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Mr. Library Dude – Academic librarian with 15+ years of experience. Passionate about lifelong learning and student success. Interested in user experience and organizational leadership. For me, being a librarian has never been about the books–it's about th

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Blog I decided to take my own advice and make time for fun (yes, that’s a professinal resolution. Read on to see that one) – and more time for me. My blog for this week is a repeat of the one I did for January 2, 2017. I am also going to take next week off. I deserve it. Get Bound Study help Expert This is a wise question, potential music major. It’s also a complicated one. With rising tuition costs to consider, a constantly changing job market, and the harsh reality t... Read more As a child, I sang. I danced.

iPractice – Page 2 – a collection of ideas about school libraries and learning This year we begin yet another change process in the iCentre. We have always maintained that our digital space, the iCentre website, is as important for our students as our physical space. The website, enhanced by social media streams such as Facebook and Twitter, resulted from an initial project that aimed to move the digital services offered by the school library out of the static Learning Management System (LMS) used by the college. This website is now five years old and we’re not planning to just renovate the space, we are about to embark on designing and building a brand new space.

Bloggers Who Inspire the World to Help Others - Pennies Of Time: Compassionate Problem Solvers Join the Movement to Raise Kind Kids! Let us know that you would like to participate in our kindness programs.Join us in our project When Bad Things Happen: what to say and do with your kids.Share your talents and skills as a volunteer for Pennies of Time.This week, complete an act of kindness with your kids. Need a suggestion?

Library of Congress Blog Addie Card, whose photo inspired Joe Manning to launch a project to tell the stories of the people whose lives early 20th-century photographer Lewis Hine documented. In fall 2005, Joe Manning agreed to help his friend, author Elizabeth Winthrop, with a task that had become something of an obsession for her: discovering the story of a little girl staring intently out of a 1910 picture taken at a Vermont cotton mill. Winthrop had encountered the image in an exhibition of child-labor photographs by Lewis Hine, and she couldn’t get the girl out of her mind — Winthrop had based the character Grace in her soon-to-be-published novel “Counting on Grace” on her. Through research, Winthrop had determined that the girl’s real name was Addie Card, but she wanted to know more, so she asked Manning, a New England writer and genealogist, for help. Within two weeks, Manning had located and contacted Addie’s granddaughter. Two weeks later, he was standing at Addie’s grave.

School Libraries Impact Studies – Library Research Service Library Research Service School Libraries & Student Achievement (2013) This 1-page infographic presents highlights from all of LRS’s school library impact studies. Two versions of the infographic are available: – One is optimized for online viewing – And, the second is optimized for printing If you view the infographic PDF file in Firefox PDF viewer, it may not render properly. For best viewing and printing, click on the “open in different viewer” button in the top right corner of your browser, and select the option to open the file with Adobe Reader.

The Reluctant Entrepreneur - Bates Information Services One of the biggest challenges of a good info pro or researcher is to know when to say when. If we have five hours to spend on a project, we want to spend the entire time gathering information, evaluating it, seeing what’s missing, gathering some more, looking for more missing parts… you get the picture. Then, when our time’s up, we pull all the information together, slap on a cover letter explaining all the approaches we took and why we’re including what we have, and then proudly send it along to our client. This, of course, does a huge disservice to most clients. If they wanted information overload, they could Google it themselves. Clients ask an info pro or researcher to help answer a question because they have confidence we can not just find the best information given the time frame (and budget, if applicable) but distill it down to something that enables the client to take an action, finish a project, complete a presentation, or otherwise move on to the next step in their work.

Modern Learning started in Libraries – so what is a future focussed library? A year into my journey as the Library Leader at Hobsonville Point Secondary School, I am taking some time to reflect on where we’ve come from and where we are going next. A year ago, I was excited to be starting my new position in a Modern Learning environment. I had never worked in a library in my life and had these big picture ideas about what the library might come to be. A year on, I am astonished by the sheer extent of the learning and new knowledge that I have constructed and excited by the prospect of the vast knowledge I still have to learn. If you are interested in seeing our library as it has developed click on the following link to see our photo journey:

This is a blog from a reference librarian in an academic library that has worked as a librarian for over 15 years. He blogs about libraries, technology, teaching, good resources, and much more! by evaldes Mar 29

A blog written by a reference and instruction librarian that includes posts about instruction and managing makerspaces within an academic library. by jb16g Mar 12