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10 Creative Social Media Resumes To Learn From

10 Creative Social Media Resumes To Learn From
Like flowers in early spring, new social media job openings are sprouting across industries as companies of all sizes look to create or expand their social squads. The undeniable success and innovation of high-profile social media campaigns — from such brands as Old Spice, Google Chrome and Starbucks — have inspired this ongoing push for companies to hire people with social media skills. If you're seeking a gig as a community manager, public relations representative, marketing person or any other social media position, check out these resumes for inspiration on how to stand out from the crowd. Also, let us know in the comments about any creative tactics you use to promote yourself and your skills. Show As Gallery Social Media Job Listings Inspired yet? More Job Search Resources from Mashable: - 9 Dynamic Digital Resumes That Stand Out From the Crowd- Top 5 Tips for Creating Impressive Video Resumes- Are Cover Letters Still Relevant For Social Media and Tech Jobs? : The Digital You Jumpstart Your Career: 20 Helpful [INFOGRAPHICS] on Job Search When you do your job search in today’s economic situation, you need to consider thinking outside the box. These days, it requires greater than organizing a resume or registering for a job board. It’s essential to gain lots of the exposure you can with the smallest amount of cash at least. Having a online presence is amongst the most affordable and worthwhile ways to boost your job search. Philippine Labor Day Celebration 2012 MAY 1This year 2012 Philippine Labor Day celebration theme is “Pagtutulungan. Pagbabago. Considering the number of job searchers submitting online or offline job applications, you should come up with something that stands out and get hold of the employer’s attention. 20 Helpful Infographics to Jumpstart Your Career Here are helpful well-designed infographics to jumpstart your career with the kind of profession you want to reach. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. You Might Also Like

HOW TO: Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile With more than 85 million members in more than 200 countries, LinkedIn is a professional social network worth using, understanding and optimizing. After you've covered the basics of setting up your LinkedIn presence, features including recommendations, applications, LinkedIn Answers, and the Resume Builder can add value to your profile. Many of these highly useful features, though, are often overlooked or underused by newcomers. We spoke with four LinkedIn aficionados to get their top advice on making the best use of these tools. Cover the Basics The first step to spiffing up your LinkedIn profile is to fill in as much information about your work experience as possible. Sharlyn Lauby, president of Internal Talent Management, HR blogger and guest contributor for Mashable, believes that a person's LinkedIn profile should, at minimum, reflect his or her current situation. "[A status update] is a great place to share an article of interest or something new you’ve been working on.

4 Top Employers for Social Media Professionals As an increasingly important and growing industry, it naturally follows that social media is a growing career field as clued-in companies look to the social space to better communicate with their colleagues, customers and clients. We've taken a look at some of the top companies that are great for social media-savvy professionals. Here are our top four picks, complete with insightful Q&As from key staff within the organizations. Whether you're interested in social media as a career choice, or you'd like to know how you can offer a similar environment for digital natives to prosper in your company, read on. 1. After a company-wide audit in 2009, Adobe established a dedicated social media team, adopting a "hub and spoke model," or Center of Excellence (CoE). Adobe's corporate social media team is made up of four members. Adobe clearly has a sound social media structure in place throughout its global operations. How does Adobe encourage you to innovate with social media? 2. 4.

HOW TO: Set Up an Online Resume Your resume is boring. How do you expect to stand out in a crowd of job seekers when your black-and-white, list-formatted resume and formulaic cover letter blend with all the rest? Luckily the Internet is here to save you. With the coming of social media resumes, video resumes and visual resumes, the world of job seeking just got a lot more interesting. If you're looking for ways to make your resume stand out — whether that's on your personal website, video hubs, document-sharing websites or LinkedIn — here are some ideas to get you started, along with examples for each format. If you've posted your resume online in a creative way, share a link and your story with us in the comments below. Your Website First, if you don't have a personal website, get one. Now that that's taken care of, consider listing your resume (or at least an "about me" page) on your website, so site visitors can learn more about you. Video Resumes His project was a hit. Document-Sharing Websites LinkedIn

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Great Social Media Manager A great social media manager is, as Ron Burgundy would say: “The balls“. It’s an undisputed fact that every business needs to be active in social media. The ever-changing demands of the modern day consumer requires brands to think fast and adapt quickly in order to stay one step ahead. The role of a social media manager has appealed to the mass generation of socially-active internet users. Being a social media manager is kind of like being a stand-up comedian. (If you want to read how I became a social media manager towards the end of this article, click here to scroll down) So, how do you become a social media manager? The answer will be surprising to some. So let’s take a look at the stats. But the statistic that is most relevant to this article is: Just 12% of those using social media feel they actually use it effectively. Being a social media manager brings with it some key benefits within a freelance setting. The other is money. Skills Of A Social Media Manager Fundamental Skills:

Job Searching with Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] Technology is rewiring our brains, our culture and our habits. Social media networks are disrupting industries including marketing, sales and knowledge industries. The job search market is also being reinvented as social media platforms provide the tools and information that HR managers had only dreamed about 5 years ago. LinkedIn provides more than 100 million people with a platform that essentially is an on-line CV with additional networking benefits. Recruiters spend hours a day on LinkedIn researching and finding candidates for their clients. Social Media’s Curse and Blessing The reality is that social media is both a curse and a blessing for candidates. The Upside There are now free tools available to build a personal brand on-line that makes you stand out from your competitors in the recruitment market and allow you to promote brand “You”. The Downside The competition in the USA is fierce for jobs with 6 unemployed people for every job opening. The Power of Social Media for Job Search

Linkedin Group for Social Media Professionals Hootsuite University, Social Media Certification 5-Minute Guide to Getting a Job in Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] Are you looking to get a job in social media? Of course, we'd highly recommend jumping into this lively line of work, but the field is highly competitive and there are lots of people looking. This infographic from online training software company can help you stand out from the crowd. Even though spending five minutes might not be enough time to put you on the road to working in a social media paradise, there's sound advice within this infographic. We've already firmly established on these pages that social media can help you score a new job, so you might as well use social media to score a job in social media, right? The best news is, social media is in such a booming stage right now, hundreds of big companies with lots of money are looking to get into the game, and they all need experts — perhaps someone like you. Infographic courtesy

Social Media Coordinator Entertainment and media companies are interested in leveraging the full power of social networking sites to promote their brand and products, and to grow a community of loyal fans. The public face of that effort is the social media coordinator. Duties The social media coordinator works under the direction of the social media or new media manager and is a member of the marketing department, either within an entertainment company or at a third-party firm hired to maintain the company’s online presence. In an effort to exploit all available strategies for drawing in new visitors, the coordinator will seek input from online marketing specialists concerning search engine optimization best practices. Skills & Education A college degree in marketing, advertising, or entertainment business is recommended for this position, though numerous areas of study are applicable. What to Expect Have some feedback for our editors?

Go for a Social Media Certificate! | Ohio University School of Media Arts & Studies There’s a new certificate in town. The Scripps College of Communication now offers an Undergraduate Certificate in Social Media Studies, administered by the Schools of Media Arts and Studies and Communication Studies. Students across Ohio University will find the program useful both as career preparation and as a means to understanding the critical role that social media play in everyday life. Students take six classes to complete the certificate. Students are eligible for entry with a 2.5 GPA and must maintain a 2.5 GPA overall. For information, contact Professor Karen Riggs, Energize and Inspire Your Social Media Community Are you breathing life into your social media communities and audiences or are you taking it away? Are you inspiring and energizing your community members to do more, be more and simply be better at what they do? Are you serving up great and valuable content that serves as energy to your social media communities, blog readers and audience when they feel zapped? Or are you the one zapping them and bringing them down? Communities are not built over night. Successful communities take time and investment in real people. I recently wrote an article titled “Communities Create Markets: 13 Tips to Build Tribes of Loyal Brand Evangelists” of which I explain the diagram below in detail. It takes investment in content, relationships, and learning to energize your community to become loyal brand advocates and customers. Below are 50 ideas you can try to help energize your community. 50 Ways to Energize Your Social Community & Audiences Inspire – Connect – Achieve Your Turn! What do you think? Connect:

6 Social Media Jobs That Will Be Big in 2014 By Andrea Fisher Social media has transformed the way people socialize, network and stay in touch. We've seen large social networks like MySpace and Friendster come and go, and other ones like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn completely transform and redefine our online trends. One thing is abundantly clear: social media is now necessary for global commerce, and 2014 will be the catalyst for vital social media marketing positions. Since social media marketing requires a combination of analytical skills, good communication and performing extensive research, you can bet business, communications and English-related degrees are good candidates for 2014 social media job openings. Explore the new frontier of marketing with these six up-and-coming social media positions: 1. Companies want to be visible to potential and current customers. This job involves analyzing websites, testing different marketing techniques and creating new quality content. Approximate annual salary: $69,000 2. 3.