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Expressive, dynamic, robust CSS — expressive, robust, feature-rich CSS preprocessor

Expressive, dynamic, robust CSS — expressive, robust, feature-rich CSS preprocessor

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Drag and Drop with AngularJS using jQuery UI In the last couple of weeks I've started working with AngularJS. AngularJS is a great simple framework that allows you to create complete web-apps in javascript. It provides data-binding, templating and a lot of helper functions to create maintainable, readable and extendable browser based web applications. Lets first start with a disclaimer, I'm not an AngularJS guru, so some of the things here could probably have been done better, so if you have any comments, please let me know. What I want to show in this article is how to create a directive that allows you to create simple drag and drop lists.

CSS Get the lowdown on the key pieces of Bootstrap's infrastructure, including our approach to better, faster, stronger web development. HTML5 doctype Bootstrap makes use of certain HTML elements and CSS properties that require the use of the HTML5 doctype.

Get Started With Turbo — Turbo.lua 2.1.0 documentation A set of simple examples to get you started using Turbo. Installing Turbo¶ Turbo needs LuaJIT to run, because it uses the LuaJIT FFI library it will not run on ‘official/normal/vanilla’ Lua. Quick install on Debian/Ubuntu (you may need to add sudo or run these as root user):

Self-Signed SSL Certificates - Servers for Hackers SSL Overview As you're likely aware, being able to send data securely over a network (especially a public network) is of growing importance. To that end, many web applicates employ the use of SSL certificates to encrypt traffic between a client (often your web browser) and a server (someone's http server). CSS Compressor, Free CSS Compressor and CSS Compression Tool EASY - One Click CSS Compressor NO coding expertise required A click of the mouse is all you need to speed up your webpage load time by up to 80%! Most CSS can be compressed to one third its original size. Pug docs Installation Pug is available via npm: $ npm install pug Overview

Getting Started with Stylus Within the web development community, we hear a lot about two popular CSS preprocessor: Sass and LESS. You don’t often, however, hear about the third big preprocessor: Stylus. When it came to redesigning the Mozilla Developer Network, I chose Stylus for a few important reasons: Karin Gallagher - Writing technical documentation Writing Technical Documentation in English This course is designed for German programmers who need to write programming and end-user documentation in English. It teaches you to improve your technical writing skills in English as well as helping you to choose which documentation your users need.

nib - CSS3 extensions for Stylus Nib is a small and powerful library for the Stylus CSS language, providing robust cross-browser CSS3 mixins to make your life as a designer easier. Installation To get started you'll first want to add nib to your package.json file, along with stylus. Edison Boards — Flashing Intel® Edison (wired) - Windows* Prerequisite: You have attached the Edison chip to the Arduino expansion board, see Step 1 of Getting Started if you have not yet done this. To get started with flashing Edison, please select your OS below and follow the specified steps: Windows* (see below) Mac* users go here Linux* users go here Windows Step 1 – Connecting EdisonStep 2 – Install required drivers and softwareStep 3 – Remove old imagesStep 4 – Download the latest imageStep 5 – Flashing Edison

Layout Gala: a collection of 40 CSS layouts based on the same markup and ready for download! All layouts use valid markup and CSS, and have been tested successfully on Internet Explorer/win 5.0, 5.5, 6 and beta 2 preview of version 7; Opera 8.5, Firefox 1.5 and Safari 2. Each of the columns could be the longest, and for testing columns length I've used the script filler text on demand. Each layout could represent a site with five main sections: header, content, navigation, other stuff and footer. The basic markup, common to every layout, is the following: Unable to set up Intel Edison on Windows - Arduino Stack Exchange I am new to hobby electronics and have hit a dead end with my Intel Edison (which hopefully will not join the pile of useless components I have wasted my money on), and would appreciate some help with the setup procedure. The main problem is that I cannot connect to my Edison via the middle (lets call it "A") micro-USB port in order to get it into a working condition. My objective is to connect to it's build-in Linux via SSH with the USB cables connected after installing the latest flash image. I am using an Edison with an Arduino breakout board. Here is the sequence of steps I followed: I connected a 12V 2.6A AC to DC adapter to power the board.

Sass: Sass Basics Before you can use Sass, you need to set it up on your project. If you want to just browse here, go ahead, but we recommend you go install Sass first. Go here if you want to learn how to get everything setup.