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The 10 Cleverest Ways to Use Linux to Fix Your Windows PC

The 10 Cleverest Ways to Use Linux to Fix Your Windows PC
You might not be ready to accept Linux as your desktop yet, but you can still use it to save your Windows PC—whether you need to reset passwords, recover deleted files, or scan for viruses, here’s how to do it. What we’ll do today is walk you through some of the most useful ways that you can repair your Windows PC using an Ubuntu Live CD, but keep in mind that most of these tasks can be performed with any version of Linux. Image modified from Smuggle559’s Broken Windows Make Your Ubuntu Live CD The first thing you’ll want to do is make your own Ubuntu Live CD, and while you can just burn an ISO image to a disc and call it a day, you might want to think about creating a customized live CD using reconstructor, which can include custom applications that aren’t included by default. Alternate: Make Your Ubuntu Live USB Tip: You can also put a copy of Windows 7 on a flash drive, which is very helpful for using System Restore to fix an unbootable PC. Change or Reset Your Password Related:  data recoveryWindowsTech

How To Fix A Corrupted Windows NTFS Filesystem With Ubuntu How many of you have had that sinking feeling as your PC boots up? You know, a slight niggle in the back of your mind that says “this is taking longer than usual” before Windows drops dead in front of you, and refuses to play ball. Me too, and much of the time the original Windows CD/DVD/USB you used in your original install can’t fix the problem. There’s a good few reasons to have Ubuntu on a CD or USB stick somewhere in a draw. When it comes to fixing your broken Windows install then Ubuntu has its uses there too. Download, Install & Boot Ubuntu Those of you who already have a dual-boot Ubuntu and Windows machine can skip this step. If you’ve not got a Live USB stick then you’re going to need to get hold of one. If you’re dual-booting, then this is a simple step of choosing Ubuntu over Windows at boot. If you’ve done everything correctly you’ll see the UNetbootin bootloader appear. Fixing A Corrupted Windows NTFS Partition First install NTFS-3G by typing this command: sudo fdisk -l

Three Ways to Access the Windows 8 or 10 Boot Options Menu The boot options have been consolidated in Windows 8 and 10 into a single menu, called the “boot options menu,” providing access to repair tools and options for changing Windows startup behavior, such as enabling debugging, booting into safe mode, and launching into a recovery environment. The days of pressing a function key or Esc to interrupt the boot process and get into the BIOS configuration (in UEFI enabled systems) are gone. There are three ways of accessing the new boot options menu in Windows 8 or 10 and we’ll show you how. Hold Down Shift While Choosing Restart Instead of going all the way into the Settings screens, there is a faster way to access the boot options menu. This even works if you haven’t logged into Windows at all, as long as you’re on the login screen and can access the restart menu. Once you’ve done this, instead of fully rebooting, the blue boot options menu displays. You can choose to Refresh your PC, Reset your PC, or access Advanced options. For Windows 8:

30 Cool Open Source Software I Discovered in 2013 These are full-featured open source software products, free as in beer and speech that I started to use recently. Vivek Gite picks his best open source software of 2013. #1 Replicant – Fully free Android distribution Replicant is entirely free and open source distributions of Android on several devices including both phones and tablets. I have installed it on an older Nexus S. #2: Miro video converter This is an open source, cross-platform application to convert videos from and to various formats, including formats suitable for devices such as Android/iOS phones. #3 OwnCloud – Dropbox alternative for cloud storage service I was looking for an alternative to Dropbox to run cloud on my own server at home and office. #4 Docker – FreeBSD like container+API for Linux The FreeBSD jail provides an operating system-level virtualization partition a FreeBSD-based serve into several independent mini-systems. #5 Adminer – A lightweight and full-featured database management tool #16 SimpleInvoices

Puppy Linux Community - Home Download Latest Release → Quirky Xerus 8.1 for the Raspberry Pi is here! → Get Tahrpup (Ubuntu-Compatible) → Get Slacko (Slackware-Compatible) → Get Windows Installer (EXE installer) → Download old version * NEW * Quirky Xerus for the Raspberry Pi October 24, 2016 - Barry Kauler, creator of Puppy and Quirky Linux, released his latest Quirky Xerus version 8.1 for the Raspberry Pi. Quirky Xerus 8.1 for the Raspberry Pi is: built with Puppy Linux kit and Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus binary DEBs;a 360-MB Linux distro with LibreOffice, Inkscape, Seamonkey (Mozilla browser with composer), and many other applications;a fast GUI using JWM and ROX-Filer for the desktop;the first build by Barry Kauler for the ARM platform, specifically the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3;easy to install to micro-SD card, just decompress and write the IMG to 8-GB micro-SD card;available for download from, and Read this to explore the more technical aspects of Quirky Xerus. Slacko Puppy 6.3 desktop.

How to recover data from a Damaged Drive or Filesystem In the previous article I told you a couple of methods to recover a lost partition. This is the case when you have a fine working hard drive. Now, what if the media concerned(CD, DVD, Hard Disk etc) is damaged. In this article I will tell you how to recover data from such media devices using GNU ddrescue. According to the software's man page – GNU ddrescue is a data recovery tool. Features of GNU ddrescue Ddrescue is fully automatic i.e. you don't have to tell it what to do after every step. If you don't have GNU ddrescue installed you may install it from here or you may install it from your favourite package manager (apt, yum etc), it will be available by the name of gddrescue. The basic syntax for ddrescue is [shredder12]$ ddrescue <options> input_file output_file <logfile> e.g. if you need to recover data from a damaged drive /dev/sda then use it as an input file and since you can't write on the same disk use another as an output file e.g. a USB drive /media/USB/file where,

How to Declutter the Right Click Menu the Easy Way On a fresh installation of Windows, the Right Click Menu (also called the Context Menu) is relatively clean and organized. However, as you install more and more tools onto your system, you may find that it quickly gets cluttered. For example, in the screenshot above, you can see that my own Context Menu is packed with a bunch of shortcuts — many of which I’ve never used and never intend to use. Wouldn’t it be nice to clean it up without having to uninstall the programs? With ShellMenuView and ShellExView, you can! ShellMenuView lists all of the menu items registered on your system and allows you to disable them on an individual basis. Both programs are portable (no installation needed), so you can carry them around on a USB drive for convenience wherever you go. And it’s not just about clutter. Did you know about this? Image Credit: Blank Laptop by pikcha via Shutterstock

70+ Best Free Alternatives to Paid Software - The Unlearner Image Editing Pixlr – Fully functional alternative to Adobe Photoshop. (Web, Windows, Mac)GIMP – Another Photoshop alternative. (Linux, Mac) – GIMP for Windows (Windows)Seashore – Basic image editing with layers, textures, gradients and more. (Mac)ImageOptim – Image utility that compresses your images for the web (Mac)RIOT – Batch image compression for Windows (Windows)InkScape – Professional vector graphics editor, replaces Adobe Illustrator (Windows, Mac, Linux)Pinta – Another great Illustrator alternative. Photography Polarr – Great alternative for Adobe Lightroom. Video Playback & EntertainmentVLC – The video editor everyone loves. EditingOpenShot – Fully featured video editor, alternative to Final Cut Pro/Premiere Pro. Productivity Productivity ToolsWunderlist – The best task-management app ever, period. For more amazing stuff – free apps, great books, and more useful websites – like us on Facebook. Messaging Slack – Say goodbye to email. Music Utilities Image Editing Photography

Produits Avec plus de dix ans d'expérience dans le domaine de la 3D temps réel, l'équipe de Tridiveo développe des solutions innovantes permettant d'intégrer la 3D temps réel au sein d'un site web. Produits TriditekOne, le moteur 3D que nous avons développé au sein de Tridiveo, s'appuie sur les tous derniers raffinements technologiques. C'est un moteur de rendu de type « deferred shading » qui permet d'afficher un grand nombre de lumières dynamiques. Il est compatible avec l'ensemble des navigateurs supportant WebGL (Firefox 4+, Chrome 9+, Safari 5.1+, Opera 12+). Le SDK sera disponible prochainement et comprendra l'intégralité du code source, les outils ainsi que la documentation et des exemples d'utilisation. Un système de licences très flexible permettra d'accéder aux mises à jour et à un support personnalisé, assuré par l'équipe de développement du moteur. Caractéristiques clés : Services Tridiveo propose également une offre de développement à façon d'applications iOS/Android.

Boot Disk software (data recovery boot disk) is a complete IT Technician's package to fix system disk problems How to Create an ISO Image of Your Windows System Need a quick and easy way to backup and restore Windows without relying on backup tools or the cloud for your personal data? While plenty of third party Windows backup and restore tools are available, it’s time to learn how to make an ISO image of your Windows PC. Images vs. We all know that backing up our data is important, especially when upgrading to a new version of Windows. Such a backup might be configured to include your personal folders, but omit apps and games, or you could opt to create an image of your entire system drive. Thanks to the ISO image format, it is possible to back up your data – essentially create an exact copy of your entire drive or selected directories – and restore it relatively quickly should disaster strike. Images and Disk Upgrade or Replacement One popular use for disk images is creating a clone of your hard storage (hard disk drive or solid state drive), which might be on its last legs. Begin by clicking Start Cloning. This is where an ISO image comes in.

101 Amazing PC / Internet Tricks no one told you before Below is a list of one of the best hidden 101 Computer tips and tricks to impress your friends which you have been unaware of so far in life. Here you go. You can search Google timer in Google for a timer with alarm Search This in Google for Direct Mp3 Links intitle:index.of? Use your Chrome Browser as Notepad quickly. Just copy the text below to the address Bar. data:text/html, <html contenteditable> Note: You can also bookmark this to use it anytime. View Hidden Password in Browser Visit to see How Google View You Read: 50 more Google search Tricks Rename Subtitle File same as movie name and VLC will load subtitle automatically every time you open Movie Rename the subtitle file same as movie name (Kept in same folder) and you do not need to load subtitle everytime you play the movie. In your PC just create a folder with the name given below and access everything GodMode. To Undo an Undo Just press CTRL+Y Bored !

Electronique Electrotechnique AII - Académie de Limoges Formation de spécialité SIN - STI2D - Nombre de visite(s) : 3185 Date de mise à jour : dimanche 4 décembre 2011, par Dartois Olivier Vous trouverez ci-dessous les différents documents en téléchargement pour ce qui concerne la partie SIN du baccalauréat STI2D. Soit le téléchargement est possible en cliquant sur l’icône du document (taille<3Mo), soit vous disposez d’un lien (taille>3Mo). Cette page doit évoluer au fur et à mesure des contributions de chacun. Pensez à revenir de temps en temps pour voir si de nouveaux documents ont été déposés... Pour obtenir la présentation de FlowCode PIC réalisé par B. Bonne lecture et n’hésitez pas à commenter.