and some lightweight yarn I’ve had lying around for a while and went to town! Calculate how long it takes to crochet that. Yarn used:

Buy Nothing Project | Bedroom Solutions Do you want to shift to a life with less plastic and less waste in general? Wondering where to start? Feeling overwhelmed? We’d love to help! We’ve learned a lot about how to change our own habits and perspectives over the past three years, and we’d like to offer this bit of advice: Please, don’t try to do everything at once! Choose just one step, the one that seems the easiest or most appealing to you, and give that a try.Adapt our ideas as necessary for your own household and lifestyle and keep at that one first change until it’s second nature, or until you’re excited to add another. Remember that joy and pride are much better motivating emotions in the long run than guilt and shame. Here are our Bedroom Solutions. Kid Bedroom and Playroom: Skip the Cheap Plastic Toys to Make Room for Even More Fun © Liesl Clark If you already have plastic organizers for your kids’ toys and other belongings, keep using them! Curate Your Toys to Give Each Beloved Item Space © Liesl Clark Adult Bedroom:

Crochet Calico Flowers Scarf Pattern - The Crochet Crowd Crochet Calico Flowers Scarf This incredible Crochet Calico Flowers Scarf is not as hard as it looks. There is an extensive diagram with a lot of detail but if you dissect it, you will see the commonality between the half motif shapes. The yarn changes colour on its own. There are 1 full motif and 19 half motifs in this scarf before starting the border. Once done, you will do two rounds of borders. More Crochet Ideas Tutorial More Caron Cotton Cakes Ideas No post was found with your current grid settings. More Crochet Scarves Reusing produce mesh / net bags | Eco Green Love Reuse: Net Bag from Oranges Reuse Garlic Bag as Soap Bag Reversible Dish Scrubber Using Recycled Mesh Produce Bags Mesh produce bags filled with styro packing peanuts in flowerpot before filling it with potting soil. The mesh will prevent soil from washing out the drain holes. The pots will be lightweight for moving. Reusing mesh produce bags for Posh Paper Hats for a Royal Wedding Make Your Own: Repurposed Produce Mesh Bag Pot Scrubbers Trash Hacker: Last Minute Valentine From A Plastic Mesh Produce Bag Craft Project!! Deco Mesh Pumpkin Make a Mesh Sports Bag Crochet Your Own Reusable Mesh Produce Bag Upcycle a Mesh Produce Bag into a Nesting Materials Buffet for Birds Repurposed mesh produce bag Sewing projects for pre-school age using mesh produce bag Make V-Day Gift Bags Using Produce Christmas in July: Go green and make a white, Plastic Bag Christmas Wreath Reused produce packaging- this was the material my garlic and avocados came in. Use Plastic Mesh Produce Bags for Cast Iron Clean Up

it's just a triangle This shawl pattern came about after I saw a fabulous simple shawl, made by another crochet fanatic. I'm not usually into shawls (although I can feel that changing) but I loved the simplicity of this particular one. Now I don't mind paying for patterns... but in this particular instance I was NOT paying $7... a progress shot of my shawl... using 6.0mm hook and my daughter's shawl using a 5.0mm hook you are starting at the centre top of the shawl, and will be working back and forth in rows, turning your work as you go start with an adjustable ring row 1 - ch3, 2dc, ch2 (this forms the 'point') 3dc... tighten your ring... ch3 and turn row 2 - 2dc into the first space between the dcs of the previous row, continue to dc into each space until you reach the 'point' of the shawl... 2dc, ch2, 2dc... then continue to dc into each space until you reach the end, working 3dc into the final space... ch3 and turn repeat row 2 until you are happy with the size of your triangle!

DIY Wall-Mounted Clothes Drying Rack The ad on Freecycle said, Wooden Baby Pen, and described some sort of a freestanding baby jail made from dozens of dowels. With visions of a garden cucumber support in my head, I said I would love to have it, and could promise reliable pick up. Before I could worry about trellising cukes, laundry room inspiration hit and baby jail was repurposed into a wall-mounted indoor diaper and small-clothes drying rack. This project was 100% free. Then the baby jail panels were simply hung sideways from the hook. Now, I will admit I am not exactly a line-drying guru, but I do manage to line dry my son’s cloth diapers most of the time.This is how I used to line dry my diapers. The wall mounted clothes drying racks are so much nicer: Baby clothes, socks, undies, cloth wipes etc. do well on the rack too. Homebrew Husband and I are thinking of adding a hinged prop at the bottom of the drying racks which would allow them the stand out from the wall more at the bottom when in use.

Free Ugly Christmas Sweater Crochet Ornament • RaffamusaDesigns This year, I decided to start thinking about Christmas waaaay in advance and I kicked off my personal Christmas-tree-decorating project with this Ugly Christmas Sweater Crochet Ornament! Don’t get me wrong, I am usually not this prepared at all for Christmas and I always end up making gifts, baubles, and other small things at the very last minute. Are you also like me? Panicking at the very last minute and regretting you did not start earlier with your Christmas crochet? So, how about starting preparing your Christmas makes with me? Make sure to Pin the free crochet pattern of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament to your favorite crochet board! Note: this post contains affiliate links. Ad-Free Downloadable Pattern The pattern of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament is available as an ad-free PDF in my Ravelry, LoveCrafts, and Etsy stores! Materials 2.5-mm (C/2 USA, 12 UK) Hook3.5-mm (E/4 USA, 9 UK) HookSport Weight Yarn (Fine 2) in two (or more) contrasting colors. Size & Gauge Yarn Alternatives