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How to Run a Successful Social Media Contest

How to Run a Successful Social Media Contest
Are you planning to run a social media contest (like this one)? Today it’s possible for anyone to achieve success engaging consumers online, thanks to the growing popularity and relative ease of execution of social media promotions. The fact that anyone can run a promotion doesn’t mean that everyone should, and it certainly doesn’t mean that a promotion guarantees social media success. However, if executed as part of a comprehensive social media strategy, social media contests can produce tremendous results no matter how large or small your business. So if you’re thinking of running a contest or sweepstakes, here are some key considerations. Start With the End in Mind Before jumping into a social media promotion, there are several important questions to ask: What are your marketing objectives? Which promotion is right for you? Consumer Engagement Model for Promotions At the base of the pyramid is the traditional enter-to-win format. Plan, Prepare and Prepare for the Unplanned

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Read through the Socialbakers blog by relevant Advertising It has always been a struggle to define success in marketing. Historically, brands or industries have succeeded in finding accurate ways of quantifying marketing success, but those methods were based on representative data - not thorough accounts. With social media metrics, brands can be more sure than ever of just what their marketing is getting them. Here are some examples of how social media metrics can work: On Facebook, important metrics include Total Fan Count, Fan Growth, and Fan Growth over time, as well as engagement metrics like Likes, Shares, and Comments, and Social Customer Care metrics like Response Rate, Response Time, and and Questions Responded minus Ignored (QR-I). On Twitter, engagement metrics include Favorites, Retweets, and Mentions, which happen anytime someone Tweets about a brand.

Facebook’s Promotion Policy Changes On May 11, Facebook revised its promotions policy. This evolving set of legal guidelines govern all promotions run on Facebook, and outline what Page owners can and can not do when running promotions on Facebook to remain compliant with Facebook policy. The primary change to the Facebook promotions policy is the removal of some specific prohibitions on certain types of promotions, as well as guidelines around minor participation in promotions. Major items that have not changed include that all promotions must be run within 3rd party apps on Facebook.

10 Ways To Be More Likeable Online Dave Kerpen is the CEO of award-winning social media agency Likeable Media and the author of Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, & Be Generally Amazing on Facebook (& Other Social Networks). I asked him to provide a list of the top ten ways to be more likeable online, and these are his recommendations: 1. Listen first and never stop listening Twitter search allows you to listen to people talking about you and your competitors. 6 Bold Predictions for Digital Marketing in 2016 As 2015 begins to wind down, the prediction posts pontificating what the next year has in store have begun to ramp up. This has become something of an annual tradition for marketers and this season is no exception. What does next year hold in store for our industry?

Facebook Commerce Springing Up: No Plug-in Required Angie Schottmuller | April 11, 2011 | 9 Comments inShare20 Home Depot demonstrates how social media and like-gating can be used to engage shoppers. There's been a lot of buzz about social commerce lately, including Bazaarvoice's Social Commerce Summit earlier this month to discuss strategies and tactics. Is a Facebook storefront necessary for e-commerce? How can reviews be promoted to encourage more sales? 5 YouTube Marketing Tips for Better Engagement Jason Weaver is the CEO of Shoutlet, an enterprise social management software company he founded. He has been involved in social media strategy development since its inception for brands that include Disney, SC Johnson, and eBay. In addition to its incredible success as the de facto portal for video uploads and viewing, YouTube is itself a community. For brands, it provides an additional viable opportunities to spark discussion with followers. It’s a place to build relationships and create a space for users to converse with each other about branded content. Just as Facebook has become an incredibly popular place for brands to maintain a dialogue with their customers, YouTube offers a similar opportunity, although the conversation is driven primarily by video content.

10 Social Media Plan Templates & Free Resources for Beginners When I first started my consultancy business as a Social Media Marketer, I spent tons of time drafting, formulating and perfecting my proposals and presentations. In the process, I read and referred to many a posts and articles on various sites. A few of them really did help and add value to my learning. Blog Law: Facebook Promotion Guidelines Updated Welcome to my blog! If you would like to keep updated on new posts, please consider subscribing via RSS feed or subscribe through email by using the box in the sidebar. In addition, consider following me on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook. Thanks for visiting!

Community Manager Tips to Make You a Facebook All-Star Yes, LinkedIn is a very different social network with very different users and a very different purpose than the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not a platform that’s always experimenting, evolving and changing like the others. In the past few months alone, LinkedIn has made alterations that you, especially if you’re B2B, must be aware of in case they affect current strategy or serve as inspiration for new LinkedIn tactics for your brand. Congratulations! You’re a Publisher! Eye-Tracking Study: How Consumers Use Mobile Apps Which types of content do people spend the most time viewing on mobile apps? Should publishers present images first? How much does load time impact engagement?

Facebook Promotions: What You Need to Know Are you thinking of running a contest or promotion on Facebook? Have the rules imposed by Facebook confused you? Look no further. This article will provide an in-depth look at Facebook’s promotional rules. Hubspot’s 7 Tips to Automate Social Media While Staying Authentic This post is by Rebecca Corliss, who is an inbound marketing manager at HubSpot, a company that makes marketing automation software . Follow her on Twitter at @repcor. It seems a bit counterintuitive to combine social media and marketing automation. You can’t automate social relationships – right? That’s true. The Beginner's Checklist to Planning Your Social and Digital Media Strategy The Internet and social media doesn’t sleep. It’s alive, and active, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days per year. But, how is it that marketers and social media managers are near the top of the list of professionals with the greatest work-life balance? If you are new to digital marketing and social media as a career, or just want to have more time for doing the things you love outside of work, here’s a checklist to get you started as a newcomer to social media marketing. 1. Audit the brand’s current activity across platforms