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Tokyo.Japan Japan Zone - Entertainment News from Japan Short but evocative, this video is a must-see for anyone who has either spent time in Japan or has always dreamed of going. Produced by AmnesiArt, a film and Fine Art photography production created by Nick Arcivos and Ryan Earl, this film gives you the opportunity to explore the country through Tokyo, symbol of modernity, Nara, and Kyoto, the cultural capital. A first stay in Japan has allowed them to discover its rich culture, its fascinating architecture and friendly people. "The idea behind this film was thought out in two steps: The first took place a few years ago, after discovering this beautiful country and the desire that gave them to capture the special atmosphere of Japan. They wanted to let people discover the wonders offered by this country through its gastronomy, architecture and culture. They had in mind to seduce not only fans of Japan, but also people who don't know this wonderful destination.

Néojaponisme kly = weihao News - Tokyograph Music 63rd Kouhaku Uta Gassen artists revealed NHK has announced the artist lineup for the 63rd Kouhaku Uta Gassen. This year will have a total of 50 artists performing, 25… more » Drama Goriki Ayame to star in Getsu 9 drama “Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou” Goriki Ayame (20) will star in Fuji TV’s Monday night drama series this winter, titled “Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou.” Mizukawa Asami lands starring role in prime time drama series Actress Mizukawa Asami (29) has been chosen to star in an NTV drama series next season, tentatively titled “Share House no Koibito.” Film Nagasawa Masami, Okada Masaki to co-star in “Kiyoku Yawaku” movie adaptation Ikeumi Ryo’s award-winning shojo manga “Kiyoku Yawaku” is getting a live-action movie adaptation, starring Nagasawa Masami (25) and Okada Masaki (23). YUI announces another temporary hiatus Singer-songwriter YUI (25) announced through her official website on Monday that she will be putting her activities on hold at the end of… more » People

TOKYOMANGO J-List -- You've got a friend in Japan! dicokick - ジェニー キーリング PASTOM JAPAN TRENDS – Marketing and Tech from Tokyo | Marketing, Lifestyle, Fashion, Gadgets and Product Innovations Japan News 9 min ago | Tablehopper New Chefs and Changes at Izakaya Roku, Jolt 'n Bolt Hoodline reports that ~IZAKAYA ROKU~ has a new chef. Trending on the Topix Network 4 hrs ago | Reuters As Japan weighs energy options, costs mount for idled reactors Since March 2011, Japan's government has focused on the cost of cleaning up after Fukushima, the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl. 8 hrs ago | Ukiah Blog Live When life becomes a shadow after nuclear catastrophe Those caught up in nuclear disasters suffer many times over, writes Robert Jacobs. 12 hrs ago | WaterWorld 240 babies die every hour from unsafe water - " UN-Water Millions of children under five die every year due to toxically germ-infested unsafe drinking water - almost three to four babies a minute, according to UN-Water's estimations. 16 hrs ago | TechEBlog EA Bar: A Gun-Equipped Restauraunt in Japan That Lets Guests Shoot Away Stress Called the EA Bar, this unique themed restaurant in Tokyo, Japan is marketed exclusively to airsoft lovers.