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What is and isn't "native advertising"? And 5 more questions to ask about it.

What is and isn't "native advertising"? And 5 more questions to ask about it.
Michael Groszek takes a closer look at “native advertising” as the buzz that surrounds it just seems to get louder. He asks, and answers, 5 questions that every decent marketer should ask about this “new tactic”, breaking down “native advertising” to demystified, digestible chunks. As marketers, we’ve all heard the buzz about native advertising. We’ve heard how it’s going to revolutionize advertising and begin to phase out traditional display ads. In today’s B2B Lead Roundtable Blog post, I wanted to share my view on native advertising from a business intelligence perspective and the role I believe it has in the future of Internet marketing. Question #1. What do you think of when you hear the term “native advertising?” Over the last year or so, I’ve heard countless different arguments about the true meaning of native advertising. So, I asked myself, “Why does everyone seem to have such differing views?” Well, if you ask me, it’s because that’s essentially what a native advertisement is.

Why Sales Leads Prospects Doubt You It can be pretty hard to do business, especially with business prospects that doubt your offer. But all that is just a normal day in the office. The way you deal with them is what makes all the difference. You begin with a lie – a successful business relationship is anchored on trust. Correct these bad habits and your sales lead generation campaign will be more credible.

Well-Documented Multinational Company Switches to Telemarketing, Lowers Cost Per Lead by 60% The Client The Client is a leading managed print solutions provider offering a wide range of office printers, multifunction devices, copiers, and software solutions to help its clients manage information and workflows efficiently. With over 60 years’ experience in document management outsourcing, the Client currently has over 15,000 employees across 160 countries. The Challenge The Client tried various methods to generate sales leads (offline/online advertising, sales promotions, mobile marketing, etc.) but with the amount of manpower, materials, and budget allocation these methods required, the cost per lead was spiraling. Looking for a more straightforward lead generation method, the Client figured telemarketing provided the best value because while it was not the cheapest in terms of cost per lead, it was superior at producing high quality sales leads to effectively make back the difference in cost. The Callbox Solution The Results

Keeping Sales Leads Through Stellar Customer Experience Generating qualified sales leads is hard work – there is no doubt about it. So it is only natural that you would want to find ways to keep the ones you have. And how will you do that? Being user-friendly – be it on the web or at your company’s doorsteps, how do you present your business to your clients? Providing an excellent customer service is crucial in keeping sales leads that you worked so hard to gain. How To Build Rapport Fast In Appointment Setting Nothing beats building rapport with business prospects. This is the secret to a successful generation of B2B leads. Rapport is the foundation that supports your interaction with prospects. First, you to show genuine interest in your prospects. Second, listen carefully, picking up phrases and key words that your prospects likes to use. Third, observe how they prefer handling information. Breathe at the same time with your prospects. Next, keep a an eye on the prospect’s underlying intentions – their real aim. Another tip you need to remember your mannerism. Lastly, show respect for their time, energy, and money. While these can be really effective marketing tips, you should remember that not all of them can fit your needs.

Lead Generation Vs Demand Generation: The Real Score When it comes to modern marketing, we are usually faced by two very important terms: Lead Generation and Demand Generation. The two are said to contrast each other in a dialectic fashion, where one is the thesis and the other is the antithesis. On account of their distinctiveness, trying to make a profit-generating synthesis between the two seems difficult. With that in mind, how can we effectively harmonize them to our advantage? Demand Generation: First of all, demand generation focuses on having your products and services presented to your intended public, thereby creating demands for such offers. Lead Generation: A Trip Down the Funnel Lead generation on the other hand involves a more active participation on the part of your prospects. Now, in an article posted on LeadforMix, generating leads is different in that it is punctuated by fill forms. The Rundown Now, the fact that we are dealing with this dualism shouldn’t lead us into thinking that both are at odds.

How To Build Credibility In Telemarketing In lead generation, particularly where telemarketing is involved, credibility is everything. Without it, you will never be able to get the trust of your business prospects, making it even harder for you to generate qualified sales leads. Remember, you need to build your credibility from the very start. This is the key to making your appointment setting process easier to do. Say your name – one of the biggest mistakes made by marketers is not saying their name clearly. Keep these tips, plus a lot more you might learn along the way, and you can build up your credibility in telemarketing. Why Is Telecommuting Bad For Lead Generation? Right at the heels of Yahoo CEO’s Marissa Mayer’s announcement that there will be no more telecommunicating for its employees, there have been howls of disapproval from many quarters. They say that telecommunicating is an important part of their operations, and it should not be taken lightly. For those in the lead generation business, working outside the office is key to increased productivity in B2B leads. Less opportunities to collaborate – believe it or not, it can be fairly impossible to get new ideas from your colleagues when you just talk through a computer screen. So, what do you think?

Brochures About Callbox About Callbox Find out everything you need to know about Callbox – our people, technology, solutions, processes, and the clients that we helped grow into what they are today. Come, join the ride.What We Do Lead generation is at the core of our business; how we do it is what sets us apart from thousands of other lead generation companies around the world. See what makes us different.Callbox Pipeline Designed for the complex sale, Callbox pipeline provides you with all the tools you need to seamlessly capture, nurture, and convert leads into customers. Learn how to harness the power of a multi-channel marketing automation system and see how it can streamline every aspect of your sales process.Callbox Pipeline: Lead Nurture Tool Nurturing is about getting your prospects’ attention, educating them and getting them engaged, by being able to deliver certain messages they need to receive at certain points in the sales process. Services Industry Solutions Clients