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The 10 Cleverest Ways to Use Linux to Fix Your Windows PC

The 10 Cleverest Ways to Use Linux to Fix Your Windows PC
You might not be ready to accept Linux as your desktop yet, but you can still use it to save your Windows PC—whether you need to reset passwords, recover deleted files, or scan for viruses, here’s how to do it. What we’ll do today is walk you through some of the most useful ways that you can repair your Windows PC using an Ubuntu Live CD, but keep in mind that most of these tasks can be performed with any version of Linux. Image modified from Smuggle559’s Broken Windows Make Your Ubuntu Live CD The first thing you’ll want to do is make your own Ubuntu Live CD, and while you can just burn an ISO image to a disc and call it a day, you might want to think about creating a customized live CD using reconstructor, which can include custom applications that aren’t included by default. Alternate: Make Your Ubuntu Live USB Tip: You can also put a copy of Windows 7 on a flash drive, which is very helpful for using System Restore to fix an unbootable PC. Change or Reset Your Password

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How To Fix A Corrupted Windows NTFS Filesystem With Ubuntu How many of you have had that sinking feeling as your PC boots up? You know, a slight niggle in the back of your mind that says “this is taking longer than usual” before Windows drops dead in front of you, and refuses to play ball. Me too, and much of the time the original Windows CD/DVD/USB you used in your original install can’t fix the problem.

Three Ways to Access the Windows 8 or 10 Boot Options Menu The boot options have been consolidated in Windows 8 and 10 into a single menu, called the “boot options menu,” providing access to repair tools and options for changing Windows startup behavior, such as enabling debugging, booting into safe mode, and launching into a recovery environment. The days of pressing a function key or Esc to interrupt the boot process and get into the BIOS configuration (in UEFI enabled systems) are gone. There are three ways of accessing the new boot options menu in Windows 8 or 10 and we’ll show you how. Hold Down Shift While Choosing Restart

How to create factory restore (system recovery) partition in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 Some laptops and computers have a built-in one key system recovery program or partition. This helps you restore your damaged system to its previously backed up state, often back to “factory settings” (aka restoring your computer to the state it came with when you bought it). This system recovery / factory restore can be handy. 30 Cool Open Source Software I Discovered in 2013 These are full-featured open source software products, free as in beer and speech that I started to use recently. Vivek Gite picks his best open source software of 2013. #1 Replicant – Fully free Android distribution Replicant is entirely free and open source distributions of Android on several devices including both phones and tablets. I have installed it on an older Nexus S.

How to recover data from a Damaged Drive or Filesystem In the previous article I told you a couple of methods to recover a lost partition. This is the case when you have a fine working hard drive. Now, what if the media concerned(CD, DVD, Hard Disk etc) is damaged. In this article I will tell you how to recover data from such media devices using GNU ddrescue. How to Declutter the Right Click Menu the Easy Way On a fresh installation of Windows, the Right Click Menu (also called the Context Menu) is relatively clean and organized. However, as you install more and more tools onto your system, you may find that it quickly gets cluttered. For example, in the screenshot above, you can see that my own Context Menu is packed with a bunch of shortcuts — many of which I’ve never used and never intend to use. Wouldn’t it be nice to clean it up without having to uninstall the programs? With ShellMenuView and ShellExView, you can! ShellMenuView lists all of the menu items registered on your system and allows you to disable them on an individual basis.

How to Repair Your Computer like PC Technician Using D7 Multi Tools with One Click Do you want to repair your computer like Advanced PC Technician? We have got the D7 Computer Repair Multi tool for you to troubleshoot your PC automatically with one click. D7 is a portable application designed for Advanced troubleshooters to fix all the computer related problems with automation.D7 is a powerful suite of free system utilities from Foolish IT, developed only for pro PC technicians, Net Admins, and advanced users. D7 has all the tools to fix the computer problems, also has the option to add your own Troubleshooting utilities in the interface. It has includes the fixes for all the common Windows problems like repairing Internet Explorer, Repair Permissions, PIO/DMA mode fix, Repair Windows Update and more.

70+ Best Free Alternatives to Paid Software - The Unlearner Image Editing Pixlr – Fully functional alternative to Adobe Photoshop. (Web, Windows, Mac)GIMP – Another Photoshop alternative. (Linux, Mac) – GIMP for Windows (Windows)Seashore – Basic image editing with layers, textures, gradients and more. (Mac)ImageOptim – Image utility that compresses your images for the web (Mac)RIOT – Batch image compression for Windows (Windows)InkScape – Professional vector graphics editor, replaces Adobe Illustrator (Windows, Mac, Linux)Pinta – Another great Illustrator alternative. Only The Best Portable Programs Where ever possible, I use portable programs rather than full install programs for many reasons. The most important advantage for me is the ability to keep these programs sync'd off computer to an external drive or online storage enabling the ability to quickly recover all files, settings and data if and when you re-stage or re-image your system. Simply re-image and then mirror the portable folders back to the new image and you are back in business. If you use online real-time sync such as with SugarSync, it will automatically update your portable folders after you reimage and you can also keep these folders sync'd across all of your devices which is very useful (no more packing around a USB stick to update all of your devices.) I also utilize a Toolbar on my Taskbar to quickly access or manage these folders and launch the programs (no external program launcher required.) First create a single folder that contains all of your portable programs.

How to Create an ISO Image of Your Windows System Need a quick and easy way to backup and restore Windows without relying on backup tools or the cloud for your personal data? While plenty of third party Windows backup and restore tools are available, it’s time to learn how to make an ISO image of your Windows PC. Images vs. How To Make Your Own Windows Live CD Live CDs as you know allow you to boot your computer from a CD-ROM and performs various functions on your system. Such Live CDs are excellent for recovering data, fixing problems or to have a custom desktop at your disposal when you are not at your own computer. While the Live CDs are common place in the Linux world, it’s not often that you hear about a Windows Live CD. Here today we are going to show you how to make custom Windows Live CD Tools Required

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