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Raw Feeding FAQ

Raw Feeding FAQ

delicious:days rawfeeding : Raw Feeding for dogs and cats! Let's feed raw now! There's an awesome amount of knowledge out there about how to successfully feed a raw diet. There are also some wonderful people who give up hour after hour of their time for free to assist people. This list will give you access to an amazing amount of knowledge from people who own just one dog, to those who feed a raw diet to in excess of 30 dogs. The good news is you don't have to be a genius to work out how to feed a raw diet. I hope you get as much fun out of being on the list as is possible. You can also find us on facebook now! Please help us to maintain a friendly list environment, creating a free learning community of like minded people. Please click here and read the FAQ before posting "how do I start" questions to the list. Please note, all emails sent through the list must be signed, otherwise they will be deleted without making it through moderation.

Quisp Quisp is a sugar-sweetened breakfast cereal from the Quaker Oats Company. It was introduced in 1965 and continued as a mass-market grocery item until the late 1970s. Sometime afterward, the company sold the item sporadically, and upon the rise of the Internet began selling it primarily online. Quisp made its return to supermarkets as a mass-market grocery item in late 2012. Quisp was initially marketed with a sister brand, Quake. History[edit] Quisp (left) and Quake characters with boxes of their respective cereals in a TV commercial Quisp and the similarly marketed cereal Quake were originally released in 1965 in the United States by the Quaker Oats Company and generally advertised together (during the same commercial) with their character mascots competing against each other. The commercials often asked children to choose which cereal was better, and to compete over taste or premiums. Description[edit] Bowl of "Quisp" Quisp is a baked paste of corn meal and syrup shaped like saucers.

Animal Therapy | Health Articles | The BARF Diet - a Critique The BARF diet is a system of holistic nutrition which is championed by Dr Ian Billinghurst who is an Australian vet. Dr Billinghurst has published several books on health and nutrition. The best known of these is called "Give your Dog a Bone". In October 2002 I attended the American Holistic Vet Conference in Eugene in Oregon at which Dr Billinghurst gave a paper. The BARF Evolutionary philosophy is at first glance an attractive one; it seems to be truly natural because it tries to emulate the lifestyle of the dog in the wild. But, having listened at length and studied his writings I am of the opinion that the BARF theory, like the emperor's new clothes, does not stand up to critical inspection. By his account, in the late 70s and early 80s Dr Billinghurst was encountering health problems in his own dogs when he fed them on what he considered at the time to be the best commercial foods. To summarise what he is saying: While listening to Dr Billinghurst I thought "This does not add up".