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Summer Cotton Crocheted Bracelet ~ Free Pattern!

Summer Cotton Crocheted Bracelet ~ Free Pattern!
I'm pleased to offer this new free pattern today. The Summer Cotton Crocheted Bracelet was inspired by a trip to Virgin Gorda. It's perfect for those casual, carefree days of summer when only the feel of cool cotton will do. This bracelet is so fun and easy to make. You'll want to design one for all of your friends! This pattern will make a bracelet that is 7 inches long from one end of the clasp to the other. You will need:Aunt Lydia's Crochet Cotton Size 3 (Natural)32 Size 6/0 Glass BeadsCrochet Hook US D3/3.25 mmBeading needleSewing needleScissorsClasp (I'm using a lobster clasp with a closed ring) Threading The Beads Before you begin to crochet, use your beading needle to easily slip your beads onto the cotton thread. Making The Bracelet Begin with a slip knot on your hook leaving a 10" tail for sewing on clasp [picture 1]Row 1: ch 2, sc in 2nd st from hook, ch 1 turnRow 2: 2 sc in st, ch 1 turnRow 3: 2 sc in each st, ch 1 turn (4 sts in row)Row 4: sc across (4 sts) [picture 2] 1. 2. Related:  bijoux crochet

creativeyarn: The White Flower Necklace I'm finally back!It has been too hot here in Rome even to think about working on something..Moreover I've been on holiday for a while and wanted just to relax without doing anything!Now, I've got something new for you: A very dainty necklace made by three chains with leaves and a white flower, that closes by a crochet ring behind the flower through which pass the strands.It was quite hard to explain it, but I hope you'll understand this pattern.For any problem just contact me, and I'll be happy to help! Materials:4.00mm hookCream White Cotton yarn (worsted weight) for the flowerGreen Cotton yarn (worsted weight) for the stems and ring The Necklace: Crochet Ring:Wind the yarn 5 times around the left hand's forefinger and the middle finger.Insert the hook under the 5 strands in the direction of the palm, yarn over hook and fasten the strands with a simple crochet stitch.Work 24 sc in the ring made by the 5 strands.Sl st to first sc to close ring.Don't cut the yarn. Hope you'll enjoy!

Metallic Beaded Crochet Bracelets – Free Crochet Pattern With Instructions for How to Make Metallic Beaded Crochet Bracelets Skill Level: Easy – but be aware that the fiber used for this project can be a bit challenging to work with. Materials: This is a general materials list. BeadsMetallic embroidery flossNeedle(s)Clasp or closure for the braceletCrochet hook Large Project Photos: Finished Size: Finished bracelet sizes will vary. Crochet Abbreviations Used in This Pattern: Beaded Chain Stitch Slide a bead right up next to your work so that it is touching the piece in progress. Project Instructions: Thread a needle with your metallic embroidery floss and string all of your beads onto your floss. If you’re going to use more than one color or type of bead in your bracelet, you’ll have to string the beads in the exact order you want them to appear on the bracelet. You might also want to string a few extra beads. Crocheting the Bracelet: (ch 3, work beaded ch st,) Repeat until bracelet is desired length, end with 3 ch sts. Finishing the Bracelet: End off, leaving enough of a tail to use for attaching the bracelet closure.

Hairpin Lace Instructions I finally finished Part 4 of the hairpin lace tutorial. If you would like to try this technique, I hope you find this tutorial helpful. Although there are tons of pics and instructions, I tried to break each individual step down. This tutorial is strictly instruction on how to make hairpin lace. The Afghan I'm Making: The only things I've ever made with hairpin lace are afghans. I will share pics and notes when I'm done making mine, but chances are it won't be in the next few weeks. I'm thinking how pretty this would be to make for baby dolls, using naturally dyed yarns in soft, muted colors... or for the bottom of Pixie and Fairy's bed... we are going to be redecorating their room soon... So... with a very quiet drum roll, are the 4 parts of the tutorial. Part 1 - The Loom Part 2 - Crocheting the Strips Part 3 - Joining the Strips Part 4 - Finishing the Project

bijoux Je souhaite un bon crochet à toutes celles qui voudraient réaliser ces jolis bijoux ! beaded crocheted bracelet video tutorial I love the look of these bracelets. The turquoise & brown is my favorite, of course. I really love the mixture of color and bead shapes and sizes. All of them feel like summer to me. Maybe because of the colors I chose or the crocheted “twine” look. I don’t know, but they need to be worn when you are out at the beach or out playing in the sun. This is a great road trip project too! Supplies: a really long length of 3-ply waxed linen thread (at least 3 yards) various beads (seed beads size 11/0) 1 button crochet hook, size 5 Things you might want to know: * T0 find out how long your bracelet needs to be, measure your wrist and add 1/2″-3/4″ for each time you want it wrapped around your wrist. * It is best to find a good fitting bracelet you already own and use that as a guide. * The purple bracelet is almost 34 inches long and wraps around my wrist 5 times. Please leave any questions in the comments. Be Sociable, Share!

Latvian Braid Tutorial and other such stuff | Ohdessa Knits So my new mitten pattern should be going up in a few days. Memento Mori Mittens if you have not yet seen them. I am just fine tuning the pattern and making it pretty. In the pattern, I use a technique that I had never done before, which is possibly my new favourite mitten cuff stabilizer, the Latvian Braid. So much more attractive than basic ribbing in a colourwork heavy mitten in my opinion!Basically, a Latvian Braid is inside-out colourwork. Row 4: Bring both strands of yarn in front to purl. Then purl while floating the other yarn (in this case the red) in front. Continue doing this throughout the row, always bringing the yarn you are about to purl with OVER the yarn you are going to let float. Row 5: In this row, you are going to do the same thing as the previous row, except you are going to bring the working yarn UNDER the float (in this case, the red yarn goes under the white). Then bring that yarn up over the needle and purl, holding the float (the white yarn) in front.

Bijoux et leurs grilles gratuites , au crochet Je souhaite un excellent crochet à toutes celles qui voudraient réaliser ces jolis modèles ! t Eat the Paste: Crochet Beaded Wrap Bracelet Pattern I used light spring colors, but this would work in other shades, and the basic technique will work with other weights of yarn. Just size the beads up or down to match and the number of stitches. You will need: size 10 thread (bedspread weight)size 6 steel crochet hook (1.6 mm)tapestry needle5/8th inch buttonsize 8 seed beads - a size 8 seed bead is about 3mmneedle and thread for loading beads All of the supplies for mine came from my stash, the thread is from a thrift store, the button is from my button box, and the beads are one of my favorite colors, Orange Opal Gold-Lined. American terminology ch=chainsc=single crochetrepeat ** means repeat the step between the asterisks. To work a beaded single crochet: Insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull loop through stitch, push up bead, yarn over, finish stitch. String 61 beads on thread (66 for a large wrist, 56 for a smaller wrist, 51 for a child) Loosely chain 147 (157, 137, 127) Sew button to center of the 10 stitch single crochet end.

Sideways Edge Cast-On So I just released a new pattern (Swerve!) and you’ll notice how the cuffs and hands are knit in opposite directions (or, perpendicular directions really) – but hey guess what! There’s no picking up stitches and no seaming! How is that so, you might ask… well, I’m about to show you! The method – which has existed, of course, as all knitterly things have, and I have just unvented, as the great Elizabeth Zimmermann liked to say – I am calling the sideways edge cast-on, because edges (cuffs, brims, etc) are what I’ve been using it for and what it seems great for. My how-to, notes, etc in this post can be used by designers, of course, but I think it spreads further than that – if you are a knitter who hates picking up stitches, you can take any pattern that involves a sideways brim/cuff/etc and calls for picking up the stitches, and convert it to a sideways edge cast-on instead! Below is an example of a version of the method having been worked as a hat brim. And now it looks like:

Bracelet Encore un mais avec tuto ! ml = corrent. en portugais = ch in english demi-bride = meio ponto alto = half double crochet ms = single = ponto baixo Monter 86 ml ( d'après la grosseur du poignet cela peut varier ) 2 ml pour tourner et encore 85 demi-brides. À la dernière demi-bride passé une autre couleur et faire tout autour des ms avec deux ms sur les côtés des demi-brides. Chain 86 in white, ch 2 turn Row 1 : half double crochet 85 in the last one hdc change color to pink chain 2 Row 2 : single crochet (sc) sc 2 in the edge, sc 86, in the other edge sc 2 and sc 86 skip Crochet an other one in other color.I used a 1,75 crochet hook and a size 6 crochet thread but there are differences in the UK or USA. Répéter de la même manière avec d'autres couleurs au choix. Ensuite enlacer comme suit : Coudre les pointes et faire des chaînettes pour attacher autour du poignet. On peut faire quelques points cachés pour éviter que les noeuds se tordent avec un fil blanc très fin.

Crochet Pattern Octopus Bracelet (free) Why octopus? I've been crocheting the bracelet in a cafe with a friend of mine. She asked me, "what are you making? an octopus?" Skill level: Advanced beginner. Supplies: Crochet thread #10, crochet hook US 10 (1.30 mm). Yarn ideas: Aunt Lidia’s cotton thread #10, Aunt Lidia’s Bamboo crochet thread #10, Royale Classic crochet thread, DMC Traditions cotton thread #10. Gauge: 9 stitches & 9 rows equal 1x1” square is single crochet stitches. Finished size: Length of the bracelet can be adjusted to your own measures. Approximate time to complete this project: 1 hour. Abbreviations and stitches used: Ch – chain, (chs – chains), Sc - single crochet, Sl st - slip stitch, st – stitch, (sts - stitches). Please note: This pattern is written in standard American terms. Pictures in this pattern refer to the row (round) described directly above them. Start by measuring your wrist. Bracelet “buckle”: Row 1: In main color, ch 10. Row 3-9: Ch 1, turn, sc in ea st. (9 sc.) Fasten off. Row 1: Ch 10. Join with sl st.

Knitting Tutorials from KnitPicks Fleur "macaron" au crochet - Faire une chaînette de 4 ml et la fermer en rond par 1 mc dans la 1ère ml. Travailler en rond : 1er rang : 3 ml, 12 B en piquant le crochet dans le rond et 1 mc dans la 3ème ml. 2ème rang : 3 ml, 2 B dans chaque B, 1 mc. 3ème rang : 3 ml, *1 B dans la B suivante, 2 B dans la B suivante* répéter de *à*, 12 f. au total, 1 mc. 4ème rang : 3 ml, 1 B dans chacune des 36 B, 1 mc. Couper le fil et arrêter. Faire un deuxième disque de la même façon. Assembler les deux disques envers contre envers en les bourrant. Passer 2 brins d'une couleur différente au centre de la fleur. Enfin, coudre un bouton ou 2 boutons de tailles différentes superposés.

Crochet Beaded Wrap Bracelet These crocheted wrap bracelets are a perfect instant gratification project! Whip one up in an afternoon and wear it out that evening. Depending on your choice of materials these bracelets will look great with casual attire or more formal wear. Step 1: Gather materials. Measuring tapeSize 3/1.5mm crochet hookBeading needle1 large closure bead (a 20 mm donut or 8mm glass bead works well)Approximately 80–100 size 6 seed beadsSize 10 crochet thread Step 2: Measure loosely around your wrist or neck and multiply by the number of wraps desired to determine how long your finished piece should be. Example: my wrist is 6.5” and I wanted my bracelet to wrap 5 times so I need a finished length of 32.5” Step 3: Use a beading needle to string all your beads. Step 4: Start crocheting! Chain 17*, slip stitch in 1st chain to form loop. *This loop will hook over your large closure bead, so adjust number of chain stitches if necessary to accommodate your closure bead. What is “chain 1 with bead”?