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App Galaxy Le guide par Google

App Galaxy Le guide par Google

Story Telling Philips - Eveil Lumière - Grégory Pouy - Echanger ses idées Nizo for iPhone Cardiff firm designs air guitar for interactive T-shirt 1 November 2010Last updated at 07:00 Luke Khan demonstrates how the interactive air guitar T-shirt works. Two designers have developed a T-shirt which allows wearers to be an air guitar performer online. Cardiff-based Warren Fauvel and Luke Khan have combined a technology called augmented reality with a guitar print. The T-shirt has a "barcode"-type symbol picked up via a webcam. The pair developed it for south Wales band The Last Republic but hope that it can be sold across the music industry. Continue reading the main story “Start Quote It's only a simple game but it's something that everyone can enjoy for five minutes” End QuoteWarren FauvelFauvelKhan Mr Fauvel, 26, said the design is printed on an ordinary T-shirt, like those sold to music fans at live gigs. He said: "Bands really interact with their audience. "The aim is to make the music more accessible. "It's not a game on its own or to be sold separately. "It's great for us because it's the sort of thing that can go a lot further."

Discover Bagigia - The Bag The Interest Graph on Twitter is Alive: Studying Starbucks Top Followers « Brian Solis Brian Solis inShare1,306 Social media is maturing as are the people embracing its most engaging tools and networks. Perhaps most notably, is the maturation of relationships and how we are expanding our horizons when it comes to connecting to one another. What started as the social graph, the network of people we knew and connected to in social networks, is now spawning new branches that resemble how we interact in real life. This is the era of the interest graph – the expansion and contraction of social networks around common interests and events. While many companies are learning to listen to the conversations related to their brands and competitors, many are simply documenting activity and mentions as a reporting function and in some cases, as part of conversational workflow. We’re now looking beyond the social graph as we move into focused networks that share more than just a relationship. Bringing the Interest Graph to Life The Interest Graph 1. 1. This is just the beginning. Studying Bio’graphy 1.

Dangers of Fracking mobile and interactive marketing insight, perspective, and propaganda — burning the bacon with barrett BeerCamp at SXSW 2011