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Usage Who uses Moodle? Moodle is used by a variety of institutions and individuals, including: Universities High schools Primary schools Government departments Healthcare organisations Military organistions Airlines Oil companies Homeschoolers Independent educators special educators How many Moodle sites are there There are tens of thousands of registered Moodle sites in the sites list that we maintain, however it is impossible to know exactly how many Moodle sites exist because Moodle is open source, free to download and distribute, and doesn't force registration on its users.

Leetchi - Cagnotte cadeau, cagnotte anniversaire, cagnotte en ligne Create a money pot (for free) Share your money pot and collect contributions Ask your friends to contribute and keep track of your money pot with your computer, smartphone or tablet. Buy exactly what you want Create Your Rubric - Customize Your Rubric RubiStar has detected a possible problem. RubiStar has detected a possible situation where your data may not be able to be saved. Our website uses a cookie to link your web browser to the data that you submit to our server.

Finding a Meaningful Model This checklist will help you evaluate regression models By Lauren Rosenshein, Lauren Scott, and Monica Pratt, Esri Figure 1: Mapping regression residuals from the model. Analyzing the residuals is an important step in finding a good model. Online Training Tool by Zoho ShowTime Cultivate an interactive classroom environment so that every learner can join in the conversation. Share the screen with your learners, or go a step further and put your content directly in their hands. Simplify scheduling and registrations.Set training dates, and customize your session name.

Sustainability Eval Framework - ICF The Sustainability Framework (SF) is a way to organize thinking about sustainability as well as inform planning, management, and evaluation of activities in order to improve and maintain health outcomes at a population level. The SF is implemented by project staff and local stakeholders. Taking the Long View Sustainability Manual The Taking the Long View manual was designed to assist project managers, planners, and evaluators in their efforts to improve their approaches to planning for and assessing sustainability in health projects implemented in developing countries. The manual represents the collective learning of about 30 projects that have applied and helped refine it over a 7-year period, many of them CSHGP-funded projects. Downloads Gephi is an open-source and multiplatform software distributed under the dual license CDDL 1.0 and GNU General Public License v3. Official Releases Release Notes | System Requirements | Installation instructions Gephi 0.9.2 is the latest stable release. Download Gephi for LinuxVersion 0.9.2 If you have an older Gephi on your computer, you should uninstall it first, see the installation instructions.

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