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Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration Photographer Documents the Oldest Living Things on Earth in Fascinating Photo Book Rachel Sussman‘s quest to document some of the oldest living things on Earth before they become the newly extinct has been going on for nigh on a decade. But now, that series is hitting the mainstream like never before, as the photographs she has so painstakingly captured are compiled into a book called, appropriately enough, The Oldest Living Things in the World. Pricing & Negotiating: Industrial Lifestyle Shoot —A Photo Editor A quick look at the process of negotiation and planning for a large-scale photo shoot. Video: Action Sports Photographer Offers Solid Winter Sports Photography Tips During the 2014 Burton US Open Snowboard Pipe Finals, photographer Brett Wilhelm gives us a quick look at the gear he takes advantage of, as well as a few tips for anyone looking to shoot events like this. Blurb Announces Partnership with Amazon to Simplify Self-Publishing Photo Books Slow-motion footage is cool.

Voronoi From 3d Curves Recently I have been experimenting with generating 3D voronoi structures from points arrayed along curves. The voronoi cells follow the curve and define a continuous space around the curve. Essentially the voronoi is generating surfaces that define the space that falls between these knot like curves. Because of the density of the points along the curve these interesting surfaces are generated that are reminiscent of minimal surfaces.

Parametric design & generative architecture Social Networking Websites Review 2013 - TopTenREVIEWS Gadamer's Aesthetics 1. Art as Interlocutor Gadamer's aesthetics fosters an attentiveness towards the mystery of the given and its unexpected folds of meaningfulness. Gadamer's arguments are varied, ushering the reader towards an aesthetic attentiveness rather than making iconoclastic declarations about what the aesthetic is. Gadamer insists that a picture or image that is worthy of being called a work of art, has the power to affect us immediately. Gadamer's aesthetics is strictly anti-Kantian. Gadamer's opposition to aesthetic idealism is supported by the claim that art “cannot be satisfactorily translated in terms of conceptual knowledge” (RB 69). First: Gadamer's conceives art as presentational (darstellen) rather than representational (vorstellen). 2. Gadamer's determination to reveal the cognitive content of aesthetic experience requires him to expose the ontological grounding of subjectivity. In The Relevance of the Beautiful Gadamer elucidates substance as follows. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

untitled MyMemory - Machine translation meets human translation March 2012 Dec07// Master degree at Politecnico di Torino with a computational design thesis TMD_tsunami memorial design competition, network as design tool::: prof.Roberto Apostolo, prof.Mario Grosso, Arch.Andrea GrazianoJan08// Join at studioGriffa, Turin as project architectFeb08// at DRL TEN exhibition, Architectural Association, London with K_pavilion project ::: visiting Zaha Hadid Architects London, attends co|de lecture: Shajay Booshan, Danilo Arsic Feb08// K_pavilion publicated at DRL TEN book.Mar08// UIA infopoint competition.May08// MCA, Mario Cucinella architects "Una stanza di luce" workshop at Cavallerizza Chiablese, TurinJun08// Workshop “Parametric Architecture” tutors Ludovica Tramontin Asp(e)x and Erich Schoenenberger(Su11 architecture+design, Pratt Insitute, NY, USA)Jul08/// Torino World Design Summer School “Prototyping the city” assistant tutor of EcologicStudio-Architectural Association, NSU-GSAPP-Columbia University and Politecnico di Torino+ Configuration 0 project.