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27 Useful Logo Design Tutorials and Tips

27 Useful Logo Design Tutorials and Tips
437 shares Colorful Logos for Your Inspiration We’ve rounded up some examples of logo designs that make excellent use of color. Read More 498 shares 30 Free Vintage Logo Templates Looking for some high quality vintage logos or insignias?

visual sundae Blog Archive » Professional Web Design Studio Logo Final result: Step 1 Set your foreground color to #298aeb, then grab the Type Tool(T) and enter the first part of your company name. I just used MW, my initials. Step 2 While the font looks ok right now, it’s a little boring. the lower portion of the text by adding some slight shading. Step 3 Now that our text is looking pretty nice, lets add the second part of your company name. Step 4 Set your foreground color to #b3b2b2 and with a new layer, add your company info/slogan/etc under your company name. Step 5 Now let’s add some graphics. Step 6 Now once again(and for the last time!) Step 7 We’re almost done, let’s add an area where we can put a logo. Step 8 Now add your logo in. Final result Thanks for taking this tutorial, check back soon for more!

Teach Yourself Graphic Design: A Self-Study Course Outline Fortunately, it isn’t required to go to design school in order to be a graphic designer. A good foundation in graphic design history, theory, and practical application will help you hit the ground running. There are plenty of resources available in which you can learn graphic design on your own. Don’t set your expectations to high at first, as it will take enthusiastic study for years to become great. You can do it though! If you would like to learn graphic design from the ground up, through self directed study, then this article lists some great resources that will get you started with your design education. 1. There are a few graphic design principles that effect every project you’ll create. Shape, Spacing, and Rhythm I remember first learning these basic design principles , and they seamed so foreign at first. The Principles of Design by Joshua David McClurg-Genevese What is Graphic Design? Color, Texture, and Imagery Principles of Color Design by Wucius Wong Texture in Graphic Design 2.

3D Interpretations of Real People, by Michael O. – with Exclusive Interview Today, PxlEyes has the great pleasure of interviewing a professional digital artist: Michael O. He has given an exclusive interview for us and our readers, which will inspire many other artists. Along the way, we also present a showcase of his brilliant work. He has the unique talent of making ultra-realistic 3D interpretations of people. A: When I started high school in ’96, the computer had not yet taken the design world by storm so all of the classes I had were in traditional art mediums. “Last Race” Q: How did you make the transition from amateur to professional? A: By luck of course! “Under My Skin” Q: What’s the hardest part about being a freelance artist? A: The unpredictable paycheck can be very frustrating. “AmalgaMATE 3″ Q: Can you give an example of how your artistic knowledge about drawing and painting helped you with Photoshop? A: I don’t really see a difference in the requirements for a traditional or digital artist. “Apple” A: For 3 reasons. “Carve Your Own Destiny” “Dexteria”

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Imaging & Photography Home » Imaging & Photography Global Impact of the Apple iPhone [INFOGRAPHIC] There is no denying that the Apple iPhone has been a trend setter in the smartphone industry ever since its inception in 2007. Not only has it affected methods of interaction of consumers with these smartphones but it has significantly turned around the... Artist Turns Your Brainwaves Into 3D-Printed Sculptures Imagine having a NeuroSky electroencephalogram sensor tightly pressed around your head as you look at a television display sporting 4K resolution with abstract ripples on view. Microscopic Images Of Butterfly Wings [PHOTOS] Stunning designs on the wings are what truly define butterflies. 10 Photorealistic Portraits That Will Amaze You Plenty of people possess a knack of conjuring sketches that leave one wondering if a real life image is on view. NASA Releases 681 Gigapixel Interactive Map of Lunar North Pole 30 Amazing Images of Space Space images are sights to behold. Photos of Bullets Precisely Split in Half

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