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Alive & Free A page of links to recent works (free) on-line from living authors: Books, Book Excerpts, Long Fiction/Non-Fiction. (* indicates complete book on-line.) Fiction Dead Doll Humility by Kathy Acker Obsession by Kathy Acker Death on the Nile by Karim Alwari Rim by Alfred Besher (Hotwired registration required) Innocence Lost by Earl Brewer Naked Lunch by Wm S Burroughs Synchronized * by William Calvin Unlisted * by William Calvin Cool Darkness by Matthew Carpenter Delirium by Doug Cooper -- cover The Titles Sequence From The Adventures Of Lucky Pierre by Rovert Coover The Advocates Devil by Alan Dershowitz from Birdland by Rikki Ducornet The Hejleh by Esmail Fassih Politically Correct Bedtime Stories by James Finn Garner Agrippa * by Wm Gibson The Juror by George Dawes Green Searching For The Truth by Wei Jingsheng The Dying Ritual by Christopher Jorgensen Love [Enter] by Paul Kafka On the Road (1) -- (2) by Jack Kerouac Umney's Last Case by Stephen King The Lark and the Wren by Mercedes Lackey Non-fiction

Free eBooks, Books, Online Reading, Digital Library - Globusz Pu - publish and download free ebooks The Meta Library The Meta Library is an attempt to identify sources of information on the internet. Put simply, it is a list of links to sites that are powerhouses of resources of knowledge, data and news. All kinds of sources -- including the kinds that government lawyers may not admire -- are to be listed. It is evident that the internet is the greatest accomplishment of mankind in terms of sharing of resources. That some centuries later mankind will look back aghast at these times as fraught with the crippling superstition of copyright with its attendant system of slavery, all of which which is no more than a mask for a severe poverty of goodwill in the realm of sharing knowledge. Keywords: books, ebooks, libraries, bibliothèques, online bookstores, digital content, websites, catalog, livres, Bücher, LIBELLIS, βιβλία, पुस्तकानि, 圖書

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