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Sudbury Valley School

Sudbury Valley School

Neue Schule Hamburg: Über uns Unsere Prämisse: Menschen sind neugierig. Wir sind in unserem Wesen Forscher und Entdecker. Wir spielen, weil es unsere Sinne schärft, uns herausfordert und Spaß macht. Wir lernen sprechen, weil wir teilhaben wollen an der uns umgebenden Gesellschaft. Wir lernen lesen und schreiben, weil wir teilnehmen wollen an der uns umgebenden lesenden und schreibenden Gesellschaft. Alle Kinder wollen das, nur nicht alle auf dieselbe Art und zur selben Zeit. An der NSH haben Schüler vor allem Eines: Zeit. Und dann wird Lernen zu Spielen … Die Neue Schule Hamburg wurde 2007 gegründet, um Kindern das zu geben, was sie verdient haben: eine Schule, die sie dabei unterstützt, zu selbstbewussten und verantwortungsvollen Erwachsenen zu werden. Herzlich willkommen!

This French tech school has no teachers, no books, no tuition -- and it could change everything | VentureBeat | Dev | by Dylan Tweney PARIS — École 42 might be one of the most ambitious experiments in engineering education. It has no teachers. No books. No MOOCs. And yet it plans to turn out highly qualified, motivated software engineers, each of whom has gone through an intensive two- to three-year program designed to teach them everything they need to know to become outstanding programmers. The school, housed in a former government building used to educate teachers (ironically enough), was started by Xavier Niel. He is also irrepressibly upbeat, smiling and laughing almost nonstop for the hour that he led a tour through École 42 earlier this week. Niel started École 42 with a 70 million euro donation. Above: Free founder Xavier Niel, speaking at Ecole 42, the free engineering school he created. Image Credit: Dylan Tweney/VentureBeat “I know one business, and that’s how to make software,” Niel said. Above: A student at Ecole 42 explains how he created a ray tracing program. Above: Exterior view of Ecole 42.

Schools | Big Picture The Big Picture Learning design is a dynamic approach to learning, doing, and thinking that has been changing the lives of students, educators, and entire communities since 1995. All of the components of the design are based on three foundational principles: first, that learning must be based on the interests and goals of each student; second, that a student’s curriculum must be relevant to people and places that exist in the real world; and finally, that a student’s abilities must be authentically measured by the quality of her or his work. The Five Learning Goals Big Picture Learning believes that high school graduates must know how to reason, problem-solve, and be active members of the community. At Big Picture Learning schools, there is no canon of information that all students must know. In a world where available information is growing exponentially, we believe that the most important thing a student needs to know is how to learn. The five Learning Goals are:

Sudbury Valley School • Online Library. Starting a School From Starting a Sudbury School What Gets Folks Going From Starting a Sudbury School How Founder Groups Get Formed From Starting a Sudbury School By Daniel Greenberg and Mimsy Sadofsky What Gets Folks Going How does it happen that a founding group first gets going? There must be at least one person who has thought long and hard about wanting something very different in education. In fact, a great many people fit this general description of a founder, but only a very small number actually go on to start schools. Two people in a mid-Atlantic state, one with a young child, both studying to be certified as teachers, were visiting a number of schools. Generally the very beginnings of these groups involve only one or two (in one case, three) people; we will call these people the "ur-founders". Return to table of contents How Founder Groups Get Formed I talked to probably three of my colleagues actively, about what I had seen and heard from Sudbury.

About | Alderlore SOLE The Grounds at Alderlore The name Alderlore means “tales of the Alder” . The word “lore” means a story or tale that is associated with wisdom. The Alder trees that line our pond and hug our banks, provide food and shelter for numerous birds and the beaver and mink; create good fishing grounds for our heron; and are a delight for the hungry bees of spring. According to celtic tree folklore, the Alder is associated with both fire and water – making it the quintessential example of non-duality or integration of opposites – and is also associated with Phoenix- like qualities of regeneration, renewal and re-birth. Alderlore was first established in 2006 as the home of The Horses of Alderlore Present - an equine assisted program in teaching people about body language, emotional balance, energy awareness, and embodied leadership through deep and intimate encounters with horses. Soon more possibilities presented themselves, and in 2011 we redesigned the studio as a retreat and insight center.

Tinkering School: Think, Make, Tinker! ECOLES DIFFERENTES : LE GUIDE-ANNUAIRE 2011 des alternatives éducatives Teach yo'self: A guide to online graphic design education This was one of the top 20 blog posts on The Creative Edge from 2013! Don’t miss out on the rest. Welcome to class! It’s a new era of graphic design. Here we have compiled a course just for you, featuring all the steps we believe will make you an even more killer designer than you already are. Start with principles of designBuild skills with hands-on tutorialsGet into your client’s headGrow your freelance business Although most of these educational options will not grant you a degree, some of them have the option of acquiring a certificate of completion. Alright class, lets begin! 1. Duke Graphic Design Principles Index Let’s get started with your basic design principles. Design Principles While less official, has some great articles on the basics of graphic design. The Principles of Design This article from Digital Web Magazine is technically about web design, but applies to any and all graphic designers. AIGA: Graphic Design Theory 2. Coursera 3.

Puget Sound Community School | Turning Passion Into Achievement Alternative Education Resource Organization | AERO | Learner-Centered Education Nonviolent Communication Basics (2000) | Watch the Full Documentary Online The Basics of Nonviolent Communication with Marshall Rosenberg, Phd, is a recorded presentation of a 1-day workshop held in San Francisco, CA in April 2000. "The purpose of Nonviolent Communication is to help you learn what you already know how to do... but forget ... because we've been educated to forget." In this video, Marshall Rosenberg shares a philosophy that challenges the current paradigm of war that contributes to violence in relationships, society, and to our planet. Marshall presents ways of interacting with each other in authentic, effective, and powerful ways so that the way we interact in our most personal relationships is aligned with our values for the change we want to see in the world. [watch video below]

Welcome to the Frontpage Nido A propos Localisé à Angers, le Nido, lieu de rencontre et de parole,ouvrira des voies différentes pour les parents qui désirent accompagner leurs enfants dans le respect, la non-violence et l’écoute avec la pédagogie Montessori, dès le début de la vie. Je souhaite les soutenir dans leur démarche montessorienne et leur donner les clés nécessaires à sa mise en pratique. L’enfant d’aujourd’hui sera l’adulte de demain disait Maria Montessori. À la naissance de ma première fille, je ne me suis pas posée beaucoup de questions sur l’éducation, agissant selon ce que je pensais être juste et en accord avec mes idées, mes principes, mais tout en restant ouverte et curieuse. La pédagogie Montessori adaptée aux tous petits est une philosophie de vie avec l’enfant, un autre regard sur l’enfant, une attitude de respect, d’écoute, d’observation, de douceur, un subtil mélange entre réserve et guidance. Cette pédagogie se résume souvent par la phrase : “Aide moi à faire seul”. Total : 2 300 €

8 Studies Demonstrating the Power of Simplicity Psychological research on cognitive fluency shows why easy to understand = more profitable, more pleasurable, more intelligent and safer. Which of these would you say sounds like the more dangerous food additive: Hnegripitrom or Magnalroxate? The majority of people say Hnegripitrom sounds more dangerous. This is one example of psychological research on meta-cognition: thoughts about other thoughts. Here are 8 of my favourite studies on cognitive fluency, showing just how much can be explained by the feeling that something is easy to think about (or otherwise). 1. Many of us did it in school: tried to impress teachers with fancy language and convoluted sentences, assuming it would make us look clever. This has been tested by a study that manipulated text complexity to see how readers would judge the author’s intelligence. So if you want to be perceived as more intelligent (and who doesn’t?) (Note: the context of this study was students judging other students’ essays. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.