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Biblioteca Arcana

Biblioteca Arcana
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U-M Fantasy and Science Fiction Website Welcome one and all to the University of Michigan Fantasy and Science Fiction Home Pages. We hope you find this page a valuable resource. These pages are dedicated to assisting scholars of all types all over the world. Olaf Stapledon said it best when he wrote: "Did not our life issue daily as more or less firm threads of active living, and mesh itself into the growing web, the intricate, ever-proliferating pattern of mankind?" And with that, Fantasy and Science Fiction lovers at the University of Michigan and all over the world enter the next growing web of mankind - the World Wide Web! These pages are the result of a collaboration among several people over many years. If you encounter any problems, have any suggestions, or want to make any comments, please use the Feedback link or send e-mail directly to This site has been named on of the top 5% of all the sites on the web by Point Communications Corporation. Site Index

Pages d'histoire antique de Fabrice Mrugala (Antiquité) 039;s Links: 15000++ Links to Esoteric Subjects on the Web: General Reference and Learning: from Qabala/Kabbalah Links: [Qabala and Carlo Suares (Carlo Suarès)] Psyche&#039;s Links: Spiritual Links (Maaseh Bereshit) {*style:<b> Reference: General </b>*} Online Free Multi-language Translation Service Systran Online Translator Multilingual E-Translation Portal Altavista: Babel Fish Translation Free Translation Online translator powered by WorldLingo Google Language Tools Nice Translator - The fast, easy to use online translator TTS Interactive Demo: text to speech: Interactive Multi-Lingual Demo The Wayback Machine Earth today Data Analysis WebUse: Scientific Research on the Internet Research Gate For Scientists. You and Your Research HighWire Press: Stanford: largest repository of free, full-text, peer-reviewed content Google Scholar | Using Google Scholar Dag Hammarskjöld Library | UNBISnet: ResourceShelf Intute - the best Web resources for education and research 24 Hour Museum - official guide to UK museums, galleries, exhibitions and heritage Archivalia Project Wombat: the Difficult Reference Question Mailing List Stumpers-L - Wikipedia Stack Overflow Great Reference Sites Other than Wikipedia |

The Hero's Quest |Arthurian Legend| |Beowulf| |Classical Mythology| |Creation Stories| |Fairy Tales and Folktales| |Homer, The Iliad and The Odyssey| |Mythology Main Page| The all-purpose guide to epic moviesThis chart shows different archetypal roles at work in Harry Potter, Star Wars, and other movies: the hero, the threshold guardian, the trickster, etc. An Anti-Hero of One's OwnThis TED-ED video (4:11) explores the pattern of the anti-hero using references to Fahrenheit 451 and 1984, among others. Captioned, includes follow-up questions and other support. ArchetypesThis Google Doc lists and describes types of heroes, quests, stages, characteristics, and symbols. Chart of GodsThis printable handout details the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses, their spheres of influence, symbols, cities, and animals. Comparison of World MythsThis page outlines similarities and differences in world myths. The Hero's AdventureQuestions to support Joseph Campbell's work, The Hero with a Thousand Faces. What Makes a Hero?

¤ Portail des civilisations anciennes - True Random Number Service Jetters Visions Maquette de Rome SubSite - Start Analemma In astronomy , an ( / ˌ æ n ə ˈ l ɛ m ə / ; from Greek ἀνάλημμα "pedestal of a sundial ") is a curve representing the changing angular offset of a celestial body (usually the Sun ) from its on the celestial sphere as viewed from another celestial body (usually the Earth). The term is used when the observed body appears, as seen from the viewing body, to move in a way that is repeated at regular intervals, such as once a year or once a day. The analemma is then a closed curve, which does not change. Because of the Earth's annual revolution around the Sun in an orbit that is elliptical and tilted relative to the plane of the equator, an observer at a fixed point on the Earth sees the Sun appear to move in an analemma around a mean position, taking a year to do so. An alternative, equivalent, description of the solar analemma is as a graph of the Sun's declination plotted against the equation of time . The analemma is an abstract concept. [ edit ] Description Mars : teardrop by Tad Dunne

Les visages retrouvés de la terreur soviétique Recensé : Tomasz Kizny & Dominique Roynette (dir.), La Grande Terreur en URSS, 1937-1938, Editions Noir sur Blanc, Lausanne, 2013, 412 p., 40€. La Grande Terreur désigne la vague de massacres programmés qui a caractérisé les années 1937 et 1938 en URSS. Basé sur l’enquête iconographique et photographique du polonais Tomasz Kizny, ce livre revient sur ce qui, jusqu’à 1991, n’était connu que comme « les grandes purges » (visant essentiellement les bolcheviques critiques à l’égard de Staline) tant le secret avait été bien gardé sur l’essentiel de la répression. En 2009 Nicolas Werth en proposait une analyse historique [1]. La combinaison proposée ici entre image et texte met en avant les enjeux émotionnels de la confrontation avec cet épisode longtemps caché du stalinisme. Portraits de condamnés Pas de titre sur l’immense couverture (28 x 31,4 cm), mais comme une photo d’identité en noir et blanc incluant le haut du torse et mal centrée latéralement. La Grande Terreur en chiffres

Orgone Biophysical Research Lab: Orgonomy &amp; Wilhelm Reich Mythical Creatures List, Mythical Creatures A-Z